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Wanted [Grimmjow X OC story] by tepiiangel
Wanted [Grimmjow X OC story]by tepii
|| First Place in Grimmjow - Spring 2017 Bleach Watty Awards || He felt her small reiatsu in the distance. It was higher then everyone else's, but compared to the shinga...
  • espada
  • kenpachi
  • zaraki
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Doubled Soul ( Bleach ) by silver_lion17
Doubled Soul ( Bleach )by Brianna Morris
He died. There, I said it. Ichigo Kurosaki has died. But, as you know, that's not the only strange thing. He is found about a month after his death in the Rukon district...
  • byakuya
  • orihime
  • ukitake
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The son of Destruction by Luna_Uchiha1
The son of Destructionby Luna Uchiha
What if Aizen had a son. What if Naruto was his son?
  • sakura
  • konohagakure
  • tobi
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I'll be there {Grimmjow x reader} by grimm__kitty
I'll be there {Grimmjow x reader}by Grimmjow
Oh look another x reader .... what a fucking surprise....
  • possibleangst
  • arrancar
  • grimmjow
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|Bleach: LA ESPECIE EXTINTA 2|  |LA GUERRA SANTA| by AthziryArias
|Bleach: LA ESPECIE EXTINTA 2| | ♥ BoysLove N' Smut ♥
❝A diferencia de Aizen Sosuke y tú, Yhwach y yo tenemos fuertes lazos de sangre que nos unirán incluso en la muerte❞ Después de derrotar a su hermano, Kaori se vuelve Go...
  • fanfic
  • arrancar
  • neko
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100 Bleach Drabble Challenge! by ayabean
100 Bleach Drabble Challenge!by s.s & t.m 💕
100 drabbles concentrated on the Bleach characters! Light-hearted drabbles! :) Reader X Various Bleach Characters!
  • shinigami
  • ichigo
  • byakuya
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Healing His Solitude - Aizen Sousuke Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Healing His Solitude - Aizen Midnight_Lilac
Sai. A once well known powerful shinigami who fought alongside the Captains of the Gotei 13. Her power was immense, possibly even stronger than all the Captains' reiatsu...
  • ichigo
  • sousuke
  • espada
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Bleach (various) x reader one shots [REQUESTS CLOSED]  by _Kbangtan_
Bleach (various) x reader one 방탄소년단
High school student (y/n), (L/n) is a normal soul reaper until fate gets in the way and you find your self in a situation where these handsome soul reapers are here to h...
  • toshiro
  • captain
  • shunsui
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La Última Eterna ~ Libro 3 by LeonoreLupercal
La Última Eterna ~ Libro 3by Leonore Lupercal
Evangeline, la despiadada hermana de Caroline, planea conquistar no solamente el glorioso imperio de Cadia, sino también la galaxia entera y sobreponerse a la ira de los...
  • aventuras
  • fantasia
  • amor
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Conquer {BLEACH} by diabolos
Conquer {BLEACH}by Queen
In a world beyond this one is death. Death is dealt out by Shinigami who keep the world in balance like gods. But these gods are flawed and war IS coming. Agito chooses...
  • aizen
  • ginichimaru
  • zanpakuto
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Ichigo's Sister? In Naruto? (Kaka-baka Love Story) //DISCONTINUED// by yuki078
Ichigo's Sister? In Naruto? ( ⌦ドーン
Ichigo's twin sister ends up in naruto world and gets found out by the copy ninja. Her life turns a little more interesting as she continues her adventures through the n...
  • captain
  • toshirohitsugaya
  • romance
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My love is a drawing (Grimmjow x Reader's love story) by WildRose1996
My love is a drawing (Grimmjow x WildRose Forever
Fanfiction writers, what if the character you wrote about suddenly came from the pages of your novel and got stuck in your world? Well this writer summon the sixth espad...
  • arrancar
  • bleach
  • grimmjow
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MALDITO GANADOR "El rey Enebro"by J
Heniah era un desastre, desobedecía las leyes del reino, asesinaba a todo aquel que le contradijera y buscaba la conquista de doce reinos para lograr la aprobación de su...
  • strong
  • muerte
  • tiempo
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Across Worlds - A Coyote Starrk Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Across Worlds - A Coyote Starrk Midnight_Lilac
That fateful day. That fateful meeting. He saw her but he didn't think she would be able to see him. The invisible red strings of fate unexpectedly bring two strikingly...
  • kurosaki
  • bleach
  • shinigami
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Unavailing by leandrocastillo599
Unavailingby leandro castillo
Luego de su inevitable muerte a manos de Kaguya, Obito se le da oportunidad de transmigrar en otro mundo(BLEACH), COMO HOLLOW!!!!!. Entre y lea
  • espada
  • razas
  • öp
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Yorouichi x reader by batmanbeyondis
Yorouichi x readerby GogetaBlue
Reader finds Yorouichi in her cat form, and takes her in. she just goes with it, since he takes good care of her. One day, he finds himself attacked by a Hollow, and she...
  • bankai
  • romance
  • malereader
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Different (Bleach Fanfiction)  by UnicornPower234
Different (Bleach Fanfiction) by Ana Banana
When a young Amaya moves to Karakura town with her mother, she starts her first year of high school. From there, she makes friends and starts to smile again. But, she wi...
  • aizen
  • espada
  • toshiro
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Hopebringer by HjPilgrim
Hopebringerby H.J. Pilgrim
Microrrelato de fantasía, para el Desafío Fantástico.
  • bestia
  • fantasía
  • hjpilgrim
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My Best friend's Dad (Grimmjow X Reader) by WildRose1996
My Best friend's Dad (Grimmjow X WildRose Forever
You runaway from home. But your best friend offer you a spot at her place. So you agree and meet her father for first time.
  • espada
  • grimmjow
  • grimmjowlovestory
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Lamenting Enchantment (A Bleach/Ulquihime fic) by 0BloodRedRose0
Lamenting Enchantment (A Bleach/ Blood Red Rose
A portrayal of Inoue's time in Hueco Mundo and of the untold moments between she & the fourth Espada. "I was content in the simplicity of my emptiness," Ulqui...
  • huecomundo
  • captor
  • ichigo
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