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Anastasia Bell by MaeAbriellaBlack
Anastasia Bellby Mae Abriella
(IM STILL WORKING AND WRITING CHAPTERS!) *** Soon I'll be nothing but a memory. My seat will stay empty, and my birthday will be a painful visit to the cold, bleak grave...
Love Is In The Air  by SerpentBugheadsLove
Love Is In The Air by SerpentBugheadsLove
16-year old, Betty Cooper, has Lung Cancer. She was diagnosed when she was young and has spent most of her time in the hospital. Life is going the way it should until, a...
Lung cancer ~ Dorbyn Beavey by xweheartwdwx
Lung cancer ~ Dorbyn Beaveyby Bella Heijnen
Where Corbyn has cancer and Daniel and the boys got threatened to visit the hospital where Corbyn lays in because of the mom from a girl who lays in the room next to him.
The Fault In Flowers // billie eilish // gxg by suitedbils
The Fault In Flowers // billie :)
"That's the fault in flowers. They all die in the end." Seventeen years with cancer tends to drain every bit of hope left in a person. Jade Grey, a leukemia pa...
Forever Your's //L.T. Completed [✔️] by missnovicewriter
Forever Your's //L.T. Completed [✔ missnovicewriter
Number One in my Independent Book Series "Louis, you won't forget me, will you?" "Me? Forget? Never." "Will you ever come back?" "Of c...
My Sickly Mate by LadyAmethyst_NM
My Sickly Mateby Lady Amethyst
Ava was diagnosed with lung cancer for the second time in her life and at age nineteen, she feels like she can't escape the pain. The pain from her family. The pain she...
why was it you (sakuatsu) by lilfox009
why was it you (sakuatsu)by Sakuatsu
Everything was perfect but them it came into our life and that thing is Lung cancer Lung cancer ruined everything that made us happy
Only Girl In The World by DolorEbube
Only Girl In The Worldby Dolor EbubeChukwu Harmony
Kristen is the girl always hiding behind the hoodie at school and never talks to anyone in school, why? No one knows why. There are rumors that she isn't entirely human...
6 Month Sentencing by Author_B98
6 Month Sentencingby "Author B"
When Scarlett Johnson is given the news that she only has six months left to live due to lung cancer, her plan was to waist out the rest of her days in her bed. She was...
The Pain It Causes To Breathe You In (solby story) ✔︎ by enthusiasticwriter19
The Pain It Causes To Breathe <3
colby gets sick. it progresses quickly. is it just a cold as colby states or is it something bigger as sam has stated. read to find out.
I'm not Miss Perfect. by iamstells
I'm not Miss Ifeoluwa Owoade
Everyone does not have the flawless life we all seem they have, some have obstacles to face, battles to fight and as teenagers, stages to over come. But what is more re...
That Girl Who's Dying by AR_IEL
That Girl Who's Dyingby ~ARIEL~
"She sure doesn't look like she's dying. She doesn't even look sick." I kept my eyes low, feet shuffling on the ground dejectedly. They weren't at fault. I pro...
When We're Gone by octoberreads1
When We're Goneby octoberreads1
When Lilith a small town book owner and her husband Ethan fell in love everything was perfect then, Ethan got lung cancer. How will Lilith cope . Will Ethan survive?
Sebtana our time is short by evilklainesaviour
Sebtana our time is shortby Harleen Quinnzel
Sebtana. Santana gets lung cancer and the story that follows.
Pretty Woman ➡️ Harry Styles (ON HOLD) by WeShipDuke
Pretty Woman ➡️ Harry Styles (ON S&C
Jordan was in trouble. What she needed was money, and lots of it. It's the only way she could try and save her little brother. She would do anything to save him. Har...
I Can't Breathe (Phan)((Discontinued)) by Forrestpastel307
I Can't Breathe (Phan)(( Peter H.
"I used to believe in forever, but forever is to good to be true..." "Did you just quote Winnie The Pooh?" Dan chuckles weakly as he glanced at Phil...
Notes- pjm + jjk by -j1k00k-
Notes- pjm + jjkby moonchild
nothing lasts forever. ©twinklyjikoo
✧⋆Black Lungs⋆✧ (kiribaku) by tamaki10
✧⋆Black Lungs⋆✧ (kiribaku)by decroby
⊗"We were supposed to be heroes together, shitty-hair!!" Kirishima wanted to be the manliest hero. He didn't know his dreams would be crushed because of a sick...
Secrets can't keep themselves  (Eddsworld sequel to 'Trying') by catkittylover
Secrets can't keep themselves ( Catkittylover
Sequel to "Trying" Tord and his friends were getting along but then Tord didn't deserve it he felt alone again. They all helped him through his depression and...
Tangible Things [ ONGOING EDITING ] by LunaThinks
Tangible Things [ ONGOING EDITING ]by ✰ 𝗹𝘂𝗻𝗮 ✰
While a young, sick girl is ready for public schooling, she finds herself falling for a college boy, who's struggling with the midst of college football and his mentally...