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The New Girl, from Earth (A Star Wars Rebels fanfic) by Violetnightowl
The New Girl, from Earth (A Star Violet
A teenage girl from Earth has unearthly powers and feared. She runs away and when the Ghost crew has an emergency landing on Earth, she sneaks on the Ghost and is later...
  • ezra
  • zeb
  • earth
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Not How Your Stories End by TanksMRN
Not How Your Stories Endby Tanks 777
He had been through so much. He had survived abandonment, pirate attacks, and life as a rebel. They weren't losing him to this. AKA: A sickfic I started over a yea...
  • fluff
  • spacefamily
  • sickfic
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Star Wars Rebels: Between Darkness and Light by Storm-Shadows7
Star Wars Rebels: Between Captain Kiri Storm
This is an AU novel from my other Star Wars fics Ahsoka Tano has made a bold move--bringing a former Sith Lord into the Ghost crew. Ahsoka, though, was desperate. She kn...
  • sabinewren
  • darthmaul
  • therebellion
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Can I save him? (Anisoka) by scftcrazytexts
Can I save him? (Anisoka)by Tessa
This story is a alternative ending and my own fantasy on the Star Wars Rebels S4 Ep13. if you haven't seen it I think this book has a little bit of spoilers in it, sorry...
  • ahsoka
  • portal
  • swr
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What if...? (Star Wars Rebels fanfiction No Order 66 au) by Reptillia94
What if...? (Star Wars Rebels Hunter94
What if...Order 66 never happened? What if Anakin didn't fall to the Dark side and Padme didn't die and still had Luke and Leia? What if Depa Billibia was still alive an...
  • sabinewren
  • wattys2018
  • garazeborrelios
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Star Wars the Clone Wars: Ahsoka Tano, Growing Up With Jedi by photography14
Star Wars the Clone Wars: Ahsoka Minx
In this version of her life, Ahsoka Tano was left on Dagobah after stowing away. In this story; six year old Ahsoka Tano gets left behind after a troop of Togruta men ta...
  • obiwankenobi
  • starwars
  • wattys2016
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The Unknown Truth Of Two  by rebel_lizzy_klostion
The Unknown Truth Of Two by rebel_lizzy_klostion
The story is about the secret past of Ezra Bridger. The past he was trying to forget, his problems, his friends, his parents! His sister? Now, the unknown truth will be...
  • wattys2017
  • lissyene
  • wars
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I Won't Leave You; Not This Time by Ahsokafanfic
I Won't Leave You; Not This Timeby Ahsokafanfic
"Ahsoka..." the figure by the name of Darth Vader choked out her name, breathless. But she was no longer sure whether she could call him that. The so called ma...
  • clonewars
  • theghostcrew
  • starwarsrebels
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Star Wars Characters X Reader by Willowyn_Stark
Star Wars Characters X Readerby Ahoshla Vas
REQUESTS CURRENTLY CLOSED I'll take requests (NO SMUT) for character x reader from: •Star Wars Prequels •Star Wars Original Series •Star Wars the Clone Wars •Star Wars R...
  • commanderwolffexreader
  • anakinskywalkerxreader
  • ezrabridgerxreader
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Royal Blood by Nyra-Moon
Royal Bloodby Nyra-Moon
Semi discontinued. May answer requests Power hangs in the balance when a DNA test reveals a new heir to a recently vacated throne. Where will this newfound heir end up...
  • thrawn
  • ezrabridger
  • starwarsrebels
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If Ahsoka Stayed by JP30vMVP
If Ahsoka Stayedby JP30vMVP
What would happen if Ahsoka stayed? Would Anakin still fall to the dark side? Would Ahsoka become a Knight? How will she react when Barriss returns? Will the Ghost Crew...
  • sith
  • jedimaster
  • starwarstheclonewars
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Star Wars Rebels Pics, Funs And More by RebelGirl0105
Star Wars Rebels Pics, Funs And RebelGirl0105
Rebels have some laughs. Here are some ways to have fun with Rebels
  • chopper
  • ashoka
  • zeb
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Standing Alone by rebel_lizzy_klostion
Standing Aloneby rebel_lizzy_klostion
When the Ghost crew goes on a supply run they bump into a street rat. They end up surrounded by the Empire. When the Rebels give up. The street rat doesn't and shows his...
  • orphan
  • barriss
  • lightsaber
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A Path Through Time by TheAngelinDarkness
A Path Through Timeby TheAngelinDarkness
Tragedy strikes Ezra as he is left alone again and once again this is caused by the Empire. Following the force and his teachings Ezra continuous forward to find Obi-wa...
  • starwarstheclonewars
  • âu
  • starwarsrebels
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Star Wars: The Grey Jedi by CyanGalaxy
Star Wars: The Grey Jediby EuphoricDystopia
Ahsoka Tano. Formally a Jedi Padawan. Now the secret 'Fulcrum' for the rebellion... And most certainly, a Grey Jedi. After realising the terrible truth, that her former...
  • anakin
  • ahsoka
  • star
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Sabezra One-Shots by AhsokaLux10
Sabezra One-Shotsby Snips
Just some one shots about one of the cutest ships ever- Sabezra! Hope you enjoy! Right now Juliana, A Star wars story is my main focus. Chapters will not be on as regul...
  • starwars
  • sabezra
  • starwarsrebels
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Missing by thatsassypadawan
Missingby a.🎐
"What if Ezra wasn't born during the Rebellion era, what if he was born during the Clone Wars?"
  • captainrex
  • clones
  • droids
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Jedi from Earth: a Star Wars Rebels fanfiction by JediWolfGirl
Jedi from Earth: a Star Wars Hopeless romantic
When Ezra Bridger wakes up in the middle of the night and has a vision about the crew and girl who he does not know, he doesn't understand at first. But what he didn't k...
  • padawan
  • theghost
  • garazeborrelios
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Star Wars Rebels - SabEzra [EzraxSabine One-Shots] by JayNorton
Star Wars Rebels - SabEzra [ Jay Norton
One-Shots between Sabine and Ezra, from Star Wars Rebels. -Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars- Cover art by: Meldy-Arts
  • zeb
  • sabine
  • starwarsrebels
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Sith Master Starkiller Reader X Star Wars Rebels by Undead-Hunter
Sith Master Starkiller Reader X Infected
You are the Apprentice of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Who was granted permission by the Emperor himself and you were given orders to destroy a small Rebel group know as t...
  • starwars
  • starwarsrebels
  • fanfiction
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