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Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios by StinkyPoopyBabies
Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend Cannoli
Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios (Requests are open so feel free to request) (Sorry if I offend anyone and there will be grammar mistakes)
~Homestuck Seven Minutes In Heaven (Various! X Reader)~ by Hipster_Nepeta
~Homestuck Seven Minutes In xena™
Your name is (y/n) (l/n) and you, my fine friend, are being pulled to a party. Whom are you being pulled by to who's party? Well, by none other than me, Xena, to only th...
Homestuck Grubs X Reader by SweetProspitDreams
Homestuck Grubs X Readerby Stargazer
I always love reading fanfics about the grubs in homestuck. They are so precious and gah. I felt like writing some. You can make suggestions and requests (even if I hav...
Yandere Homestuck by OddlyTransparent
Yandere Homestuckby OddlyTransparent
okay first story I've ever written so sorry if it sucks :) , and I decided to write these because like none exist. I will be writing whatever comes into my head and I'l...
Homestuck Boyfriend scenarios  by best-day-of-my-life
Homestuck Boyfriend scenarios by kiersti/elena/kay
Felt like making one Karkat Eridan Gamzee Tavros Equius Sollux Kankri Horuss Mituna Kurloz Cronus Dave John Dirk Jake This is a x reader thing. Requests appre...
Mituna X Reader Lemon by author-channn
Mituna X Reader Lemonby AuthorChan
I honestly just really want to test this out. I have been reading so many fanfics to get inspired (Mostly just to read them for my own pleasures lol) and I finally got i...
Sweeter than Honey- Mituna X Reader by QuillTea
Sweeter than Honey- Mituna X Readerby -Insert Edgy Quote-
Living up in the dream bubbles is a little bland, but the ancestors always seem happy to cheer you up! Seem. There's more to a certain mustard blood than he lets on. By...
Homestuck x Male reader by 5KU77C4NDY
Homestuck x Male readerby That-Fuckin-Duck
ᗯᗩᖇᑎIᑎG!!! ᑌᔕE Oᖴ ᔕᗯEᗩᖇIᑎG Iᑎ TᕼIᔕ!!!!! Reader is male and also bisexual but mostly gay. I might do some with a female reader just to make it even but we'll see. This b...
Homestuck Grub x Reader Oneshots! by Marcilene909678
Homestuck Grub x Reader Oneshots!by Margo
These are just short little oneshots featuring the grubs!! You can request which grub you want me to use for the oneshot! Enjoy!
Where did you go? -Mituna x Reader Fanfiction- by signitronix
Where did you go? -Mituna x Valen
After Mituna has lost all memory, you come into his life. Again, I should say.
Homestuck oneshots male readers by MichealEz0
Homestuck oneshots male readersby Micheal Ez0
yeah, I'm bored and saw that there weren't many homestuck male readers so I made this i manly do girls and guys x male readers so tell me of u want a gender neutral or n...
Punishment {Cronus x Reader} by Arr0wi
Punishment {Cronus x Reader}by Arr0wi
! Warning this has little Lemon in it !
Not Crazy by glublove
Not Crazyby glublove
One day, Mituna Captor snaps.
Homestuck Headcanons by fl4m1ngc0m3t
Homestuck Headcanonsby Dapper Dominik
I thought I'd work on this since I've got writers block at the moment. (Image belongs to McSiggy.)
~TLC~ (motherly!Reader x various trolls) by MistressOfTheVoid
~TLC~ (motherly!Reader x various Mistress
Your troll friends aren't used to your 'human illnesses' so it's up to you to nurse them back to health. (cover art isn't mine. It belongs to
This story is about Mituna reacting and focusing on ships to remember his past and figure out that he needs to move on in life and try to just remember who he is now and...
Yaoi book  by _floral_artist_
Yaoi book by _floral_artist_
Manly South Park and homestuck yaoi :3 Enjoy
Captorcest Oneshots by The___Captors
Captorcest Oneshotsby The___Captors
How did it end up like this?  (Mituna X Reader) by Shakespear_Girl
How did it end up like this? ( Rivera
Y/N is as weird as it gets! Weird friends, Weird fandom, even a weird matesprite! One day she loses many things.. and maybe even her life.
We know each other {CRONKRI} {CROKRI} by HumbleBumblw
We know each other {CRONKRI} { *fries baby*
Cronus and Kankri have known each other for years, yet they've never really...talked. That soon changes, when they have that cliche bump into in their highschool year. E...