ʟᴜᴄɪғᴇʀ's ᴅᴀʀʟɪɴɢ ɪ by hivickyy
ʟᴜᴄɪғᴇʀ's ᴅᴀʀʟɪɴɢ ɪby -𝐕
INTRO •.¸ "Unfortunately, Lucifer; Lord of the Underworld, Keeper of Deaths Gates, Devil. Is real, and no, he is not some short red painted figure...
  • love
  • devil
  • lucifer
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Angel of the Shadows by rxby_l
Angel of the Shadowsby rxby_l
"Since the birth of time, Angels and Demons roamed the Earth. Kingdoms stand their ground amongst the death stained land, determined to defend against the evil of m...
  • halfling
  • aurora
  • necromancer
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Saving Heaven by therealKH
Saving Heavenby Therealkh
When heaven becomes a wreck and Lucifer is trying to bring his uprising early, heaven finds themselves in a conundrum. God is nowhere to be found and the angels have dec...
  • trust
  • crazy
  • lucifer
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The Council by Kpopaddict4
The Councilby Kpopaddict4
"The time is nigh. A war is coming. One that forces the alliances of the factions. Alliance through bonding. Mates of three, one per sect, will announce the comin...
  • 2moonstheseries
  • goodversusevil
  • ming
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Zagan by heather_cooki
Zaganby H.H. Cook
❝Do you fear me?" He brought his lips down to caress the back of her neck, running his hands up her arms. "You have reason to Samantha, for I am Zagan,❞ Sam...
  • goodvsevil
  • supernatural
  • fantasy
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Seduced (Megatron) by JavelinePrime
Seduced (Megatron)by JavelinePrime
Sweet and innocent-blessed with a chaste heart. Daiya had a great life with great family and friends.. Ruined and broken-touched by darkness. Megatron was ruined the mo...
  • action
  • megatron
  • innocence
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march | peter parker by scorch_stiles
march | peter parkerby scorchstiles
With blood firing through her veins, she marched herself right into his life and right into his heart. Instead of spending her free time at home, Josie would go to...
  • goodvsevil
  • wattys2018
  • marvel
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Foxy x Reader                          You're Mine Lass. by FaithBrine
Foxy x FaithBrine
The title explains it all. But if it doesn't this is a FoxyxReader book. Hope you like it.
  • fnaf
  • foxy
  • nightgaurd
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Iniquitous H.S by Jess_Hemmo96
Iniquitous H.Sby Jess
I've always wondered who I was. I was born into a world where there was only one power. That power was demons. I was born on the day they took over. My whole life I've f...
  • guardian
  • darkharry
  • supernatural
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Hit and Run (A Zodiac Story) by NonStopFurBa11
Hit and Run (A Zodiac Story)by Hi I'm High
It's the year 1997, and the Zodiacs are in New York City, currently the busiest city in America. 6 of the Zodiacs are gangsters, forming the toughest gang in New York, t...
  • taurus
  • gemini
  • sagittarius
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Fairytale Fate: The Legend Begins | ✔️ by lifeflower102
Fairytale Fate: The Legend 🌸~Melody King~ 🌸
Have you ever wondered if the fairytales we were read as children actually existed? In the world of Fabula, these literary tales fly off the pages of storybooks and...
  • love
  • action
  • disney
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Hell's Throne (The Devil's Assistant Series - 5 ) by me2you804
Hell's Throne (The Devil's Katherine
This is the fifth instalment in the Devil's Assistant series. You may wish to check out the other books first or this may be a bit of a confusing read. While Hades...
  • demons
  • hell
  • devil
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THE BLOOD OF JEZEBEL (First Draft). by ElishaEnchanted
THE BLOOD OF JEZEBEL (First Draft).by L. E. Glazebrook
They are coming.... Don't let them in! Rosemonde Durand unknowingly carries the blood of an ancient Phoenician queen - Jezebel.... Myrddin Thomas was initiated into a ma...
  • good-vs-evil
  • succubus
  • jezebel
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Roses & Thorns [Descendants 2] by theashasylum
Roses & Thorns [Descendants 2]by tyler ☾
[Cover by the amazing @thorloser] ❝There is no way to hold something that is truly beautiful; not without consequences. There is a reason why roses have thorns.❞ -Ad...
  • carlos
  • uma
  • descendants2
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Awakening of the Shadows: The Multiverse Theory Book 1 by JoaquinArcino
Awakening of the Shadows: The Joaquin D. Arcino
--|WIP|-- As the planet Earth finally succumbs to global warming, it's up to twenty-year-old CEO of Optical Aircraft Eldernova Starfall to save the Human species. But w...
  • unique
  • epicfantasy
  • spacetravel
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Descendents of StoryBrook by ajaycrisp
Descendents of StoryBrookby ajaycrisp
When Jane grabs her mothers wand, not only does she free Maleficent she sends the four Villain kids to a new land, where they discover that alternate versions of the peo...
  • disneydescendants
  • hocuspocus
  • maleficent
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Spider-Man/ladybug the ultimate enemy by NevilleMadan
Spider-Man/ladybug the ultimate Neville Madan
A crossover story with miraculous ladybug and marvel that takes place two years after the events of the original miraculous show.
  • marvel
  • goodvsevil
  • spiderman
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Fire Within [Disney's Descendants] by theashasylum
Fire Within [Disney's Descendants]by tyler ☾
[Cover by @thorloser] ❝There is enough fire inside you to put all of hell to shame, but you are pretending to be water for someone who is too afraid to handle the drag...
  • wattys2018
  • isleofthelost
  • disneydescendants
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Twin Alpha Mates by xX0JacketSlut0Xx
Twin Alpha Matesby xX0JacketSlut0Xx
This is just another story where a girl gets two alpha mates. This is my first story so I would love if you would give me your honest feedback and point out any mistakes...
  • romance
  • bxgxb
  • omega
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Descendants of The Moon by shadowlion110
Descendants of The Moonby shadowlion110
"Great aim!" Those two simple words changed Ariel's life forever. It wasn't what was said, but who said it. A normal halloween night, full of people in costume...
  • mate
  • magic
  • presentday
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