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My best friends brother knows my secret! by ScreamMyName89
My best friends brother knows my Raven
Terra has been through a lot at the age of sixteen and when Josh her best friends brother finds out her biggest secret she finds her whole world has been turned upside d...
  • accident
  • game
  • wolfs
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Homestuck Lemons by magical-trash-can
Homestuck Lemonsby magical-trash-can
Lemons from all kinds of fandoms. Taking requests. Send via private message.
  • blog
  • ifsothatsreallyembarrassingonmypart
  • authornote
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Harry Styles Single Father (mpreg) by FanficMayham
Harry Styles Single Father (mpreg)by FanficMayham
Adventures of Harry and Louis with the kids
  • louistomlinson
  • harrystyles
  • father
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Just A Drawing (Zarry Stylik) by mirandabuchanan
Just A Drawing (Zarry Stylik)by mirandabuchanan
Everything Zayn draws comes to life. He doesn’t remember when this exactly started but strange things have been happening to him ever since he first picked up a pencil...
  • authornote
  • zaynmalik
  • zarry
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N O T E B O O K  by pjmarchs
N O T E B O O K by Park Jimin
Shitty things about the author. - [ENGLISH] [NOTEBOOK]
  • authornotes
  • random
  • bts
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springtrap x bonnie  by AriaStarWolf
springtrap x bonnie by AriaStarWolf
soooooooooo I got bored and dicided that I would make this monstrosity and don't blame me if it's bad this is my first story
  • authornote
Cal's Pocket by jhobijung
Cal's Pocketby C. Hyun
What's next from your nosy male author?
  • vmin
  • jihope
  • spoilers
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My Author Notes by LordStarX101
My Author Notesby LordStarX101
An seprate book for my Author Notes so they don't take filled up my stories. Got the idea for this book after seeing shadowlight2784 do his own Author Notes book
  • authornotes
  • randomtag
  • ăn
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤 by jiminsecret
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤by 𝒮
just a dose of an author-nim's irrelevant life + thoughts + rants. jiminsecret ©
  • jikook
  • jimin
  • jikookfanfiction
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Story Ideas by ABGrace2
Story Ideasby A.B.
This is going to be just a books of some ideas that I have to kinda keep them in order/ give you guys a chance to help me decide what I should work on!
  • bxm
  • supernatural
  • books
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News & Updates by Weirdly_Sarcastic
News & Updatesby Noodle
A place to find information on me, my stories and other shit ;)
  • weirdstuff
  • rants
  • authornote
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A/N book by 22marshmellows
A/N bookby 22marshmellows
This is a book for all my author notes I have.
  • authornotes
  • tags
𝙰𝚛𝚢'𝚜 𝙱𝚘𝚘𝚔 by _-Ary-_
𝙰𝚛𝚢'𝚜 𝙱𝚘𝚘𝚔by 🍷
𝙰𝚛𝚢'𝚜 𝚊𝚞𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚛 𝚗𝚘𝚝𝚎𝚜 / 𝚊𝚞𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚛 𝚞𝚙𝚍𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚜
  • updates
  • author
  • notes
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Xara's Trashy Blog by GimmeThatTaco
Xara's Trashy Blogby xᴀʀᴀ ♡ ˎˊ˗
Welcome to the person that stumbled over to this book! I wonder... is it the cover that dazzled you or just the title? Or just that you accidentally clicked on it! Well...
  • spellingerrors
  • mylife
  • completetrash
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diary / yc. by fairykoo
diary / ღʸᵒᵒᵇᵉᵃʳ
in which yoo expresses her thoughts and occasionally talks about her boring life. "shut up!" peachkoo laughed at her upon seeing her typos being made fun of on...
  • kookie
  • kookv
  • vkook
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🥀🌹Secret Games 🌹🥀 by PiperXvampire666X
🥀🌹Secret Games 🌹🥀by PiperXvampire666X
This story is about you Y/N (your name) an 4 other guys who all fall in love with you when one snowy night you are found in the middle of the woods. They will soon get t...
  • mature
  • romance
  • lovesquare
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The Cyberdemon of Devils by DevinRemsburg
The Cyberdemon of Devilsby Murader
What if the death of the Cyberdemon wasn't the end of him, what if he had enough power to turn himself into a sacred gear and choose his own user. What if that person wa...
  • authornotes
the variability of violet by -jbsmullet
the variability of violetby ugly bitch teehee
a bunch of reminders and dumb shit i think of on a daily basis
  • author
  • strange
  • authornotes
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author notes by midnightspade
author notesby 🌙 midnight spade
Things i need to say
  • authornotes
  • sad
  • fnaf
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Author Notes by ExpressYourselfLife
Author Notesby o.O
I was tagged and don't feel like doing author note chapters so here you go OR Updates and author notes OR Requests on any of my books
  • authors
  • random
  • yeet
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