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A Ghost Rider's Journey: The Begin (Ghost Rider Reader X Senran Kagura) by DaniloCiak
A Ghost Rider's Journey: The Danilo Ciak
Alright, finally my first story. This will be the first volume of a series about a ghost rider reader x various anime/games. The origin will be different from the usual...
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broken heart who lost everything ( Senran Kagura X Male Reader X Crossover Girls by Arthurpendragon285
broken heart who lost everything ( Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
this would be about a boy name Y/n who has normal boy who was transfer to hanzo academy, however was betray by them only realize what they have done, a boy who lost His...
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Yandere SK harem x Shy male reader by EgBoySoriano
Yandere SK harem x Shy male readerby Eg Boy Soriano
request by @SeanNakamura529
Death Ninja (male reader x senran kagura) by Voxsbane
Death Ninja (male reader x Voxsbane
The power over death is one of the rarest abilities a ninja can have. One such ninja is (f/n), who is currently hiding on in Japan after a members of his family known as...
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The Last Samurai by soloplayer123
The Last Samuraiby soloplayer123
Orphaned at a young age by a Rogue Ninja, (Y/N) decides to train in the way of the Samurai to pursuit the Rogue Ninja, will he be blinded by his vengeance or will he fin...
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senran kagura x assassin malereader by Andrewking99999999
senran kagura x assassin malereaderby andrew k 99999999
(Y/N) being an assassin and thief he was told to kill a ally of Kiriya after this they decided to capture him what will happen next
Senran Kagura: Shinobi And Knights  by Rohan21042001
Senran Kagura: Shinobi And Knights by Rohan21042001
Meet Rohan, a member of "The Organization" who specializes in the delivery of beatdowns of Angels, Demons and Dragons. As for his most recent task he has been...
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Senran Kagura One-Shots by DerKiki14
Senran Kagura One-Shotsby DerKiki
While the title already says it, this does also function as a kind of idea-collection for stories that I could be writing in future. And at that, maybe I can bring you c...
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Senran Kagura. by SamuelBempong
Senran Sans.
When Asuka misuses a scroll the results are something she never imagined possible. Futanari Story containing LEMONS and a lot of suggestive themes as well as fanservice...
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The Crimson Swordsman Mercenary. by Lexluthor6
The Crimson Swordsman Owen Huffer
You wanted to become a hero like your family but you didn't a Semblance, Quirk, Scroll, Chakra, or a Sacred Gear so you got picked on by the female population including...
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The Purple Mist- Senran Kagura X Male Depressed Stand User Reader by iamfreakingout
The Purple Mist- Senran Kagura X I am surprised
I am never going to stop to make JJBA HISTORIES and you all already know nothing mine
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 Smash or Pass Dx: 2 by SamuelBempong
Smash or Pass Dx: 2by Sans.
By popular demand the sequel is here in May is finally here. Enjoy.
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The Sword/Weapon Master reader and Massive Crossover Harem. by Lexluthor6
The Sword/Weapon Master reader Owen Huffer
You are the ultimate master of weapons no matter what type it is whether its a holy sword, sacred gear, ancient, old it doesn't matter the minute it's in your hand knowl...
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master love(Male Master hand reader x lesbian massive harem) by ClydeTheChildish
master love(Male Master hand ChildishClyde
you're the powerful being known as master hand you can crush planets and make lasers in fingers and flick planets
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The Last Shinobi  by JasmineNewell1
The Last Shinobi by JasmineNewell1
In a world full of clickers, thugs, and smugglers, there's a group that stands out. The Shinobi warriors. Also known as the last known Asian race. But when the five girl...
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The strongest human(saitama male reader x massive harem)  by ClydeTheChildish
The strongest human(saitama male ChildishClyde
when you and you're friends are walking on city Z suddenly a huge portal sucked you and you're friends
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The Story of Us (Senran Kagura X Male Reader) by wr3kl3ss
The Story of Us (Senran Kagura X wr3kl3ss
The events that led to Y/N joining Hanzo Academy.
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Heaven or Hell (Church Harem x Male Reader) by KingJayJay82
Heaven or Hell (Church Harem x Just Anxther Lazy Authxr
One day God and the Devil had placed a bet on you. The bet was to see how long you could last from giving in to the temptations of the beautiful nuns they have put in fr...
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Senran Kagura: Wrath Dragon Sin by DemonMeliodas987
Senran Kagura: Wrath Dragon Sinby Demon-King-Meliodas
(Y/N) (L/N) a boy born in a family of shinobis with great talent at an early age. He almost lived "happily-ever-after" with his mother since he never met his f...
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Son of a Dragon (Corrin's Son Male Reader x Senran Kagura) by Lunar_Legend
Son of a Dragon (Corrin's Son Lunar_Legend
You are the son of Corrin, but what happens when you transported to an island with several girls?
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