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♡ Drunken Confession ♡ by nerdychameleon
♡ Drunken Confession ♡by 💥💥
While Katsuki was helping a very drunk Izuku back to their dorms, Izuku accidentally confessed to his rival. { I'm not good with summaries. I hope you enjoy the story if...
The Bookstore by Dekusbr0kenfinger
The Bookstoreby Deku>everyone else
Izuku Midoriya was in an accident in middle school that made him go deaf. He gave up on his hopes of becoming a hero and ended up moving schools. 6 years later he meets...
Kirishima sets the Wonder Duo in Motion by Chaton7
Kirishima sets the Wonder Duo in M...by T. N.G.
Kirishima sends Midoriya to study with Bakugou in place of the rest of the Bakusquad, who received detention. However, his little scheme works a bit too well, reconnecti...
Copycat [BakuDeku] by Bookwormkitty5
Copycat [BakuDeku]by ఌ Kitty ఌ
<> Ongoing <> BakuDeku/KatsuDeku<> Fan-Fic<> "Katccan!" I quickly turn my head to the table where I heard the name from. My eyes land o...
Online Friends | Bakugou X Deku by Lilly_994
Online Friends | Bakugou X Dekuby Lilly Crystal
Quirkless AU ------- KingExplosionMurder120 and ProDeku1 have been online friends for seven years now. The seventeen-year-olds talked daily and knew each other fairly we...
A Secret Relationship for a Secret Love Child... by Bakudekuboi
A Secret Relationship for a Secret...by ~> CJ <~
Shoto decides he wants to further investigate his most successful case -The Secret Love Child- when he comes across something far more interesting. Izuku's phone... and...
Home. (A Bakudeku Fanfic) by RandomSh1tt
Home. (A Bakudeku Fanfic)by Randomsh11t
Izuku midoriya, a boy who is now 15 years old. He used to have it all when he was younger. A happy family, friends, and an overall amazing life. But sadly, all good thin...
Forced Marriage by thepotato008
Forced Marriageby thepotato008
A story where Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugou are forced to married each other for the family company
UA Villain Rehab  by oxy-theangel
UA Villain Rehab by oxy-theangel
What makes a Hero a Hero and a Villain a Villain ? That's what went through Izukus head the day he went missing two years ago. BakuDeku Him and his 2 Now family member...
BkDk comics/ pictures  by BakugoxLust19
BkDk comics/ pictures by ×Andrea×
This is not my art, credit goes to all the artist. (Most of these pictures come from Twitter.) - Some images are inappropriate I so recommend amend you to be +17 or old...
~The Thief That Stole My Heart~ by Frick_You_Central_
~The Thief That Stole My Heart~by Robin💤
Izuku Midoriya is a thief, it's all he's ever known. Now he knows it's not right but what's a guy to do when he has no money and everyone/everything seems to hate you? O...
Lost and Found by Pantone_518
Lost and Foundby Yeti Dolphin
Kidnapped at the young age of four, Izuku Midoriya lives in absolute hell. Being tortured and experimented on villains for there evil deeds, Izuku was lost. That is, unt...
Swan dive (bakudeku)(dadzawa) by bdkuships
Swan dive (bakudeku)(dadzawa)by bdkuships
Izuku suffers from depression and anxiety from his abusive household and bakugo doesn't know that he's making it worse but One day in class everything changed when bakug...
Bakudeku- Family by Yaria-Chan
Bakudeku- Familyby Yaria-Chan
Bakugou and Midoriya used to be bestfriends until Bakugou's sudden disappearance. What happens when he comes back and secrets are revealed? (super short, 5 chapters) +...
They were 4 years old~ BakuDeku by anzaitakami
They were 4 years old~ BakuDekuby Anzai;)
They were just 4 years old. Four years old when they saw their parents get killed in front of them. Five years old when they were submitted to torture. Six years old whe...
BakuDeku SS fluffs and smuts by ilovesunflowers224
BakuDeku SS fluffs and smutsby emphrange kuzvek
This is a My Hero Academia fanfic, so this is all about Katsuki x Izuku ship. This book contains lots of short stories of my ship. This includes SemexUke (vise versa), f...
Regretted past by girlwithnojob84
Regretted pastby X O X O 🍯🌻💛
Hi welcome to my first story, since I'm new to this it might suck so I'm just warning you. T~T Katsuki been bulling izuku for many years but on there last year of middle...
Mafia leader's omega  by that_one_weird_boi
Mafia leader's omega by Vincent
Deku an omega who was captured by the LOV(an omega trading group) at the young age of 13 has been fighting non stop to be freed. Bakugo an alpha who is the leader of a w...
dekubaku oneshots 💥 bakubottom by 22_kJ3
dekubaku oneshots 💥 bakubottomby 22 thou.
His moans were very feminine, and when Izuku fingered him, he was practically overflowing inside, It was like a female getting wet.