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To Love Gabriel Harris [B×B] ✔ by prettymuchthat
To Love Gabriel Harris [B×B] ✔by 🤍 cel cel 🤍
[ COMPLETED ] An unexplainable spark ignites within Gabriel when he meets his brother's best friend, Alexander, the perfect example of a walking sex bomb. Little does he...
Avoiding The CEO by PrinceKenzie
Avoiding The CEOby Ashly Reyes
Zander Storm is the CEO of Storm Enterprises. His company deals with a bunch of different things from casinos to malls, planes to boats and mergers to takeovers. He's ma...
The Odd One Out by EthanEzekiel
The Odd One Outby EthanEzekiel
(This is an edited and improved version of the story.) Asian. Insecure. Outcast. Loner. And gay. Combine all these ingredients and you'll get Kim Sung Poh, an Asian teen...
Acceptance | ✓ by saintc
Acceptance | ✓by Saint Caliendo
Andrew, a twenty-six-year-old literature graduate, has been through more drama than many his age. From suffering obesity to arthritis, and then anorexia after drastic at...
Cry Me a River |✔️ by PrinceDel
Cry Me a River |✔️by PrinceDel
Since River has been old enough to ask, his father has brain-washed into believing that he's unworthy of any sort of love. Especially from his long-awaited, fated mate...
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Nerd Alert | ✓ [SAMPLE] by saintc
Nerd Alert | ✓ [SAMPLE]by Saint Caliendo
[THIS IS A SAMPLE] Read the full story on Radish fiction. The link is in my Wattpad Bio. ---- Alexander isn't your typical nerd. He'll say what he wants, do what he want...
Girl Master of Disguises (Lesbian Story, GirlxGirl) by itsabadluckcharm
Girl Master of Disguises ( blake
Buggy Gills isn't who anyone thinks she is. Some say she's a snotty popular girl. Others say she's a geek who spends her time playing video games. Some say she's a blond...
The Chocolate Boy (Book One) by nerdvamp
The Chocolate Boy (Book One)by Anushkaa
Highest rank #30 in humor in May, 2017 "Life is like a Cadbury Dairy Milk. There are ups and downs but you still have to love both to enjoy." Book 1 of The Ra...
DARLING (man/man) by mythmouth
DARLING (man/man)by mythmouth
Felix Darling is perfectly aware of the unfortunate humor strung into his surname. He's just not used to hearing someone like Greyson say it. (Alternatively, the one in...
Finding Love  by JacquesLawson
Finding Love by Issac
[BoyxBoy] The downs in our life are there to make us stronger. We can learn how to overcome misery and to move forward. Sometimes we hate our life; but as we move on fro...
shiver (FEATURED) | ✓ by stardust24601
shiver (FEATURED) | ✓by — holmes
**CURRENTLY A FEATURED STORY** highest ranking: #11 in Science fiction ❝true happiness is only achieved without freedom. There is a girl who wakes to a world that she w...
His Soul |Ezra Miller by wheresmyipod
His Soul |Ezra Millerby Mia
With a grieving best friend and a grieving best friend's hot brother, Adam struggles to help his friend balance his own life and his confusing sexuality in this short co...
The Jock Who Once Was A Virgin (Boyxboy) by BlinkToTheDamn182
The Jock Who Once Was A Virgin ( BlinkToTheDamn182
Luke Green is your overall cliché of a jock. He's popular, hot, honor roll student, and captain of the football team. Perfect girlfriend, perfect parents, Luke thought h...
Sector-33 | ✓ by stardust24601
Sector-33 | ✓by — holmes
Highest ranking: #26 in Science Fiction ; Felix wants to be a Guardian. A boy with a strange brain and a stranger heart, he has one week to prove himself wo...
Guns and Roses by EthanEzekiel
Guns and Rosesby EthanEzekiel
Leo Harper is a funny, melodramatic and naive teenager who is also a...errr...not-so-famous youtube singer. When a new student catches his eyes, Leo can't help stalking...
Two Hotties  and a Geek (on hold ) by tragicfinalboy
Two Hotties and a Geek (on hold )by tragicfinalboy
New kid New school And a two boys lusting over you or are they just using you for your brains? See how Rocky dose when he transfers from Heart high to Shelter Alpha Hig...
Known As Fringe by Call-Me-Icky
Known As Fringeby Icky
Flynn Harper, age 17, goes through the trouble of homophobic bullies everyday. But, one girl (Phoenix Van Beau) may be able to help him. With multiple things: • Coming o...
Two Men and a Truck by writteninmysoul
Two Men and a Truckby Jayse
a #FreeYourShorts WINNER ••• A short episodic story about two men who discuss the events of the previous day while seated closly together in the cab of a truck. • • • ...
In the Shadows by renafan101
In the Shadowsby she
When the zombie apocalypse starts, 5 teens find themselves together to survive. They become the best of friends, vowing to leave to no one behind to the best of their ab...