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you're smile is my strength and peace - (seasion 2) by khushiprajapati182
you're smile is my strength and pe...by khushi Prajapati
it's said that opposite poles attract will it really attracted in this story one is arrogant rude and heartless and other one is soft kind hearted humble caring loving o...
Worth Fighting For (Completed )✔️ by NiranjanaNepol
Worth Fighting For (Completed )✔️by Niranjana Nepolean @ Amutha T...
You can ask me anything but about one man. Don't ask me, "why is he doing this?" and "Why doesn't he do this?" because I have no answer. He is like t...
|| Heartbeat~♡ ||  ▪BNHA▪ by giraffes_are_lit
|| Heartbeat~♡ || ▪BNHA▪by <3
"I'm a mess with a heartbeat~♡" This is a story about you, a sarcastic, sleep deprived yet bright girl, people tend to misunderstand your awkward demeanor. But...
We Were Meant To Be. #YourChoice2017~ COMPLETED by shabz_sam
We Were Meant To Be. #YourChoice20...by shabz
Anya, the girl who fell for her best friend. But he already loves someone else and he is getting married in a month. She loves him to an extent that she can do anything...
Journey Of Love (TSKBDFH)✔ by trulypreerarian
Journey Of Love (TSKBDFH)✔by Shaily raj
This is about two best friends who fall for eachother
HEARTBEAT || CHOI SAN FF by renjaemoomin
HEARTBEAT || CHOI SAN FFby chuuyaswine
choi san is a playboy and a bully in their school until he met kim yuji his world turn upside down but he didn't accept his feeling at first. He was afraid at falling in...
 Marvellous turns in my Typical life  by EmpireBlueBB
Marvellous turns in my Typical li...by Avantika
"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." She, a cheerful, quiet, and good-hearted to the world around but only for her real clo...
Heartbeat // A Derek Hale Love Story (Teen Wolf) by TheAngelsAreFalling_
Heartbeat // A Derek Hale Love Sto...by Script
It's the middle of November when Lillian Stager moves back to Beacon Hills; the crisp autumn air stirring a strange strength deep in her chest. After a near-deadly misha...
You Belong With Me by __lost__soul
You Belong With Meby Sired To Damon
They say you can leave past but past never leaves you. Drishti Sharma, daughter of a millionaire CEO brought up by her elder brothers after the death of her parents was...
Fall in love with my Irresponsible Husband  by its_Muskan
Fall in love with my Irresponsible...by Muskan
"I never thought of loving someone like you But when I saw you and as said I laid my eyes on you, I can't help myself but falling in love with you." FALL IN LO...
The Eighth Breakup ✓ by worldgirlalways
The Eighth Breakup ✓by What's in a name?
"For a broken heart, the limit for revenge . . . does not exist." __________________________ What happens when you get caught breaking garden gnomes and th...
Heartbeat Road  (Completed) by MaybeTheWriter
Heartbeat Road (Completed)by That Writer
Van Vincent is a man who wants to get away from his life and his father. One night a car accidentally hit him that led him to Quine, a girl who's trying to heal hersel...
Coffee Series #2:Unpredictable Destiny (COMPLETED) by Achimbyeol
Coffee Series #2:Unpredictable Des...by Achimies🍒
Coffee Series#2 Having a high standards in men is typical but having a high standard in love is not. This guy isn't suit to her I deal type but she like him,this guy is...
Here we go again (Short Stories) by WritingsofAish
Here we go again (Short Stories)by #FreePalastine
❝Tere Ishq main itne deewane ho gaye, Ke na jaane kab is Ishq ke Fasane hogaye!❞ Short stories of how to love with loyalty and dignity. A story about what is love. All s...
Jab we met by Nevik_18
Jab we metby Nevik_18
Introduction:🔯 Navya Kohli,18 is an aspiring pilot with a keen interest in cricket.If flying is her life then cricket is her first love. Virat kohli is her idol,her ins...
heart monitors-dreamnotfound by becauseofpluto
heart monitors-dreamnotfoundby pluto :(
the only thing george hears in his hospital room is the beep of the heart monitor and the subtle hum from the air conditioner. everything is the same here, george spends...
 ✔️ SWEET YANDERE  ♡ | NCT Jisung Fanfic | by yeolmonster_
✔️ SWEET YANDERE ♡ | NCT Jisung...by yeol monster
"The moment you came in my life , I knew that i don't need anything except you but who knew that i be OBSESSED with you." ...
Lies After Lies (Love Game Series 1) by itspersonifica
Lies After Lies (Love Game Series...by chi
STATUS: COMPLETED (EDITING) "Just be honest with me or stay away from me. It's not that difficult." Alhana Isobel Mendez isn't the type of girl who play games...
The Lines of Life (One Piece Various x Reader) by IntergalacticGod
The Lines of Life (One Piece Vario...by Actic
(Warning: Most to everything might change) Y/N was a wondering heart, never feeling in place or welcomed. After eating the Lifeline Fruit her world got flipped upside do...
Pehli Mohabbat by preetysmiles2
Pehli Mohabbatby preetysmiles2
"Pata Nahi kyu log Mohabbat karte hai Sunha toh yahin hai Mohabbat Dard deti hai Phir woh Mohabbat kaise jisme Dard k siwaa Kuch nai" "Uss Mohabbat Mein S...