Tommy Shelby Imagines + SMUT // Peaky Blinders by lindcshelby
Tommy Shelby Imagines + SMUT // linds
Have been asked to start some Peaky Imagines so here you are - enjoy !!! Requests are open !! Ps there will be smut xo
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Little Bear《Oliver Queen》 by st-lesharry
Little Bear《Oliver Queen》by Skittles
Oliver Queen wasn't alone on the island. A girl was there when he arrived. she had been there her whole life. she never expected to leave. That is until Oliver Queen sh...
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i found you .. and you found me // Thomas Shelby by lindcshelby
i found you .. and you found linds
"Me and you, we're not all that different," he says while his icy blue orbs reflect in her dark eyes. She looks away, sipping her drink while contemplating wha...
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Peaky Blinders Imagines (SLOW UPDATES) by mia_lola_
Peaky Blinders Imagines (SLOW 🖤Mia Nemeth🖤
Imagines for the Peaky family ❤️ Requests are open ❤️ I don't own any of the characters, apart from the characteristics of y/n. Characters belong to BBC ❤️
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Peaky Blinders x Reader by abby_jones99
Peaky Blinders x Readerby abby
Literally what the title says. If there is a Peaky Blinder that you would like me to write about requests are open!
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sweethearts!  by Newt_and_Tommy
sweethearts! by <3
(newt x thomas, newtmas) Thomas works at a bakery. Newt is a daily customer. They fall in love :) COPYRIGHT © Newt_and_Tommy 2018 All rights reserved
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Lovely ∝ Thomas Shelby by Skaiheda
Lovely ∝ Thomas Shelbyby Jen•••
"You've already lied once tonight." He spoke, his eyes never leaving mine. I finally looked away from him, taking a sip from my glass. His eyes were still on m...
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Spare yourself, 'BadBoy' ... by krumble
Spare yourself, 'BadBoy' Katie Rumble
COMPLETE: ''I'm bad for you.'' ''Yet I still keep coming back for more. Funny how it works isn't it?'' ''You, badboy, need to spare yourself.'' ''Or what, exactly...
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Fighting For Her - A 'Warrior' Fanfiction by billykm
Fighting For Her - A 'Warrior' billykm
Tommy moves back home after his tour overseas is complete, trying to get back on his feet after losing his best friend. He meets Riley, an artist in her own way, and can...
  • fighting
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The Darkness Within (Peaky Blinders) Thomas Shelby by jinx1996
The Darkness Within (Peaky Jinx
Her mother saw it in her the moment she was born; a darkness that swelled in her eyes. She felt it within her, building up and drowning her from the inside. But it was h...
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A Girl in The Maze ~ Newt x reader x Thomas [1] by Fangirl4654
A Girl in The Maze ~ Newt x Ur mum is my aesthetic
Completed ✓ A love triangle between you, Newt and Thomas. I'm just kidding, it's amazing, please read it. PLEASE.
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A Mind to Tear a Soul in Two by Punky_Brewster_Too
A Mind to Tear a Soul in Twoby Punky_Brewster_Too
The youngest of a family hell bent on conquering the world, Charlotte Shelby struggles to find her place in the chaos. As the Shelby family makes their way up in the wor...
  • family
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Don't  You Get It? by Source_of_soap
Don't You Get It?by Source
"I thought the prophet said there was supposed to be seven heroes. Are you sure we're ready to leave?" "How else are you supposed to find the evil or what...
  • ashlie
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Foreign Hearts by YaoiAngel13
Foreign Heartsby YaoiAngel13
FOREIGN HEARTS Book ONE of BluePrint, the Series Copyrighted Original Fiction by YaoiAngel13 SOON TO BE: Chapter 4 Part 1/c. 'A Birthday To Remember'
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Dylmas & Newtmas // One Shots by LiamGrimes
Dylmas & Newtmas // One Shotsby Liam Grimes
This book is a collection of one shorts about Newt and Thomas (Newtmas) from the Maze Runner Series and occasionally about Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Dylan O'Brien (Dylm...
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Thomas Shelby Imagines by The_Poison_In_MySoul
Thomas Shelby Imaginesby The_Poisoned_One
The title says it all and there doesn't seem to be many imagines on our handsome gentleman Thomas so I've decided to create a book of imagines just about him. There will...
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Dunkirk ー Tommy | ✓ by shalabiz
Dunkirk ー Tommy | ✓by MAE.
Beth never realized that at the ripe age of 17, she would be sent to Dunkirk, France as a nurse for wounded soldiers. She also never realized that the soldiers of Dunkir...
  • tomhardy
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  • jacklowden
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Tommy's Wife (A Kidnapped By Cannibals Fan Book) by lovelypuppy2
Tommy's Wife (A Kidnapped By Sea Pancakes
This is a story about Tommy's girl hence the tittle. In this Tommy is the oldest. It's based off the story kidnapped by cannibals so some things may seem the same. I DO...
  • horror
  • kidnappedbycannibals
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Finn Shelby Imagines by bonniebird
Finn Shelby Imaginesby Bonniebird
Imagines from my Tumblr blog
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I found you, and you found me by Jokersharleyquinn1
I found you, and you found meby Jokersharleyquinn1
She's always been there in the background for Tommy Shelby; Forever loyal to the man she loves but with new complications with the police and new enemies can Charlotte k...
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