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red guy x reader screwed together/a dhmis fanfic by alexandra98743
red guy x reader screwed together...by Alexandra waston
its a red guy/harry x reader its comedic at a point and agressive at another, so yeah? read if you may
[Stuck Together | A DHMIS AU] by Idiotwithpronouns
[Stuck Together | A DHMIS AU]by Z
Idk, this will probably be terrible. Hhhhhhh
Family :D - [DHMIS x Child Reader] COMPLETED by nyum_underscore
Family :D - [DHMIS x Child Reader]...by nyum_
Gender neutral Y/N :) They're all humans in this book, and Y/N is a child so this is NOT a romantic xreader. I'm obsessed with DHMIS right now hhhhhhh- I'll update/write...
!dhmis red guy/harry x female reader SMUT! by Martyarts
!dhmis red guy/harry x female read...by Martyarts
red guy smut for all the red guy simps out there, different smut ideas, But also if any of this makes you feel uncomfortable with this type of subject, and if you don't...
the family... (creepiest one in the neighborhood) by dhmismanny
the family... (creepiest one in th...by 💤🌜catnap 🌛💤
what if yellow guy did not get saved by Roy? what if you choose to stay with the family and refuse to get saved by his own father? what is ways did not go what he wante...
Tony x Colin (DigitalTime) Oneshots by IzzyChxn
Tony x Colin (DigitalTime) Oneshotsby IzzyChxn
i'm bored out of my mind so I'm gonna do this aaa uhh ill specify if its their humanoid versions or not cause it bothers me when people don't do that igyjhmbasnn ill tak...
Just a Little Bug.. by BEEJAY_BEETLEBOY
Just a Little Bug..by BEEJAY_BEETLEBOY
A small sick fic so I could start working with the dynamic of one of my favorite ships, Untimely fatal error, or UFE. [Colin X Tony X Mortimer X Larry] !!!
-Idiotic choices (DHMIS X READER)- by citruskidxx
-Idiotic choices (DHMIS X READER)-by MIAAA
Before your grandmother passed away unexpectedly, She had given you her ownership of a pink, two story house in a small town called 'Clayhill'. You decided that you woul...
Elmo's Older Cousin (DHMIS x Sesame Street) by Jaklops
Elmo's Older Cousin (DHMIS x Sesam...by Jaklops
Credit to the Artist for the cover: @lexiewarner15 on TikTok Hello readers! Just know that I do not Own Don't Hug me I'm scared nor Sesame Street. Most of the events wi...
Dhmis One-Shots by Dhmis0simp
Dhmis One-Shotsby Ace
in bored, I like dhmis, and I want to write. so yeah I'm a multi shipper and I mostly do Lovebird Digitaltime Fluffybird And Lampnold mostly But I do take requests at...
The Apple Farms Unexpected Visitors. -DHMIS AND ANDY'S APPLE FARM CROSSOVER- by multifamdomenjoyer
The Apple Farms Unexpected Visitor...by multifamdomenjoyer
[DISCONTINUED FOR THE LACK OF MOTIVATION SORRY!!] When Duck reads the map incorrectly the trio landed in Andy's farm grounds. But one little detail, Yellow Guy is able t...
Lampnold Oneshots :] by Dhmis0simp
Lampnold Oneshots :]by Ace
Ik this is a dead fandom but idrc, I'm still gonna try writing for it
This is between us. (Red guy X Duck) (dhmis) by MangledM3ss
This is between us. (Red guy X Duc...by MangledM3ss
Just a little fluff story, no smut, cuz I can't. I'm still horrid at writting stories, so excuse me. !!Human au!! I'll probably use the fanon names, because.. I don't kn...
!!18+!! The best DHMIS fluffyduck fic ever!! by xBlueRBirdx
!!18+!! The best DHMIS fluffyduck...by Jay Davis
[18+] (2 parts daily??) HI GUYS. now you might be thinking oh it's just another wattpad with light fluff and cute scenes of like one or two kisses and mostly cute lore ...
the two of us in this world.... by dhmismanny
the two of us in this world....by 💤🌜catnap 🌛💤
in this story smart Manny/doi/yellow guy does not like how red guy and duck treats him then his own twin brother they change batteries once in awhile
DHMIS Red guy x Y/N by RedMan3695
DHMIS Red guy x Y/Nby RedMan3695
WOOPS! You dropped into the Dhmis reality by accident! now you have to like the rest of your days with them until you find a way out.. unless..
DHMIS Red Guy x (male) Reader by Cocoo299
DHMIS Red Guy x (male) Readerby Robbie
Im sorry. I had to do it. (No sex. Maybe some sexUAL stuff but no ACTUAL sex because idk how tf that would work tbh)
Many Dekus?!?! (Rewriting) by Fairyrose19
Many Dekus?!?! (Rewriting)by Tsuku_Helios
Class 1A (minus Izuku) and others got kidnapped to see other worlds with Izuku in them.(The usual) How are they going to react? Updates every Saturday. The first univers...