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Fuck. by Sal_Fisher_5
#1 Castiel
Karkat Vantas has had the hugest flush crush on Dave Strider for the longest time, and when Karkat decides to act on his feelings, he most certainly does not regret it...
Tricked? ( Trickster Kankri X Reader) by Love47333
Tricked? ( Trickster Kankri X Icefeather
When You thought life couldn't get much more duller, a colorful mystery appears. How are you going to cope with this-?! Over time with the mischievous Troll you feel you...
Sober gamzee x human reader. by happyfuntimesforall
Sober gamzee x human Mustang34501
Karkats being karkat making sure you know how to take in sober Gamzee when the time comes. But does that time come to soon?
The Royal Party ((medievalstuck! JohnDave)) by Dakoto-Senpai
The Royal Party ((medievalstuck! Dakota White
A fancy party is thrown for the royal family, but just isn't exciting for the heir, john, and his knight, dave. What will they do to escape boredom; ditch the party.
♎ Homestuck x reader lemons ♋ by steampunk_cherrypop
♎ Homestuck x reader lemons ♋by Trinity-Senpai
request as much as you want! spam me smutt with all your favourite trolls/humans :o)
Homestuck Boyfriend Scenarios by retro-killer
Homestuck Boyfriend Scenariosby Retro
Ello beautifuls! I'm doing this as a request to a friend who is in love with Karkat! This includes Gamzee Makara, Kurloz Makara, Karkat Vantas, Sollux Captor, Equius Zah...
Homestuck Boyfriend scenarios  by best-day-of-my-life
Homestuck Boyfriend scenarios by kiersti/elena/kay
Felt like making one Karkat Eridan Gamzee Tavros Equius Sollux Kankri Horuss Mituna Kurloz Cronus Dave John Dirk Jake This is a x reader thing. Requests appre...
How NOT To Make An OC! by Rustic_Night_Fawn
How NOT To Make An OC!by I'm back
Tell Me About Homosexuals (kkselfcest)[BOOK2] by malfunctioningEgoist
Tell Me About Homosexuals ( Kyler clupka
In which everyone beats the game and is taken to a new Earth that has alternate species swapped versions of themselves. Shenanigans ensues, karkat makes out with karkat.
-teasing- a davekat smut story  by nonbinaryvampire
-teasing- a davekat smut story by i mostly write smut
⚠️TROLL AND HUMAN SEX AHEAD IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN DONT READ IT⚠️ credit to homestuck goes to andrew hussie, he owns the characters and story line, this is simply a fa...
Gamtav pictures by dumbass_alert
Gamtav picturesby Silas :)
Gamtav pictures, These are not mine.
Dave Strider's Cool Diary/Fanfic Place (Idk anymore Man) by Onyx-Sullavan
Dave Strider's Cool Diary/Fanfic *the one and only*
Don't let bro see this, he will KILL me if he does. Anyways, the only reason I'm doing this is because Rose says "I'm not opening up enough", so she gave me th...
Kankri X reader [FINISHED] [Wattys2015] by Homestucfan
Kankri X reader [FINISHED] [ Account Abandoned
You, are working with Kankri. You have to listen to his rants. You have to help him "put on" his sweater. ((More like force him to put on)) And you have to...
homestuck x male reader(requests open) by eridan_ampora210
homestuck x male reader(requests eridan_ampora210
okay so i'm a gay guy, and there is literally NO hs x male readers im done with this shit and im gonna make some x male reader and yES LEMONS ARE GONNA BE INCLUDED >:0
Seven Minutes In Heaven (HomestuckxReader) by SnoozeElf
Seven Minutes In Heaven ( Cameron
Seven minutes in Heaven seems to be a pretty popular party game. So what's the harm in playing it yourself? Along with friends, a few trolls are coming to join you as we...
Desk Trolls by SweetProspitDreams
Desk Trollsby Stargazer
An AU in which trolls are kept as desk pets similar to Hamsters. This is request based so leave a comment telling me which troll/trolls should be your mini pet(s) purely...
Little Miss Highblood (Makara Family X Grub!Reader) by HighbloodLowblood
Little Miss Highblood (Makara Meh
A bunch of adorable preferences and short stories about you and the Makara family :3 TRIGGER WARNING: Cursing!
So, Kids amirite? (Homestuck) by _sweetiepotpie
So, Kids amirite? (Homestuck)by nat boi
Beta Jane, Jake, Dirk, and Roxy find Alfa John, Jade, Dave, and Rose in an odd location called whitespace. Shenanigans ensue. Discontinued
Shoosh; it's okay by seahorsepriince
Shoosh; it's okayby TyTy
Karkat puts John in charge of the recently released Gamzee while everyone else goes out on more important missions. John just can't handle Gamzee's constant honking and...
Xefros x Joey Ship Fanfiction Hiveswap Humanstuck (Continuing) by RattyPalico2
Xefros x Joey Ship Fanfiction RattyPalico2
Xefros has had a H U G E crush on the beautiful and talented 🔦🩰Joey Claire Extraordinaire🩰🔦 since they met during their freshman year of college. They've been friend...