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Fever Blood by Halcyon15
Fever Bloodby Corey
When Laidu, a half-human, half-dragon Ranger, rescues a mysterious girl from slavers, he doesn't know it but he's in for a world of trouble. Teaming up with an insane sc...
  • halfbat
  • epic
  • wattys2017
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Crown Games by stormstars-
Crown Gamesby Elizabeth J.
Meredith Ryder has a secret. A powerful mage with a claim to the Lochlish throne, she has been driven out of her homeland and forced to embrace life as a lower-class cit...
  • political-intrigue
  • heroicfantasy
  • noble
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Reluctant Companions (renamed from The Knight, the Wizard, and the Crow) by CelticWhovian
Reluctant Companions (renamed from...by CelticWhovian
With their kingdom on the brink of war, the king sends this group of misfits on a quest to locate an ancient artifact that could save them all. Along the way, our heroes...
  • free
  • knight
  • dwarves
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Survivre à Thédas : Une histoire de gogoles. by LancyOrca
Survivre à Thédas : Une histoire d...by Lancy Orca
Vous êtes vous déjà demandé comment vous réagiriez, si vous tombiez dans votre jeu vidéo préférer ? Ceci est l'histoire d'une bande d'amis qui l'ont vécu. L'univers ne...
  • magie
  • bioware
  • medievalfantasy
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Heart of a Warrior by waywardhero
Heart of a Warriorby WaywardHero
Blood trickled from the guard's now open throat as Alec, dagger in hand, stepped from behind him and let the body hit the floor with a dull thud. "I'm here for the...
  • heroicfantasy
  • heroes
  • fantasy
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Kana by kinesitherapeute
Kanaby kinesitherapeute
Une cartographe accompagne une herboriste, son guide et ses trois gardes pour sa première sortie en dehors de Vulcania. L'amour et l'aventure seront eux aussi du voyage.
  • heroicfantasy
  • lesbienne
  • aventure
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Oneiris, Tome 2 : Les Cinq Dieux by louji69
Oneiris, Tome 2 : Les Cinq Dieuxby Esh-Esh
\!/ Tome 2 - Tome 1 par ici : https://www.wattpad.com/story/107321559-oneiris-tome-1-la-revanche-d%27aion-termin%C3%A9 \!/ Après avoir été déchu des cieux par son ancien...
  • medievalfantasy
  • elements
  • imaginaire
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A Forgemaster of Wayland by FAHyatt
A Forgemaster of Waylandby F A Hyatt
William Drake, a modern day Illinois blacksmith, is no stranger to unusual orders, but the latest one is odder than most. He has been commissioned to create a sword of b...
  • epicfantasy
  • crossworld
  • heroicfantasy
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Iceblade Ascendant by Aefion
Iceblade Ascendantby Andy
Jaewyn Aeraendar: Blood Maiden. Commander. Warrior. The life of the Blood Maiden is filled with honour and duty to the glorious society of the Fire Elves. Her missio...
  • strongfemaleprotagonist
  • heroicfantasy
  • elves
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Chronicles of Mira: Pommel n' Ax by Modstin
Chronicles of Mira: Pommel n' Axby Modstin
Pommel is a young half-satyri mercenary who has traveled far from her homelands of Caprinica to a western continent, mainly the country of Melodia, to look for work. Wit...
  • magic
  • nonhuman
  • heroicfantasy
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Empire by Kelly-N-
Empireby Kelly N.
Le Roi Léonis, souverain du Royaume d'Aurora, est menacé. Ses conseillers n'ont plus d'influence sur lui et ne peuvent donc plus gouverner en le manipulant. Ils échafaud...
  • romance
  • heroicfantasy
  • aventure
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Pantry & poetry by afromentin
Pantry & poetryby Aymeric Fromentin
The short-story is available in its entirety, in English.
  • heroicfantasy
  • shortstory
  • shortstorycollection
The Story of a Novice Mage by DuDeofASG
The Story of a Novice Mageby DukeDeASG
[Synopsis] This is a story of a Novice Mage. A girl with a magical talent who had been trying to just live a peaceful life, but an incident that required her using her t...
  • adventure
  • heroicfantasy
  • magic
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Les secrets de Largos - Livre 1 : La liberté de la vérité by Iskaras
Les secrets de Largos - Livre 1 :...by Iskaras
Largos est un monde ravagé par le chaos de la guerre. Chaque peuple, chaque tribu, chaque royaume s'affrontent dans un bain de sang pour gagner richesse et gloire. C'est...
  • science-fiction
  • technologie
  • minotaure
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Hedge King in Winter by mdellert1172
Hedge King in Winterby Michael E. Dellert
*Read This Three Episode Excerpt Today!* The king has been crippled. Can his brother hold the kingdom together against the machinations of their rival cousin? Read...
  • celticfantasy
  • heroicfantasy
  • intrigue
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Deep Water in Waterdeep by HeroicFantasy
Deep Water in Waterdeepby HeroicFantasy
A Wattpad narrative of Shadowglass's Roll20 campaign, Deep Water in Waterdeep. In which our heroes, The Saturday Knights, get in over their heads in The City of Splendor...
  • roll20
  • waterdeep
  • dnd
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Kaiju le Conquérant by Blizzien
Kaiju le Conquérantby Blizzien
Cette nouvelle se passe dans un monde d'animaux anthropomorphes : Tranmerre. Né sur une île de boucaniers dans l'archipel des Bijagos, Kaiju, belette au pelage blond, n'...
  • animaux
  • pirate
  • guerre
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Those That Watch Over Dreams by CynkNapp
Those That Watch Over Dreamsby CynkNapp
Mystery? In a Royal Court? What price do you pay to protect someone? What cost to yourself do you pay to make sure tender dreams are not crushed? There are no drago...
  • original
  • femaleprotagonist
  • fantasy
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HavenGuarde by ECA1990
HavenGuardeby Elliot C A
HavenGuarde. The last city since an event called the solaris flare burned the skies, sending the world below into chaos and ruin. A boy from City Below awakes to find h...
  • adventure
  • alternateworlds
  • dystopia
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Oswald le Fustigeur se voit confier par son mentor - Solomon l'Arpenteur - la lourde tâche de retrouver Ruffine la Persifleuse. La piste de l'ensorceleuse conduit Oswald...
  • epic
  • fantasy
  • aventure
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