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The Treehouse [BxB] by Pixie022
The Treehouse [BxB]by Pix 🌈
Mickey was a skater. River was too smart for his own good. But being polar opposites didn't stop them from being best friends. Ever since they were little, they would s...
The New Girl by aditi2308
The New Girlby Aditi
What happens when people find out that the poor, nerdy girl, is hiding her identity. ._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._. Thea Walter is the daughter of a bi...
Bad Company  by bilsbabee
Bad Company by bilsbabee
Disclaimer: It's truly not my intention to disrespect Billie or her sexuality by writing this, I simply just do it for fun & because I love her personality & character...
Spiderman Oneshots by OoBooksAreLifeoO
Spiderman Oneshotsby Nom Nom
Lots of one shots and short stories based on the trials and tribulations of your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man and his friends and family! Please leave a request at...
Floating in the Abyss ✔️ by sydnie6624
Floating in the Abyss ✔️by sydnie6624
At the age of 5, Ashlyn was abducted from a local park when playing with her brothers. For 10 years, Ashlyn survived with no more than a roof over her head. She dealt w...
Peter Parker one-shots by UnbeatableSG
Peter Parker one-shotsby Doreen Green
hey there!!! i see you are thinking about reading this story. i think you should but then.... i would be bias!!! Can I just say is that these do get better, each one sh...
ဆရာဖြစ်ရတာမလွယ်ဘူး (ဆရာျဖစ္ရတာမလြယ္ဘူး) by Xiao_Yiii
ဆရာဖြစ်ရတာမလွယ်ဘူး (ဆရာျဖစ္ရတာမလြယ Xiao yi
Title - It is not easy being a master Author - Jin Xi Gu Nian Eng translator - Xi Xi ရှန်ကျစ်ရှန်းသည်သူ့တပည့်ရဲ့အမြူတေကိုမုန်းတီးမှုကြောင့်ဖြတ်ထုတ်ပစ်ခဲ့သည့်အရံဇာတ်ကောင...
Children of a miracle (GxG) by worldchange97
Children of a miracle (GxG)by worldchange97
I was trapped. Trapped between an obscure past that was haunting me and a chance of building a better future for myself. Trapped between the four walls of my apartment. ...
Maid Of The Three BadBoys (COMPLETE)  by Gorgeouslittlequeen
Maid Of The Three BadBoys ( Binibining_cute
Aiko Monique ang babaeng matagal ng naulila dahil sa pagkamatay nang taong tumayo bilang magulang niya. Ang babaeng minalas sa buhay. Pero pano kung isang laro lang an...
young justice: babysitting the waynes by Aloehugs
young justice: babysitting the Aloehugs
deathstroke wants his apprentice back, and unfortunately for Dick Grayson that means he has to be protected but with alfred away in England and Bruce having to go off wo...
Love • Lokius ✔ by JK_DarkSoul
Love • Lokius ✔by Iₙ†ₑᵣₙₐₗ ₛcᵣₑₐм
"Mobius... I love you..." "..." LOKI & MOBIUS M. MOBIUS LOKIUS FANFICTION ♡ ✎STARTED: 28-06-21 ✓ FINISHED: 19-09-21 ⚒ HIGHEST RANKINGS ⚒ #1 on Love...
Supercorp one-shots by The_Phantom6
Supercorp one-shotsby The_Phantom6
A journey between Kara and Lena, from complete strangers, to 'best friends', to a couple and to a married couple. Of course, our emotions will be all over the place. The...
One Plus One Equals One by madisonrae19
One Plus One Equals Oneby Madison Belle Rae
Princess Gwendolyn of Losington was tired of being a Princess. She hated the rules, the clothes and expectations from her parents. Being the youngest Princess, the spare...
Peter Parker & The Avengers oneshots - 2 by StoriesFan102
Peter Parker & The Avengers StoriesFan102
Oneshots of Peter and his unescapable vortex of a family This is book No. 2 so head onto my account to find the first one if you wish. /// Also main ships with Peter wil...
Living With A Hot Devil by RizaJ06
Living With A Hot Devilby RizaJ06
After years of being spoiled, Mekaela decided to move out. But then she learns that she's forced to share her apartment with a gorgeous hunk that she can't tolerate. Wit...
One for the Team by actuallyitsmonica
One for the Teamby mónica
Finn Kingston is the golden boy of Northwoods High. Levi Brightly is the new kid with the nail polish and the poems. Months after they meet, the body of a student is fou...
Anyway, I'm just a fish-loving demon by Putterbuttercup
Anyway, I'm just a fish-loving Putterbuttercup
In an ordinary modern world. An ordinary boy, Hui Lu, lives his free daily life. One day two years ago, everything changed. How did I become a little girl? horns? wings...
𝕊ℙ𝕀𝔻𝔼𝕐 by Meowzilla0w0
Oneshots of Spider-man going on random trips to help everyone out. He sometimes get expose of his secret, but this is about spider awesomeness. Some angst but mostly flu...
That Day by Arolla_Pine
That Dayby Lena Klimka
The story begins on the day when Adrien was rescued from the crowd of fans. It turns out that it was the very important day. Warning! A lot of season 2 spoilers!