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Mal Meets the Rebel by JenniferHastings5
Mal Meets the Rebelby Bloodylilcorpse
A girl named Roxanne is forced into an all-boy-juvie where she comes to meet Mal. They don't exactly hit it off well. There he tries to get her to submit to him, but bei...
  • hurt
  • mal
  • mike
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Love Possesive Boy by NitaGz13
Love Possesive Boyby Nitaaaaaa
Hai guys ini cerita pertama aku. WARNING BANYAK TYPO!!! kisah seorang gadis manja yang memiliki kekasih seorang Most Wanted di Smith Internasional Senior High School...
  • alvaromell
  • justinbieber
  • cold
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Serendipity & Singularity by fandom_queenn
Serendipity & Singularityby fandom_queenn
Poems with lots of emotions. Whether that be happy, sad, ecstatic or depressed. Whether I felt these emotions because of school, personal reasons, or because of the TV s...
  • poeticjustice
  • opportunity
  • emotional
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Broken by UnknowMeForever
Brokenby UnknowMe
A book of poetry by someone who fell in love and got hurt
  • hurt
  • sadpoems
  • broken
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 Changed Forever - Peter Parker/ Tony Stark by Pantea84Tia
Changed Forever - Peter Parker/ Pantea1384
After aunt may's death, peter Parker is left with no family to take care of him. Tony stark hasn't contacted him since he took peter's suit away from him and doesn't kno...
  • avengers
  • blackwidow
  • peterparker
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love by hannahkimhere
loveby hannahkimhere
poems about love • i have never experienced what it's like to be in a relationship so to write something about love is definitely challenging but im going to give it a...
  • sadpoems
  • teenlove
  • lovepoem
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Nivea Lipbalm Prince; SYH by pcyromaniacsxz
Nivea Lipbalm Prince; SYHby Magical queen
Tidak ada yang tahu siapa sosok Lee Hyemi sebenarnya. Tidak ada yang paham bagaimana jati diri Hyemi dibalik sosok keras kepalanya. Tidak ada yang mengerti seperti apa d...
  • donghyuk
  • fanfiction
  • romansa
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Random  by QueenHeart3
Random by REYNA 💖🌹
  • hurt
  • love
  • everything
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Then by Cactus_Life
Thenby Kate
She needed fixing, so I helped carry her.
  • death
  • hurt
  • saveme
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My Brother's Bestfriend (Clarence Fanfic) by Shays_Stories
My Brother's Bestfriend ( Shay Shay
Man my brother's bestfriend is so damn fine. His name is Clarence White. His looks, his walk and his personality is so damn attractive. He's 19 though, I'm only 16. Plu...
  • heartbroken
  • love
  • friends
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May I ? by sugaaachinguuu
May I ?by
Hidup yang susah,tak dianggap,diremehkan,bahkan dianggap sampah di keluarga sendiri apa yang ini dimaksud hidup? tak ada tawa hanya tangis-------------kim jisoo ------ d...
  • hurt
  • love
  • suga
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A Cold Wind of Change by imastupididyut
A Cold Wind of Changeby imastupididyut
I saw him through the dust and rubble for the very first time and thought he was the hero sent to save me when I looked into his smiling eyes the very first time. We had...
  • resisting
  • baz
  • baby
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Graciously Loving You... by shahinprachhak
Graciously Loving Shahin Bawani
It's a story of a girl who learnt a thing after her parents' death, that she had to survive. She left her everything behind even her own self. She always wished for love...
  • lovetriangle
  • story
  • grace
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The Broken Tale by chanelcarinacostel
The Broken Taleby chanelcarinacostel
Layla's willing to do everything to break out of the chains holding her down What happens when she accepts the help of a stranger? Broken, hurt and bleeding so deep, is...
  • disowned
  • marriage
  • abused
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IT was all going happy and well in Jennifer's life. After a few months, she and her friends would graduate from high school and would enjoy their most awaited college li...
  • thriller
  • school
  • teenromance
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the guy i love by sabrinajolea
the guy i loveby Sabrina jolea
Sabrina and Garrett have a of again on again relationship.But when Sabrina starts to be honest to him they break up again.Is it for good this time? You will see when you...
  • life
  • love
  • despair
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Drown | Jicheol  by acymystic
Drown | Jicheol by 垃圾
| treat me series one: drown | seungcheol × jihoon | epistolary 2019
  • lgbt
  • mercy
  • epistolary
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Wrong Number || YeonJun FF  by HobiiiisAwesome
Wrong Number || YeonJun FF by BTSisLifeu
YeonJun: Kai, Where are you? ???: Excuse me? I'm not Kai, Wrong Number. YeonJun: Kai, don't try to trick me. ???:I'm not tricking you tho😒. YeonJun: I know this was you...
  • taehyun
  • wrongnumber
  • hurt
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those words  by OHMYGAWD33
those words by --ira--
Poems by me! "Staring out from the window Looking for someone whom I know Waiting to say hi But all I was scared of saying goodbye A wind greeted and passed by ...
  • poetry
  • thoughts
  • emotional
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Aking Ama (Oneshot) by BbPrinsesa7
Aking Ama (Oneshot)by BbPrinsesa7
Ang kwento ko ay di gaya ng kwento ng iba na masaya. Ito ang kwento kung paano kami mabuhay sa piling ng aming ama Based on a true story
  • depressed
  • fatherandchild
  • selfesteem
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