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Remnant's Last Alpha (Raven X Godzilla shifting reader) by RyanJersey
Remnant's Last Alpha (Raven X Godz...by Ryan Jersey
My 100th story. I'm going all out with this one.
Monsters Musume how lucky we are by BlazeDX7
Monsters Musume how lucky we areby BraeonX2
What if it was differed? What if instead of Kurusu someone takes his place. In an eternal reality where Kurusu never exited. Another guy takes his place. But his no regu...
The Radioactive King (Godzilla Reader x Multiverse) by AntiheroicShadow
The Radioactive King (Godzilla Rea...by Alex Hunt
Once known as Godzilla, King of The Monsters, it all changed when he arrived at a strange school transformed into a human being. He then decides to go with a human name...
Super Mario Bros The Two Queens And The New king Of Monsters by BlazeDX7
Super Mario Bros The Two Queens An...by BraeonX2
The mario bothers consist of three siblings Mario the eldest one, Luigi second oldest one and Lucas the youngest one. The three brothers are always protecting the Mushro...
RWBY: Godzilla by NotGonnaSayMahNaym
RWBY: Godzillaby No Name
Ruby Rose is in love with (Y/N) (L/N), the last Godzilla faunus in Remnant. But he is bullied for his faunus traits, and is slowly turning insane as the bullying continu...
Rodan x reader (a love on fire) by NightmareBailey
Rodan x reader (a love on fire)by Little Dovah
Y/N is 17 year old girl that had a rough life. Until one day she decided to go take a walk in the woods and happened to stumble across a 9ft tall creature. Y/N swore tha...
The Wrath of Gojira(Male Godzilla 1954 Reader x Cheater RWBY) by DraconianLover009
The Wrath of Gojira(Male Godzilla...by DraconianLover009
Pain. Betrayed. That's all that, (Y/n) a powerful dinosaur faunus. But when his girlfriends, the only people that supported cheat on him and shun him, he feels betrayed...
Godzilla King Of The Quirks by BeastsofDarkness
Godzilla King Of The Quirksby BeastsofDarkness
Godzilla and Mothra are unknown creatures the world doesn't know about. But what happens when they enroll into a school full of people with quirks. Will their secrets be...
Long live the King (Godzilla faunus Male Reader×RWBY harem) by stefanimestuffguy
Long live the King (Godzilla faunu...by ~I’m_not_crazy~
It's been a long time since Godzilla has saved Remnant and dissapeared. People said he was dead or hiding but that all changed when a faunus went to Beacon
Izuku: The Death Song of Three Storms-Hiatus by IdleManRPG
Izuku: The Death Song of Three Sto...by IdleManRPG
(Like all my stories posted, anyone is free to use the basic idea at their leisure, all I ask for is credit for the idea.) When the Oxygen Destroyer hit Godzilla and Gh...
naruto:friend of the monster king. by AaronHansell
naruto:friend of the monster king.by professor fox
naruto was wandering the forest of konoha when suddenly he trips over a large scroll. little does he know that this is no ordinary summoning scroll. it is a summons that...
Gigan's DOOMed Brother by DraconianLover009
Gigan's DOOMed Brotherby DraconianLover009
Many, many years ago, when Gigan was young, she had an older brother. He was immensely strong. Capable of leveling mountains in a single punch. He preferred heavy brutis...
Godzilla and Kaijūs X Reader Oneshots |Requests R Closed| by AutisticNavajo
Godzilla and Kaijūs X Reader Onesh...by Among Sus
Requests are currently closed. Note: This is NOT a s***post, crackfiction, or a troll book. This is a genuine kaijū x reader one shot chapter book. This is a book of x r...
Godzilla The King Of The Monsters x reader by blackdragon789
Godzilla The King Of The Monsters...by Black Angel of Darkness
(y/n) wishes that the Godzilla the king of the monsters are real she wanted to meet him she doesn't care if their city is going to be destroyed and the world as long she...
The Unmatched Wolf Gamer (High School DxD x OC Gamer) by DarkNarukami112
The Unmatched Wolf Gamer (High Sch...by Dark Narukami
Ash was letting his mom kill the campers that came to their lake. A few minutes after Ash's mom went out... one of the campers came in and shoved Ash into the lake letti...
Big Hero 6 and the Monster Kid of San Fransokyo by SuperBaragon35
Big Hero 6 and the Monster Kid of...by Godzilla Buddies
A new hero rises in San Fransokyo, defending the city from supervillains and giant monsters. Credit for cover goes to @Jettmanas.
All hail the king (RWBY x betrayed Godzilla male reader) by Dmcsage
All hail the king (RWBY x betrayed...by dmcsage
" I am the king and remnant will learn that"
Jaune Arc, King of the Monsters (RWBY x Godzilla Crossover) by Redsummer09
Jaune Arc, King of the Monsters (R...by Redsummer09
Jaune never felt pain, hate and betrayal before. Not until his partner Pyrrha and bully Cardin ratted out his transcripts to the school. Not seeing the point in retaliat...
Fighting the hurricane (x kaiju child reader) by Reaper-fire
Fighting the hurricane (x kaiju ch...by Reaper-fire
When the kaiju invaded from an alien universe at the pacific rim we were nearly whipped out, but we created our own monsters to fight The jeagers We fought for years, a...
Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 3 by gojira2003
Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 3by gojira2003
the third book to my series of Yandere books for everyone to enjoy.