Control // Suicide Squad by i-adore-u
Control // Suicide Squadby t a s h
"You think I'm just another villain?" I pouted. "Oh baby, I'm the worst of them all." A maniacal smile worked its way onto my face. [Harley X OC]
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  • lesbian
  • batman
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He Lived For Her~ A Joker Story by PixieVonTeese
He Lived For Her~ A Joker Storyby ~Pixx~
Ivy is the new face in Gotham City. After she is kidnapped by The Clown Prince Of Crime, she learns about his past with Harley, and he himself. A love story that is as d...
  • mrj
  • theclownprinceofcrime
  • clownprinceofcrime
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bittersweet - styles twins  by palegxeen
bittersweet - styles twins by palegxeen
if one wasn't enough, then add another. in which a young girl falls for not one, but two of the styles. cover credit: @revivalstyles on instagram
  • solo
  • louistomlinson
  • billskarsgard
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My Social Media Life (Jensen Ackles FanFic)  by scarletDeanmon
My Social Media Life (Jensen • SCΔRLΣT DΣMΩΠ •
Jensen Ackles liked your picture. Jared Padalecki like your picture. Misha Collins like your picture. You have three new followers and one of them is gonna be the love o...
  • fanfic
  • mishacollins
  • margotrobbie
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Trouble {Dominic Toretto} by Fastandfuriousbabe
Trouble {Dominic Toretto}by DoctorWhoIsLife
Harley Matthews. Part of the Toretto family. Some times a hot head, cocky, sarcastic...but always fair. So of course she's Dominic Toretto's girl. It had been an instant...
  • hobbs
  • paulwalker
  • brianoconnor
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Beastly | ✓ by pieceofcupcake
Beastly | ✓by ♕
"Get ready to scream Ms. Quinn." The words rolled out of his tongue as his soft lips grazed my neck. "You can't make me scream." I said firmly, tryi...
  • percyjackson
  • jaredleto
  • harrystyles
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Property Of Joker | ✓ by pieceofcupcake
Property Of Joker | ✓by ♕
❝Some people bring out the best in you, others brings out the worst, then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who bring out the most. Of everything. They mak...
  • wattys2017
  • joker
  • projectcomics
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Lavish ➳ S.Stan by rivervixzen
Lavish ➳ S.Stanby rivervixzen
"sumptuously rich, elaborate or luxurious"
  • social
  • media
  • celebrity
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Babygirl (H.S daddy kink fanfic) [COMPLETED] by _darkerfanfics_
Babygirl (H.S daddy kink fanfic) [ Joce
Kitty Angelica Parkston is the sweetest, kindest, most innocent 19 year old you could ever find. Her father and mother want her to go get a job after she finishes colleg...
  • kinky
  • fluff
  • slut
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Mad Love (The Joker And Harley Quinn Fanfiction) by MissJeymer
Mad Love (The Joker And Harley Jaimer Danah Torres
When the psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel was assigned to the Arkham Asylum-A place for insane criminals- she felt the passion for her profession rushing through her vei...
  • suicidesquad
  • harleyquinnandjoker
  • batman
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Venomous Lips ▸ S. SALVATORE ✓ by dubrevh
Venomous Lips ▸ S. SALVATORE ✓by ― gigi
VENEMOUS LIPS | ❝Hell is just another place I guess I'll go to keep you warm.❞ FANFICTION | STEFAN SALVATORE [ amazing plot by...
  • tvd
  • klausmikaelson
  • stefansalvatore
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Predator. Prey. by suicidesquadfanfic
Predator. Veronica
Joker and Harley's classic love story takes on a modernized origin, with twists and turns ultimately leading to a deranged, power hungry, fucked up romance.
  • poisonivy
  • joker
  • squad
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power      ❨  suicide squad!  ❩ by OTXENISIS
power ❨ suicide squad! ❩by ☾
☰ ON-HOLD UNDER REVISION ❨✎❩ "People like me don't get second chances. I'm fucked up in the head, Floyd. No one can change that, not even you. I'm not sure if I c...
  • harleyquinn
  • joyrideblues
  • killercroc
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BADLANDS [1] by offtotheracesx
BADLANDS [1]by ☾
"Thanks to you, now i am some kind of abomination." "You've always been." FROM DUSK TILL DAWN SEASON 1 SEASON 2 ...
  • banshee
  • violence
  • fromdusktilldawntheseries
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His Dirty Damsel by Raelynns_Rhaps0dy
His Dirty Damselby ∆Raelynn ∆
Guess who's in trouble again and Mr. J ain't too Keen to bail her out Okay so this is a CONTINUATION of Crazy For You (MEANING YOU MUST READ THAT BOOK TO UNDERSTAND WHAT...
  • arkham
  • bwwm
  • prettylittlepsycho
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Betrayed and Broken ( Jared Leto / The Joker Love Story ) * Book 1 * by RealFanficSass
Betrayed and Broken ( Jared 🌻🥂🦋✨🍕🌸
Angel Stark is in for a wild adventure.
  • thejoker
  • fanfiction
  • margotrobbie
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ℂℜAℤY Love ♡ Suicide Squad by xHarle_Quinnx
ℂℜAℤY Love ♡ Suicide Squadby ?Harle_Quinn?
❝...BUT YOU CAN'T CONTROL WHO YOU LOVE.❞ Ace, the daughter of the Joker and Harley Quinn. She enjoys the life of crime with the King and Queen of Gotham City. But what h...
  • harleyquinnsdaughter
  • suicidesquad
  • harleenquinzel
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Before Us. (Precuela) by Letra_Catartica
Before Us. (Precuela)by Anne Leblanc
Mi corazón latió fuerte y lo supe, en un mundo tan lleno de caos y desastres, los sentimientos que tenía hacia ella no solo eran por decisión propia, es el destino actua...
  • teamo
  • saga
  • pasado
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Anti Gravity ≫ Loki by barnesbucky
Anti Gravity ≫ Lokiby 𝔞𝔫𝔱𝔬𝔦𝔫𝔢𝔱𝔱𝔢
❝gravity is not the reason why people fall in love❞ --- Loki was distraught. He lost his mother, and he lost the only woman he's ever loved. But after reading something...
  • love
  • loki
  • hawkeye
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• crazy for you • joker x harley fanfic)  by jokerletosexual
• crazy for you • joker x harley quinntrash
He removed his mask, and my eyes welled up as I ran to him, wrapping my arms around his neck as he embraced me and whispered into my ear. "Let's go home." •• ...
  • projectcomics
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  • margotrobbie
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