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Who am I? by Ash_Chaos
Who am I?by Ash_Chaos
We all know how Ichigo lost his mother Masaki, who was a quincy, when he was very young. But what if he actually gets depression because of it? If his father started to...
Across Worlds - A Coyote Starrk Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Across Worlds - A Coyote Starrk Midnight_Lilac
That fateful day. That fateful meeting. He saw her but he didn't think she would be able to see him. The invisible red strings of fate unexpectedly bring two strikingly...
A Fallen Shinigami ~ A Bleach Fanfiction {Rewriting} by Otaku_Style_
A Fallen Shinigami ~ A Bleach Tyler the Turtle
Sakura had finally done it. After years of training and working hard, she is selected to take a Captain's exam. But, things don't go quite as planned. When Renji goes mi...
The Dragon Espada (Dragon hollow ichigo) by Omega_EpicGame
The Dragon Espada (Dragon hollow Omega
Ichigo was kidnapped by Aizen and the Espadas but only to show him how great hueco mundo is but when Ichigo takes his first and most likely last escape mission into acti...
Corrupted by Meggikyuubi
Corruptedby [Insert Cool Name Here]
Tears rolled down my cheek and I bit back a strangled cry. God this hurt... Kurai Megumi never asked for this. She just wanted to be with her friends Ichigo and them. Bu...
A Shattered Destiny( Pyrrha Nikos X Mreader) by timbum
A Shattered Destiny( Pyrrha tom parker
you are the younger brother of Yang Xiao Long and Ruby Rose but you are abused and neglected by your family what happens when you suddenly disappear from Remnant
Healing His Solitude - Aizen Sousuke Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Healing His Solitude - Aizen Midnight_Lilac
Sai. A once well known powerful shinigami who fought alongside the Captains of the Gotei 13. Her power was immense, possibly even stronger than all the Captains' reiatsu...
A Dragonic Hollow by SCORPIONfox00
A Dragonic Hollowby SCORPIONfox00
Ichigo Kurosaki was never born with in the Kurosaki family nor is he even human Ichigo was born with the parents of a mother whose a dragon and a father whose a hollow...
Bleach (various) x reader one shots [REQUESTS CLOSED] by knctzen_127
Bleach (various) x reader one K 🦋
High school student (y/n), (L/n) is a normal soul reaper until fate gets in the way and you find your self in a situation where these handsome soul reapers are here to h...
100 Bleach Drabble Challenge! by ayabean
100 Bleach Drabble Challenge!by ayabean
100 drabbles concentrated on the Bleach characters! Light-hearted drabbles! :) Reader X Various Bleach Characters!
Kamen Rider Saber X RWBY by RisingHopper01
Kamen Rider Saber X RWBYby Cyrus
Y/N L/N has always loved books, he would even read them to his younger brother. One day he finds a book titled "Brave Dragon" after that the world itself chang...
Wanted [Grimmjow X OC story] by tepiiangel
Wanted [Grimmjow X OC story]by tepii
|| First Place in Grimmjow - Spring 2017 Bleach Watty Awards || He felt her small reiatsu in the distance. It was higher then everyone else's, but compared to the shinga...
I'll be there {Grimmjow x reader} by Grimm_kitty_
I'll be there {Grimmjow x reader}by Grimmkitty
Oh look another x reader .... what a fucking surprise....
Swords out to the happy end! (Kamen rider Saber x Smile Pretty cure) by kait0hiir0
Swords out to the happy end! ( Kaitohiiro
Marchenland. A land where all Fairy tales live. All fairy tales have one thing in common; their Happy endings. However, one day, an evil force known as the Bad End Kingd...
Different (Bleach Fanfiction)  by UnicornPower234
Different (Bleach Fanfiction) by Ana Banana
When a young Amaya moves to Karakura town with her mother, she starts her first year of high school. From there, she makes friends and starts to smile again. But, she wi...
Saijaku Muhai no Saber (Kamen Rider Saber X Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut) by -Dark_Villain-
Saijaku Muhai no Saber (Kamen -Dark_Hero-
"Touma" Kamiyama is a son of Touma Kamiyama and Mei Sudo (I ship them!!!). ......... He inherit all the Seiken Sword and all Wonder Ride Books but in exchange...
Konosuba (malereader X megumin by ginrip
Konosuba (malereader X meguminby Ginrip
You have the powers of ulquiorra cifer within the "wonderful" world of konosuba all cause you up and died. warning: this book may and Will include possible men...
Conquer {BLEACH} by diabolos
Conquer {BLEACH}by Queen
In a world beyond this one is death. Death is dealt out by Shinigami who keep the world in balance like gods. But these gods are flawed and war IS coming. Agito chooses...
Ichigo's Sister? In Naruto? (Kaka-baka Love Story) //DISCONTINUED// by yuki078
Ichigo's Sister? In Naruto? ( ⌦ドーン
Ichigo's twin sister ends up in naruto world and gets found out by the copy ninja. Her life turns a little more interesting as she continues her adventures through the n...
The Heartless Espada by animal_luver97
The Heartless Espadaby animal_luver97
Maaya and Orihime are taken to Hueco Mundo against their will. As they try to plan just how they are supposed to survive, Maaya realizes that Ulquiorra Cifer is differen...