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Must you? by FinsAndPsionics
Must you?by BeetleDrool
Eridan is very sensitive when it comes to Violet Popsicles. Good thing Sollux is aware of this. (WARNING: THERE MAY BE SMUT)
Highkey Dodgy :Erisol: by Ikethebrave
Highkey Dodgy :Erisol:by rat boy
Eridan is sick of his parents distrust and unsupportive natures, and yet for some reason he promised he'd be bringing a boy home in the near future. Problem #1 - he has...
Erisol~ big bully giant crush by fishnuggets
Erisol~ big bully giant crushby fishnuggets
Sollux bullied eridan because he secretly really like him. Sollux is a tall nerdy computer geek who has a lisp and eridan is a shorter book worm who's also pretty nerdy...
Homestuck Yaoi Oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN!!) by bashfulBleeder
Homestuck Yaoi Oneshots ( bleeder
im moslty gonna be writing for myself but u can request stuff !!!!
Sick Euphoria  by garbageConflagration
Sick Euphoria by I.M. Sin
Eridan always hated the band that Feferi would talk on and on about. He just didnt know how much that hate would morph and grow upon actually meeting the band. One membe...
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Fragile scales (Aquariumstuck Erisol!) by InkyStargazer
Fragile scales (Aquariumstuck ☆Star Sailor☆
A life born for the sea while another was for the land, yet their hearts entwined, tangled, and clung to one another.
Homestuck Oneshots by hckin_nerd
Homestuck Oneshotsby On Other Sites
Oneshots! I know it says it's completed, but if you request something I'll try to write something for it.
Once a demon, always a demon. by Trippy_Cosmic
Once a demon, always a 🌻Trippy🌻
Eridan Ampora is the youngest son of on of the most deadly demon hunting families. His father, Orphenus "Dualscar" Ampora, is feared by ever demon to ever step...
Jealousy (Erisol) by NayMayl
Jealousy (Erisol)by Novaidi
A ERISOL STORY BY SOLLUX-AMPORA (me) Eridan is hated by everyone. Or so he thought, all but one. When Sollux and Eridan finally get together, someone tries to stand in...
Found on the Streets by _Depresso_
Found on the Streetsby The Real Qwertii
Since there are NO petstuck aus where as sollux is the owner and eridan is the pet I decided to make one. I don't own any pictures or homestuck (which is owned by Andrew...
「homestuck head&sexcanons」 by eriberrii
「homestuck head&sexcanons」by pp head sollux
Homestuck 7 Minutes in Heaven by Devious_little_Devil
Homestuck 7 Minutes in Heavenby Devious_little_Devil
Trolls and party games. :33< and the ships!! The shipsssssss!!!!
Magic Heals the Broken by KazaKurazumi
Magic Heals the Brokenby Yanase Ange Hotori
Your name is Cronus Ampora and you have one of the best matesprit of all time. Mituna Captor. Gods, he just got his Psionic powers back after all this time, and he just...
Bad Habits by RoyallyApathetic
Bad Habitsby Eridan Ampora
All characters belong to Andrew Hussie ;3
State of dreaming by WinterKw
State of dreamingby Winterkw
Quizá solo mal interpreto las cosas. Quizá solamente fue coincidencia. PERO ¿POR QUÉ EN AQUEL PRECISO MOMENTON DEBIÓ DE APARECER UN BEBÉ? [Humanstuck]
Homestuck Oneshots by LazinessCookieGod
Homestuck Oneshotsby LazinessCookieGod
Homestuck oneshots Note: I'm not all the way through Homestuck at the start of this, so if the characters are, well, out of character, I'm so sorry. I'm accepting reque...
Homestuck one shots by italianmonster
Homestuck one shotsby Ali
Okay REQUEST ARE OPEN Lol I know been a while. Some of these stories are really short but I promise I'm improving. Join me on this journey through the universes see di...
~The Rose Tattoo~ by sk8r_k1d
~The Rose Tattoo~by Karter
Two guys, one tattoo. ((A humanstuck Erisol fanfic))
Stupid Homestuck Fluffy One Shots by giggityg99d
Stupid Homestuck Fluffy One Shotsby Karkat is the name
Yeah. Exactly what the title says. Feel free to comment on what ship stories you have in mind to me :)
Book of one shots/prompts by the__derptor
Book of one shots/promptsby Derptor
So I finally got around to writing this (finally) and I'm just gonna put all of my one shots (sometimes based on prompts) in it. That was a really long run on sentence...