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Drowning In The Dark by Seventhjoul
Drowning In The Darkby Shefali Bansal
The story of young girl being born by the rape of her mother and struck with her 4 brothers as her mom died giving birth to her. Being neglected and pleading for love fo...
YOU. by no_wayhehe
#2 makeouthill
you deserve to know, I loved you. I still do you'll forever have a piece of my heart. I cry for u, ache for u and retouch our memories that slowly fade away. I know I wa...
When you get fed up of your cold husband behavior. Taehyung FF by thvffs
When you get fed up of your cold Thv FFs
This fanfic story is based on a cold husband and his Indian wife. After various events of getting neglected by his husband Yn decided to give up and give him taste of hi...
Mafia's Wife Secret by mia_d_mivia
Mafia's Wife Secretby Mivia Etosva
Mahi Vedh, a two personality girl, who has hidden her reality under her another identity which is Prof. Maria, a great female scientist, who had never show her face pu...
OUR (NOT SO) PERFECT MARRIAGE (Completed) by ssericajones1
"maa I don't know what the heck I am doing ..I am going to marry my sister's fiance .." I said crying .. "we can't do anything beta..its destiny " m...
Weakness (Jang Hanseok x fem OC) by 2020MT950
Weakness (Jang Hanseok x fem OC)by MT950
Jang Hanseok is close with his half brother Jang Hanseo but what if he is close with one more person, that he wants for himself.
Prepared To Hate You by DayDreamRomantic
Prepared To Hate Youby DayDreamRomantic
To mark BTS's 8th birthday, HYBE has made a special announcement. They searched across the globe, for talented singers, dancers, and rappers. One individual has been ch...
You're Insufferable |Jaden Walton fanfic by RXY_YUH
You're Insufferable |Jaden RXY
JADEN WALTON FANFIC: Leah has never liked her best friend's brother, Jaden. They are constantly fighting and throwing insults at one another. But only when Jaden's twin...
The Ultimate Hero Duo by Ironprime100
The Ultimate Hero Duoby Ironprime100
Y/n L/n bens best friend through school is tagging along on a summer trip till their summer gets more exciting and intense as they face many challenges as move along the...
BROKEN by Jikook-143
BROKENby Kookmin ♥️
I'm not enough for you..? 💔 - pjm" Poor innocent boy deeply in love with jungkook Did he know that his boyfriend is loose interest on him and his eyes laid on som...
Ephemeral: Love, Pleasure and Hidden Pains by Aishhhh1004
Ephemeral: Love, Pleasure and Blackrose
Apo was stuck in an abusive relationship since he ended his college life. For five years Dan has planted into his mind that he was nothing without the older male. Hence...
HOLD ON - Book 1 by KrissaYun143
HOLD ON - Book 1by KrissaYun ILY
STORY NO. 1 @KrissaYun143 Niky Andrea, a young girl who suffered a lot during her childhood day's especially when her beloved father died in a car accident. Kaya na...
Saving Myself || A Drarry Story by Hufflepuff-Writer
Saving Myself || A Drarry Storyby em
**COMPLETED** Cover made by @ZaraIsNotHere **TRIGGER WARNINGS** -HOMOPHOBIC REMARKS -MENTIONS OF PHYSICAL ABUSE ⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️: All original characters owned by J.K. Ro...
Why? by Jyannycxs
Why?by Lady Moon
Bakit? Bakit nga ba kailangan natin malaman lahat ng rason kung bakit tayo nasasaktan? Bakit ang daming katanungan na nabubuo sa isip natin? Bakit nga ba tayo niloloko? ...
Laughing Fury  by _Cassabella
Laughing Fury by kike
A woman so dangerous the greatest gods or lords ran or hid. A woman who radiated power, her aura so dangerous the weak sometimes died. A bright room tainted dark the min...
Kill The Competition & Bleed Your Fuel by scottishzebra700
Kill The Competition & Bleed piss
suguru niragi has his eyes on a peculiar shuntaro chishiya, and he will do absolutely anything it takes to stay close anything. **** hello! i have experience with writin...
Karlheinz's New Wife (Diabolik Lover) by RedStrom
Karlheinz's New Wife (Diabolik Srena_Foxstar
"Boys... Meet my new wife and your new mother." Togou announce as he wrap his hands around her waist.... "Togou.. I like.. No.. I love all of them!"...
Love is a losing game (Completed)  by Anjali884
Love is a losing game (Completed) by Anjali
It's a love story between Anjali and Sriram. For Anjali, it's love, true love. For Sriram, maybe it's not. does he have any other intention? Did he really fall for her...
Kidnapped by a Vampire by team_grayson
Kidnapped by a Vampireby team_grayson
"I own you.. you are mine. Forever"