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Numb - j.h ~ by erinxoxoxoxoxox
Numb - j.h ~by erinxoxoxoxoxox
I always ruin things , you can't fix me - don't contact me I only make things worse. Trust me it's better this way. 19/July - #5 hossler 21/july - #2 Jadenhossler 24/J...
My Protector by LillianneYoung
My Protectorby Lillianne Young
Hell's Reaper's MC book #1 Angel Smith, a trauma surgeon with a past to scare any grown man into hiding. Throughout her childhood she fights demons within herself, and d...
Helpless | Ron Weasley by millienott
Helpless | Ron Weasleyby Millie
Lyra Lovegood, attends Hogwarts with her twin sister Luna Lovegood. She quickly befriends Ron Weasley,Harry Potter and Hermione Granger as well as Amanda Charlenstone an...
Badboys & Boundrys by bookwriter00021
Badboys & Boundrysby bookwriter00021
"Kiss me" He wickedly smiled. Knowing that he had me under his control. * Avery Thorn Was just a regular 15yr old freshmen. Until one day she snuck out of her...
The Spider King and His Baby by Pwincess-Baby
The Spider King and His Babyby Sammy Lee
Long time ago I had fallen down into a craven inside this spider web, form taking a hike. I had a broken arm when I fell. I was about 17 at the time. He had taken me in...
When The Angel Fell For Devil (Mafia Romance) by extinct__
When The Angel Fell For Devil ( fiercely fille
MATURE CONTENT (18+) What will your reaction. If a nerd of your college, you save from bully came out as A MAFIA BOSS....??? "you are playing with fire " he...
Forced  Marriage  by MickyMajhi
Forced Marriage by Micky Majhi
Shrenu parikh as gauri Sharma.. Kunal jaisigh as ommkara Singh oberoi... I love my rikara till my death... The characters are totally different... I am not saying th...
ʏօʊʀֆ ʄօʀɛʋɛʀ ||Todobaku, Bakubottom, abused bakugou|| by Miruko_Babybunny
ʏօʊʀֆ ʄօʀɛʋɛʀ ||Todobaku, Miruko🐰
This is a fanfiction in which Katsuki had met Eijirou before UA and they are dating. In this Eijirou is a cruel, heartless and abusive person, well to katsuki bakugou o...
Hopeless Until I Met You by presleysangel
Hopeless Until I Met Youby presleysangel
Shawn Morton was a man looking for something, or someone, to make his life complete. Lori Campton was a down on her luck homeless girl without hope. She was hopeless unt...
No Time To Heal [BTS J.Jk] by ahlpa_wp
No Time To Heal [BTS J.Jk]by Ahlpa
Jungkook, Maknae of BTS, was always happy and perfectly fine. Never seemed to be bothered by anything and never the one to give up anything. At least that is what he wan...
Manan - Promise Of A Forever by Devils_symphony
Manan - Promise Of A Foreverby Devils_symphony
Continuation of KYY after Soha fiasco... What they had for each other was true love but they were too young and immature to understand and value what they had......and s...
Love Is Love by JustLikeFire24601
Love Is Loveby JustLikeFire24601
Did fate bring them together? Was it planned? Young Stacy meets Lin-Manuel Miranda for the first time and utterly embarrasses herself, however as she views herself as sh...
Helpless (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) by TheREALElizaHamilton
Helpless (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Eliza Hamilton
You meet Lin in Mexico, while he was on a trip there. You immediately click, and you quickly develop a crush. But with his girlfriend, Vanessa, you hold back on telling...
Just Call Me Cotton~ by LazyyOtaku
Just Call Me Cotton~by Lily
Rich people don't know the struggle of a commoner. They don't know the issue of living pay check after pay check. For children to never see their parents because they're...
abused and hurt by NorissaTheBossGirl
abused and hurtby NorissaTheBossGirl
this a story about Marinette parent being mean and abused Marinette. tom her father died and Marinette mom married someone else.
Loving secrets by Winterrose_xoxo
Loving secretsby Rose_xoxo
"Pain washed through me and I buried my face in my hands. Why does this always happen to me! I was alarmed when somebody touched my back. I knew who it was when the...
depressed todoroki -Bakutodo- by yourheartispower
depressed todoroki -Bakutodo-by Yourheartispower
Bakugou and todoroki have been in a relationship for 2 years they are now in their last year of UA they both already passed but they are stil doing the year What Will h...
Outlawed Runaways ((Sequel to Helpless)) by Alyciaaa_1D
Outlawed Runaways ((Sequel to • alycia •
Louis and Harry have ran away to help try and solve their issues among one another, but what about the rest of the band? With two of their members missing, One Directio...
torture (todoroki x reader) by Mariam_Ramzy
torture (todoroki x reader)by Mariam Ramzy
It all begins when your sadistic father with the erasing quirk decides to torture the number 1 pro hero todoroki shouto
Hamliza - One Shots 💝 by ghxstii
Hamliza - One Shots 💝by ghxstii
Some Hamliza one shots I'm writing when inspiration hits me. A LOT of fluff. I DO accept requests, but nothing dirty. You can leave them on my message board and I will t...