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(Under Going Rewrite!)Homestuck: not from this world by konan720
(Under Going Rewrite!)Homestuck: Sabrina Dreyer
UNDER GOING A REWRITE- read with caution! Description: Well this does not happen every day. One day your on you way to some place, then the next thing you know, people c...
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I'm The Quiet One {Editing} by klancewithoutpants
I'm The Quiet One {Editing}by KlanceWithoutPants
A quiet kid, Dirk Strider, has his life flipped around when he finally runs away from the life he once lived and goes to a new town.
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Missing (GHB x Daughter!Reader) by Kitkat82436
Missing (GHB x Daughter!Reader)by Kaylynn :D
OMG I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED SO I MUST WRITE THIS BEFORE MY HEAD EXPLODES Anyway, this story is about the life of a girl who never really fit in this world. Only when she fi...
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Dragonstuck Fanfic by NoPlaceLikeHomestuck
Dragonstuck Fanficby NoPlaceLikeHomestuck
Ok since there are like NO dragonstuck fanfics I'm gonna make one
Red (Davekat) by 2docisgod_69
Red (Davekat)by Cranky Rantas
Some Davekat cuz I was bored. Basically, Dave likes Karkat. He thinks there's nothing he can do about it, but during Summer Break (wow, so original) they get invited to...
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Homestuck imagines {DISCONTINUED} by Stamp_Crab
Homestuck imagines {DISCONTINUED}by Noodleneck 💀
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They're Real (Dave, Karkat, John x Reader) by okaysure413
They're Real (Dave, Karkat, John Jh0n
You're an ordinary person with an interest in a comic that goes by the name of 'Homestuck'. You know the characters and most about the comic itself, having a crush on a...
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Homestuck smut and fluff by Yandere_Alastor
Homestuck smut and fluffby Yandere_Alastor
Title says it all Cussing, blood 18+ I dont own anyone other then you and any unimportant characters Requests Sorry for any bad spelling or grammar Mainly male trolls Pl...
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Roxy x reader Lemon by PWAF666
Roxy x reader Lemonby PWAF666
Have sexy time with Roxy
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~Homestuck X Reader~ (One-Shot Series) by Hipster_Nepeta
~Homestuck X Reader~ (One-Shot gremlin™
A series of One-Shots based around a specific Homestuck character and the reader. All characters belong to Andrew Hussie, but you belong to you. The story belongs to m...
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The Thief of Hearts (Dualcar x Reader) by Lostlonewolves
The Thief of Hearts (Dualcar x Violet.Dreamer
The famous Captain Orphaner Dualscar, is on the corse of revenge untill he meets you, will he learn mercy for likes of you or not??
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Gay ships, that I Love! by Chiana_Valentine
Gay ships, that I Love!by 💓💖💞💗💕
It says it in the title.
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HomeStuck OneShot's {BOOK 7} by gallaxynati
HomeStuck OneShot's {BOOK 7}by Invader Zim Trash
Look at the title All of them are from DeviantArt. Credit goes to the rightful owners of this oneshot's. Started: April 1 2019 Ended: April 6 2019
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My Happiness {DaveKat} by iznot_kit
My Happiness {DaveKat}by ღ KitKat ღ
Just another story of Davekat (Dave Strider+Karkat Vantas) Or is it..? Dave Strider, the cool, ironic, kid with shades, has to help guide one of the new kids in school...
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Homestuck OneShot's {BOOK 4} by gallaxynati
Homestuck OneShot's {BOOK 4}by Invader Zim Trash
The title says it all, hope you guys enjoy 😉 ~ GallaxyNati All of them are from DeviantArt. Credit goes to the rightful owners of this oneshot's. Started: February 26 2...
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Homestuck OneShot's {BOOK 1} by gallaxynati
Homestuck OneShot's {BOOK 1}by Invader Zim Trash
Some random homestuck boyfriend and girlfriend scenarios. All of them are from DeviantArt. Credit goes to the rightful owners of this oneshot's. Started: October 22 2018...
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Homestuck Scenarios by dynamiteTrickster
Homestuck Scenariosby Leon Martinez
(=.^W^.=) Miaou! A basic 'X Reader' Homestuck fic. It's basically how your relationship changes over time. ❇✴COMPLETED✴❇
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Davekat stuff by Sketchybro
Davekat stuffby Sketchybro
DaveKat oneshots. I am trash for this ship.
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Random Poetry by Platonix
Random Poetryby PLAt0NiX VAMPiRA
Random bits of poetry I put together. Some of it may be based on fandoms, while others are original.
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Homestuck One Shots by Knight_of_Void
Homestuck One Shotsby Lean, mean and ready to steal...
Homestuck one shots. Now adding Hiveswap too.
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