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Infinite Stratos X  Depressed Male Reader [Discontinued] by TheOmegaLife
Infinite Stratos X Depressed TheOmegaLife
Y/N L/N was a normal student until he touched an IS and reacted it. Unfortunately, the security personal saw that the IS is compatible with him. But what will happen to...
Odd One Out (Male Reader X Infinite Stratos Harem) by war_gamer
Odd One Out (Male Reader X war_gamer
(Infinite Stratos Fanfic) (Y/N) Runner is a young skillful Mercenary who finds himself using an IS. He then get into some strange adventure as he attracts trouble and ma...
A Fallen Terran (A Star Wars x Infinite Stratos Crossover) by DewElr
A Fallen Terran (A Star Wars x DewElr
Ichika wasn't saved by Chifuyu that night. She went on and won the Mondo Grosso. What about Ichika? He was forced to go through countless tortures. Only someone through...
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Infinite Stratos: Spiral to Nowhere by BizarreFishface1959
Infinite Stratos: Spiral to Nowhereby Aromefisch
After the alleged "mistreatment" from his harem, Ichika Orimura flees the IS Academy in order to search for an escape to free himself from the abuse. He gets h...
The Singer Of Crescent High by HarbingerOfTruth
The Singer Of Crescent Highby HarbingerOfTruth
(Y/N) is attending Crescent High where Supernatural, technological and interstellar people are attending, its going to be crazy for our lovable (Y/N) we all know and lov...
Irreplaceable (Male Reader Fanfiction) by Aminoritoki
Irreplaceable (Male Reader Aminoritoki
Note: This is a Infinite Stratos x Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut x Chivalry of a failed Knight x Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance x Male Reader Fanfiction A/N: I don't own the an...
IS: Gamer Style by AnAce0fSpades
IS: Gamer Styleby AceOfSpades
Ichika Orimura has been kidnapped. He has been tortured to such an extent that when a little window pops up in his vision, he believes he has gone insane. Join him on hi...
A Certain Accelerated Stratos by MuchikaEve
A Certain Accelerated Stratosby Muchika
A self-insert reader with the abilities of the one, and the only, Accelerator. Join the main-cast, and yourself as you explore the world of Infinite Stratos, but with a...
Ichika Snaps 2# by Creeperleap
Ichika Snaps 2#by Creeper
After much abuse and no comfort, Ichika finally snaps and tries to flee the academy. Can Chifuyu and the girls fix the broken and link? There will be two scenarios, one...
Infinite Stratos SEED by sailorearth82
Infinite Stratos SEEDby Meadow Swirl
Meadow Swirl has a mission, to kill Israel pilot that killed his family. To do that, he needs to join IS Academy. He learns friendship and trust with his new team as he...
The Hater [DISCONTINUED]  by AshanTrueDragonGod
The Hater [DISCONTINUED] by Deimos_Phobos
IS Academy, for most guys it would be a dream to be a student there as there are only girls but not for Ryu Tatsumaki. No he hates the IS, everything it stands for and n...
Charlotte Dunois x Reader by NexusMHX
Charlotte Dunois x Readerby NexusMHX
(Y/N)'s mother was a highly respected IS fighter who was eventually killed in action. After her death, (Y/N) was able to spark a reaction from his mother's personal IS...
Infinite Stratos HD: Globalization (ISXOC/Male Reader) by Publictomb
Infinite Stratos HD: Retr0
The IS were designed to protect Japan and soon they were then made available to the rest of the world and they built schools to teach future generations of IS pliots. Ri...
IS: archam kight  by gundambanshee
IS: archam kight by gundam epyon
chifuyu orimura did not have A little brother she HAD two but one she did not care for as much as the other and for that the other was kiddnaped along with modaka and wa...
Iron Unit -CANCELLED- by CaptainCapitalism
Iron Unit -CANCELLED-by CaptainCapitalism
Tony Stark is a genius, boy billionaire, and Tabane's unknown rival, joins a school for the IS unit to help himself learn to fight better. Will Tony be able to march ove...
Ultimate Being (Kars reader X Massive Crossover) by RandomnessLord
Ultimate Being (Kars reader X RandomnessLord
After quiting the Union Academy and gaining unimaginable powers, you move to Stardew Valley and become a farmer. However, your past will come back to haunt.
Sweet Wine | IS: Infinite Stories Extra ✓ by kurotsuba
Sweet Wine | IS: Infinite Tsubasa Kurono
What happens when a drunk Houki confesses her love to a confused Ichika...? Houki x Ichika twoshot crack fluff. Event happens shortly after anime S01-EP12. COMPLETED. Sw...
the vanishing IS  by gundambanshee
the vanishing IS by gundam epyon
in this book its a new oc with a new IS not heard of a gen.5 and its pilot is just as mysterious as it note this takes place after events of silvir gosipol parring wh...
Ichika's Loss by Creeperleap
Ichika's Lossby Creeper
Ichika's Absolute Defense fails when the Silver Gospel self-destructed unexpectedly, resulting in him receiving serious head trauma, and thus memory loss. He still has h...
Progrising Beyond Stratos by ArceusDescent
Progrising Beyond Stratosby NEET-Hime
Another you bought a cursed Driver yet again, but this time it takes you to the world of Infinite Stratos with the power of Kamen Rider Zero One. In the world of IS, Hum...