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NCT 19th Member by jeNO_THANKS
NCT 19th Memberby kate🌸
Park Dae-Yun, better known as Davie, is the 19th member of NCT and the only member of the sub-unit NCT Solo. How will she deal with living and being in a band with 18 bo...
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Obstacle | G.D by CrossbowDolans
Obstacle | G.Dby K
"You're a psychopath" "I prefer creative" :#10 in graysondolan #10 in ethan
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His MATE by charmed2gether
His MATEby Sydney
"You're hiding. There's no need to. Come on. I won't bite... hard." He smirked. That smirk. That damned smirk. It made her heart pound with lust and love. The...
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Love Me Please !!! by godbless2603
Love Me Please !!!by karienna
Bagaimana bila seorang gadis lugu berumur 17 tahun dijodohkan dengan seroang Pria tampan berumur 25 tahun yang baru saja ia kenal akibat kecerobohannya? "Kak, boleh...
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Just One Day by oct097
Just One Dayby Andhin
Writtern by. Oct097 (Instgram&Twitter) Pernah kerjadian nyata ini ada di dalam mimpiku, hidup satu atap dengan laki-laki tampan. Mungkin orang-orang iri padaku tapi aku...
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Babysitter  ☞ 19 Days/He Tian X Mo Guan Shan by nicotinecv
Babysitter ☞ 19 Days/He Tian X Mo...by 3 am
He tian, Jian Yi and Zhang xixi's parents decided to go into a two week vacation without them and hired a babysitter to look after the three trouble makers. And that bab...
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DIANA by GladysTrixie
DIANAby Gladys Trixie
warning...!!! ⚠ 🔞+ . . . . 📚 Diana Humprey Bogart, hampir semua pria menggilainya. Wanita yang memiliki bentuk tubuh sempurna, namun dingin tak tersentuh. Keangkuhan y...
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Nineteen [k.s.j. • k.n.j] by Seokmedaddy
Nineteen [k.s.j. • k.n.j]by gO waCKy yEah
-When a 23 year old man gets a text from a 17 year old twink at 19:00 on Grindr- Warnings n stuff inside
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Lyrik zum Nachdenken by Annellju
Lyrik zum Nachdenkenby Anna-Maria Ellingen
Warum ich Gedichte schreibe? Eigentlich eine gute Frage. Ich denke, dass Gedichte schreiben für mich eine Art ist mich auszudrücken. Meine Gedichte schreibe ich sobald m...
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The Maid (A NaLu Lemon) by Nalu_Lemon_Lover429
The Maid (A NaLu Lemon)by ●°✩ Renae ●°✩
Hi! I'm Gracey! You can call Renae though. But... HERES THE ACTUAL DESC. Lucy is a maid, going to and fro because of her father going poor after his business failed. Ins...
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Sword Art Online Volume 19 - Moon Cradle by ulttjaewon
Sword Art Online Volume 19 - Moon...by Nelle
Moon Cradle (ムーン・クレイドル, Mūn Kureidoru?) is the 19th book in the Sword Art Online light novel series, published on February 10, 2017. It is a side story that takes place...
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Aurion ☠️ by hoetrap
Aurion ☠️by ♡
Drip drop pussy pop
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A Mùlt (Xiumin Kim) by kim_jooeun19
A Mùlt (Xiumin Kim)by Mrs. Kim's💋
Mature content⚠️ Bagaimana rasanya dipermainkan masa lalu?
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don't watch me cry / kim rowoon by syirahaechan
don't watch me cry / kim rowoonby haechan pudu
status : episode 11 | ongoing started : 5/11/2019 ended : edited : prologue- ep 8 were edited! I wonder if you're thinking "Is she alright all alone?". ⚠ warni...
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MADNESS by miinamila
MADNESSby dinosaurs
Diseret paksa oleh teman satu asrama membuat Sakura harus menjadi gelandangan di salah satu klub malam. Mabuk, kehabisan uang, dan ditinggal sendirian. Terlebih saat Sas...
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Devotion // Patrick Kane by alittlebitbias
Devotion // Patrick Kaneby ♛
A man devoted to his woman can be hard to come by. But they do exist.. and that's what Patrick Kane is to her. Parker Sullivan is 22 years old, fresh out of college; and...
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It's You... (Book 1) by GMbooksandstories
It's You... (Book 1)by GMbooksandstories
Daniella Adams, a 19 year old from Manhattan, New York is searching for a job when Augustus King, a 25 year old, CEO of King INC gives her an opportunity of a lifetime...
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Daddy's girl: Park Jimin AMBW by Kumamonandsuga
Daddy's girl: Park Jimin AMBWby Purplish💜
While on vacation in Hawaii, Jimin bumped into a melanin beauty that just so happens to live in Korea. They start dating and everything goes well until Jimin's kinky and...
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19 años by sammtthew
19 añosby G a b s✨
Viernes, ‎28‎ de ‎septiembre de ‎2018 a las ‏‎11:48:04 p. m. Con 19 años, recostada en la cama con la laptop más lenta que cuando te tocan dos módulos de la materia que...
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DERYA by soluditex
Derya eskiden yaşadığı şeyi tekrar yaşıyordu ,bu onun için aptalca bir döngüydü .Ölen arkadaşları ona kalan en kötü izdi bakalım 8/C yi kaybedecek miydi?