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memes because you need to laugh by ThisIsFinee
memes because you need to laughby i hav da gun
Stop crying and laugh (I'm also making this because I have too many memes in my gallery so I can just store them here instead of course.) . (\ __ /) ...
The boy next door || Clownzy || highschool au  by TherapyNotFound
The boy next door || Clownzy || hi...by TherapyNotFound
i am cringe but at least I'm still writing !! IF CLOWN AND BRANZY AREN'T COMFORTABLE BEING SHIPPED I WILL TAKE THIS DOWN !! Branzy had a new neighbor that just moved tod...
Hamilton reacts to Crap //Requests OPEN Read Desc// by BruhboiWritesCrap
Hamilton reacts to Crap //Requests...by Washingdad
They will react to all of Hamilton, then random crap you request or I want them to react to Started- September 13th Ended reacting to Hamilton- October 9th Ended book-
NAMELESS STORY 2 by _Context_
This story is the next part of NAMELESS STORY. In this story, Nick and his team are on a mission to free the 10 prisoners in the base. will they succeed? Will the people...
fnaf: headcannons + oneshots + preferences! by Mini_Kelp
fnaf: headcannons + oneshots + pre...by terrence
(OLD, i have a new fanfic for this out! pls this is so cringe) Y/n is gender neutral! Basically, FNaF headcannons and oneshots. Uhm also, updates are slow! :] Enjoy gir...
Letters And Lavenders || swagdoons || Discontinued by TherapyNotFound
Letters And Lavenders || swagdoons...by TherapyNotFound
♡No smut, js fluff♡ Ashswagg lives in a tiny house, there was nothing exciting Abt Ash's life really. one day, he got a random love letter with a lavender, the letter re...
Dead Man Walking... by Banshee-Bitch
Dead Man Walking...by 【Q】【U】【E】【E】【N】
Deadpool X Reader! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hitman for hire the ad said. Of course, Y/n thought of it as a bit odd. How wrong you were when you received a note written in crayon. M...
Conscience Wrath (Male Lord X Reader x RWBY) by UrDead55089
Conscience Wrath (Male Lord X Read...by UrDead55089
It's pretty self explanatory of what I'm doing but that doesn't mean I can't have a bit fun with my toys except her Ruby Rose she is special she might teach me a thing o...
Enemies to Lovers (Levi x Reader)  by Amber1353905
Enemies to Lovers (Levi x Reader) by Amber1353905
A girl from Shiganshina had nothing but memories of her family and a traumatic story. She is described as "heartless" and "emotionless" she was a ver...
Cows, boobies and sex working by mayuhyuh99
Cows, boobies and sex workingby Mayu
I dont even know anymore. This is the tip of the iceberg of the thoughts i have at 3am and i wonder why i cant sleep😀🔫 I have not uploaded the cover yet but whoever it...
~*Ruikasa Oneshots*~ by Anagaki28
~*Ruikasa Oneshots*~by s𝗊ᥙіsһᥡ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
Just basic oneshots, I write almost everything. Oh, and I take requests, so feel free to dm me. I mainly write Ruikasa, but I might do Akitoya sometimes, please read the...
Love you - Fugonara by Chihiro_myBAE
Love you - Fugonaraby hime ✨
⚠️⚠️⚠️ON HIATUS⚠️⚠️⚠️ AU where Narancia is kinda depressed My second Fugonara since the others one got pretty famous I swear I am writing March 9 2021- 1st on the fugon...
Paldea Academy Adventures V2 by FoxKid5674
Paldea Academy Adventures V2by FoxKid5674
Since it felt like a slog to write the original PAA (and probably a slog for you guys to read as well), I've decided to remake it, so rather than a ridiculously long sto...
Some Drawings Of Mine I Guess? by udon_understand
Some Drawings Of Mine I Guess?by ThePokerFace:3
Some of my stoopid draws 'cause i'm bored :') o_O (I own only the drawings, so i don't own any of the images that i put above the titles unless i say so ._.') Cover is m...
AI vs Me ( fanart and stories mha edition)  by theacemhashipper
AI vs Me ( fanart and stories mha...by 💜Shinsou Hitoshi💜
Me going against some AI bros just so you can stay safe before getting scammed or smth. Fanart is gonna be so fun and uhh... Yeah. Have fun reading this crap. Credits...
I Fell In Love With Him While He Was In A Coma by normaa
I Fell In Love With Him While He W...by normaa
Jayleen Lévon, is a hard working nurse working at Hopkins Hospital. One day, a handsome man named Ayden, is rolled into the ER, Jayleen doesn't know why she has such a s...
Random one shots by Anime_simp_forever
Random one shotsby Baby From The Sky
This is just a dare proceed if you are bored... Or that was what it was supposed to be... Anyways I made this a genshin impact and anime x reader Requests are open. Cha...
At Last - lucy maclean by s0dal1te
At Last - lucy macleanby sodalite
"Golden rule, motherfucker." - i have no clue what to put here
Sootcest oneshots by sootcestsupremacy
Sootcest oneshotsby sootcest
Wow sootcest, yay! You will love reading fanfics of different bursonas kissing each other.
This story is told by a character writing to a book about his life. Will the people around this writer know their seacret, or will they rake the seacret to the grave wit...