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Zing | (Dracula x Reader) by ItsWeirdz
Zing | (Dracula x Reader)by Weird
Have you heard of Love at First Sight? Chosen by Fate? Or how about a Zing? Don't know that one? It's okay, it's not a human thing. More like a Monsters'.
Carpe Noctem by MarCafeWrites
Carpe Noctemby Mar Café
"Hell is empty and all the devils are here." On the cusp of the 20th century, blue blood heiress Lucy Penn has lost everything: her betrothed, her family and h...
Real Housewives of Transylvania by plusquemaproprevie
Real Housewives of Transylvaniaby plusquemaproprevie
Nearly 500 years ago Dracula roamed the Earth in search of young damsels to turn into his immortal brides, now in modern time he's grown tired of them, and so he emerges...
A Bloody Fate by Critica1Darling
A Bloody Fateby Nick G.
Harry Potter was supposed to live with the Dursley's and grow up ignorant of the Magical World until the time was right. However, it seems Fate has other ideas. He is bo...
A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Draculaby ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
Magia Posthuma ✓ by inkmagpie
Magia Posthuma ✓by Ink
When the Empress appoints Irina's father as the new Governor of Transylvania, the young Duchess is swept away from her glamorous life at court in Vienna to the mysteriou...
Why Should I? by WellDie
Why Should I?by WD☆
When he was five the Dark Lord attacked his parents and little brother,Charles. When Charles is named The-Boy-Who-Lived, Harry is left on the cold streets of Romania, w...
Dracula's Tears by Zree-Zree
Dracula's Tearsby Zree-Zree
Back in Dracula's human life, where he was King and was up against the Ottoman Empire, he had a wife who he had loved more than anything. His wife was you. Death and he...
✞.°•~Alucard × Reader~.°•✞ by Val_vel
✞.°•~Alucard × Reader~.°•✞by valerie~vel
°.•~ Y/n was a healer, familiar summoner and spell caster, a kind hearted girl who wished to aid those in need. Curious, optimistic along with a high interest for knowle...
The Werewolf of Castlevania (Book 1) by Ellie2069
The Werewolf of Castlevania (Book...by DoctorWho2069
Charlie is a werewolf with a tough past. Dracula's horde is tearing the land apart but she pays no mind to this. Stealing as she travels Charlie accidentally pick pocket...
Castlevania: Alucard x Reader x Dracula x Hector by NanisayNani
Castlevania: Alucard x Reader x Dr...by NanisayNani
The Belmonts weren't the only enemies/hunters of the vampires there were others as well, they were called WereCats; humanoid cat like people though there's is different...
Painful Love. A Dracula FanFiction. by Dr_Ps_Ps
Painful Love. A Dracula FanFiction.by Dr.PsPs
you work for dracula. your like isaac and hector,your a devil forge master,but they make creatures of daerkness while your make weapons and potions. your also a werecat...
aizen Male reader x hotel Transylvania by Kojingl
aizen Male reader x hotel Transylv...by Kojingl
Story of strong soul reaper in hotel Transylvania
Dracula's bride (yandere Dracula x reader) by prussia666
Dracula's bride (yandere Dracula x...by ThrowBack
Vlad the impaler, Vlad the 3rd, Dracula, all these names belong to the creature of the night. a creature that walks this earth even when it's heart beats no more..or so...
Vlad The Impaler Adult Chapters 🔞 by sassyroe
Vlad The Impaler Adult Chapters 🔞by TheDarkProdigy
Will contain strong sexual content that may not be suitable to readers of all ages , read at your own discretion. This is a subsidiary book of Dracula's Tempestuous Brid...
Dracula's Daughter by Kearsten_Imbody12
Dracula's Daughterby Kearsten Imbody
The people called him: Prince The Turks called him: The Impaler His mother called him: Vlad I called him: Father
More then Just a Bride by lace_dresses
More then Just a Brideby lace_dresses
Blood is Lives. Unfortunately for Lady Clara Campbell her blood defines her life. As the accomplished daughter of an english nobleman she was expected to wed well and u...
Giving Way to the Light by TygerSong
Giving Way to the Lightby TygerSong
Not all of the Man in the Moon's creations are as simple as the Guardians. Vera Night is a perfect example of this. Alone for over a thousand years, ignored and misunder...
My Luna{ Husband! Alucard x Wife!Reader} by 14kanekiken
My Luna{ Husband! Alucard x Wife!R...by 𝔸𝕣𝕥𝕫𝕪
Adrian Tepes(Alucard's pov) "So what happens now", the female speaker asked as I put my coat on. "We will go get my wife", I replied. "Wai...
Becoming Dracula's bride by Frasier23
Becoming Dracula's brideby Frasier23
What will happen when the most timid girl ever becomes Dracula's one and only interest. this will be like a Van Helsing and some of my own ideas also picture Dracula as...