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GAY ✧ joshler by vileman
GAY ✧ joshlerby jesus christ
josh is an asocial high school teen who's confused about his sexuality. tyler is a sassy art student who tries to convince him he's gay. ©vileman (all respect to jenna...
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Queen & Knight (Completed) by mikaelanay
Queen & Knight (Completed)by Mickey
Queens are meant for Kings. It's some unsaid, universal rule. Just like every other girl, Kiera Queen wants a Knight for herself but to her horror, she gets the arrogant...
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Vixen and The Thug by ChrissyM93
Vixen and The Thugby Chrissy E.
Sly ran Flynt and everything that happened in it, so one night when he saw an unfamiliar face he couldn't stop until he had her in his clutches. Little did he know that...
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Beautiful Dilemma by Roshuma
Beautiful Dilemmaby Roshuma Florence
She was beauty; deep and rich in art... He was an enigma; an inexplicable force of nature... Akilah Johnson, was an art student at Cambridge School of Arts. Wi...
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We Were The Liars | MAJOR EDITING  by mystiquebaddie
We Were The Liars | MAJOR EDITING by MystiqueBaddie
[Completed] Under Major Editing. "Too many joy rides in daddy's Jaguar.Too many white lies and white lines.Super rich kids with nothing but loose ends.Super rich ki...
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When Winter Comes by kirch_123
When Winter Comesby Sarah
Its been a year since Winter Ozlin lost her parents. A devastating car accident that killed her parents caused Winter to run down a dark path for a year. But here she is...
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girls | lil peep by latexloser
girls | lil peepby ⤵︎
goddamn, she said i'm the man | rest easy, the love of my life, gustav elijah ahr
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Oh Boy. »Joshler« by AcarAtorchAjoshler
Oh Boy. »Joshler«by Me Me Big Boy
"Gender is more than just the genitals your born with." °° In which Tyler gets kicked out for coming out as transgender and his loving best friend Josh is the...
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The Hustler's Healer by goldchainedprincesss
The Hustler's Healerby a black queen.
17 year old Chyna Marie, has never had a boyfriend. She is very awkward around boys, that is until she meets Jayceon Goldsmith and both of their lives change forever.
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Slumber Party Massacre by hypnowetter
Slumber Party Massacreby hypnowetter
Do you really want to know why a nice girl like you was invited to this mean girl slumber party? Read and find out. !!!!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!! This will be a very s...
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All I've Never Wanted [SAMPLE. Full published version available now on Amazon]. by ACRL37
All I've Never Wanted [SAMPLE. ACRL37
The Scions were the four richest, most powerful guys at Valesca Academy, and they ruled the school with iron fists. Everyone wanted to date them or be them...everyone, t...
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I Hate My Brother (editing!) by CherylVylona
I Hate My Brother (editing!)by 🥀
COMPLETED • • • "We can't keep doing this... Wayne's gonna kill you if he finds out." "Baby, y'know I'm not afraid of him. I'm willing to take his punches...
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blue boy // JOSHLER by sexyjoshler
blue boy // JOSHLERby sexyjoshler
"you're my little blue boy." "blue boy?" "yeah, means like, sad a cute way."
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hurricane | joshler by Crybaby_Tylerr
hurricane | joshlerby 𝓣𝔂𝓵𝓮𝓻
Baby, we're a hurricane
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together 2//joshler oneshots by reasoning4purpose
together 2//joshler oneshotsby anathema
More Joshler oneshots:))
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Enemy (ski mask the slump god story) by Letavya
Enemy (ski mask the slump god OnSomeShit
"Let me hold your hand"
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love struck | √ by thoughtsofher
love struck | √by thoughtsofher
"The moment I saw her, I knew that I was a goner." She was like a gentle wave floating by the ocean but he was a mighty storm that crashed waves, what happens...
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The bad boy trained me to fight (*Completed*) by emmastarzz
The bad boy trained me to fight (* emily
"what the hell are you doing!" she exclaimed and covered her eyes. I walked closeer to her, our chests touching each other. her breath hitched. I felt a wave o...
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GYM ; Joshler by ohmsrenatuh
GYM ; Joshlerby chlorine
Donde Josh Dun, el nuevo entrenador de Basketball, es homofóbico. → Historia originalmente escrita por WellNoToday_ ←
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The Heartbreakers Club by CaliLuv13
The Heartbreakers Clubby Nicolle
In Vista Creek High of Scottsdale, AZ there's been a dynasty of six souls reincarnated every four years. These six all have got one wicked talent. Stay away is what you...
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