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Draikan: The World of Dragons by sweet_Buttercup17
Draikan: The World of Dragonsby sweet_Buttercup17
"Women are sacred. And because they are so, men fight over them. Only the strongest are worthy to mate with." ~***~ Kaida Woods, a modern day woman, had someho...
Rosalind  - Amby Awards 2023 TOP PICK by Nyhterides
Rosalind - Amby Awards 2023 TOP Mumma Vamp
Beauty and the Beast meets Dracula. Highest ranking #1 Gothic, #1 Dracula, #1 Dark Romance, #2 Horror, #1 ONEMILLIONPROJECT. Amby Awards 2023 TOP PICK in Paranormal. I...
Bound by NuwaTheNugua
Boundby NuwaTheNugua
I never thought things would go like this. It was just a date. Nothing bad should have happened.
Beauty of The Grotesque  by _Rixen
Beauty of The Grotesque by _Rixen
Donna Beneviento x Female Wendigo reader (Modern day deer interpretation) Hunger. Hunger was all that continued to drive you forward in this vicious cycle.. for so many...
Lines In The Sand by ladysereine
Lines In The Sandby Lanee Gunn
✧ Abstract attractions from all angles of one's imagination; found in a collection of poems comprised of both enlightening and belittling thought. May these written work...
Whispers In The Dark 2 by LadyEckland
Whispers In The Dark 2by Sofia
Following the chilling success of their first collection, Lady Eckland, Glenn Riley, and new collaborator, Bella Darkwood return to guide you through the shadowy corrido...
We Are The Night by KPWaaattpad
We Are The Nightby KP
They come out at night. To be fed. They are not nice.
Bones and All by hazylilgirl
Bones and Allby jean
but i know that i love you just right. My take on the book, ''Bones and All" by Camille DeAngelis. © hazylilgirl / 2023
The Seven Spiders Magick Shoppe by Arwenravencroft
The Seven Spiders Magick Shoppeby E. Rochelle Potter
Welcome to The Seven Spiders Magick Shoppe, a disappearing, reappearing emporium of curiosities. Wherever it's found, strange occurrences are bound to follow. It won't r...
Allegorical poems about society, ideals, and social norms. by Elsatano
Allegorical poems about society, ~mora
These are some of my poems about the things I hate about, both, society and life in general.
City Of Dreams by ThiswayoutScience
City Of Dreamsby Nice
Cinderella in a city of dreams
Sin'ister by Jacquelantern1199
Sin'isterby Jacquelantern1199
Your soul is most precious, and an awful thing to waste.
The Cyborg by thattimelineguy
The Cyborgby thattimelineguy
A story of such grand ambition for one person, and yet with no soul imbedded into the creators work, the creation only causes destruction and horror.
Detroit Metal City(Male!Reader Insert) by ShuShuai
Detroit Metal City(Male!Reader Shu
Y/n, was just your average boy. Who likes Swedish Pop music and wants to start his own band. (Y/n)-kun did become a singer, just not the way he wanted. But life doesn't...
Grotesque by justingray99
Grotesqueby justingray99
The title defines it. Do not read if you are sensitive to disturbing imagery.
Sun's Imitation by ReluctantWriter8
Sun's Imitationby Jeb Alan Rosebrook
A story of the night.
Judgment Day by harrydthompson
Judgment Dayby Harry D. Thompson
A man tries to make his way home through the night. In vain.
Daze Bluegrass  by CurryBigPP
Daze Bluegrass by Saimuu spoopa
The confusing journey of a kid named Daze Bluegrass, will you join her on this story?
Awake! by Marqex
Awake!by Jina Langu
I'm pretty sure you've heard of or done something bad to a human being. Whether it was mercilessly beating them or killing them on the spot, you've definitely done somet...