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My Lady (Ennard x Reader) by KatytheInkDemon
My Lady (Ennard x Reader)by AlyssaHead
You have just applied for a job at Fnaf Sister Location. You are annoyed by the animatronics there but there's one that follows you constantly. Be cautious he can be any...
  • cute
  • fanfiction
  • ennard
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Funtime Freddy X Reader (Rewritten) by Deepnutaismydoor
Funtime Freddy X Reader (Rewritten)by Deepnutaismydoor
It's a couple months after moving out of her parents' house, and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is already struggling with money. She scours through the internet, trying to find a job sh...
  • xreader
  • sisterlocation
  • fnaf
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Wellcome To Sister Location by LucasNicolasHerreraT
Wellcome To Sister Locationby Nicolock-117
Esta Historia será Random, veremos los comienzos de Fnaf, de ahí un poco de comedia y Miserio.... Los que vieron Fnaf: Complete Saga, la Elimine por que no me gusto como...
  • fnaf
  • comedia
  • 5games
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Back To You (Five Nights at Freddy's Fan Fiction) by Vallerina_Valentine
Back To You (Five Nights at Freddy...by Sahana Anand
Harleen Campbell is a shy teenager who lives alone in an apartment with loving neighbours in Detroit, Michigan, USA. To pay her tuition fees for her school, she works as...
  • fnafworld
  • fnaf
  • foxy
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William Afton by KnightOfBreathe
William Aftonby Knight
Sister Location spoilers are ahead. If you haven't finished Sister Location yet, then you probably shouldn't read this. William Afton has created many animatronics befor...
  • sl
  • fnaf
  • williamafton
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FNAF Plays!  by FanglessFeline
FNAF Plays! by FanglessFeline
Doing something different! This is FNAF plays! You request a game for any character to play and I'll write them doing it! Hope y'all have fun! ^w^ (You may request for F...
  • fnaf3
  • requests
  • games
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Heartbreaking story behind the smile by springbonnie_crush
Heartbreaking story behind the smi...by Rodeo the wolf
A good friend of mine should be familiar with NB as an animatronic alicorn as they wrote a story about her, but no one knows the crud she's put up with...
  • sisterlocation
Ask The FNAF characters (ON HOLD) by AdorableCatFaceBoi
Ask The FNAF characters (ON HOLD)by Diego_Brando
Ask the fnaf 1-4 characters
  • sisterlocation
  • fnaf1-4
  • dares
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Horror Story at the Pizza Place (Oneshot) by PapyrusFanBrah
Horror Story at the Pizza Place (O...by Hannah G.
Based off of the ever-talented CK9C and EnchantedMob! The song "Do You Even?" remains one of my favorite FNaF songs of all time, and EnchantedMob is a beautifu...
  • circusbaby
  • sisterlocation
  • elizabethafton
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About Ballora  by GerardWaysPuddin
About Ballora by Ballora
H-hi! I'm B-Ballora! R-read to find out a-about me!
  • ballora
  • sister
  • rp
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This FNaF thing I'm writing by X_Reader__Chan_X
This FNaF thing I'm writingby X_Reader__Chan_X
Okay, so, this will be in Mangle's point of view. Give me your feedback, what I should add, what I should improve. Yeah. This also takes place in a highschool.
  • fnaf2
  • thisfnafthingimwriting
  • fnaf3
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Ribbon (FNAF and Sister Location) by The_Rebellion23
Ribbon (FNAF and Sister Location)by The_Rebellion23
Ribbon the forgotten puppet on strings
  • fnaf
  • sister-location
The real story of circus baby  by cosplaymaster101
The real story of circus baby by cosplaymaster101
This is a story about a little girl who gets murdered and how her life's changes a lot. Read to find out what happens
  • fnaf
  • life
  • sisterlocation
The Robotic Hope by CaptainFoxy1987
The Robotic Hopeby 8-Bit the Nighmare
A young human girl finds her way into the FNaF Sister Location establishment and none of them know where she came from. Now the crew needs to hide her from Ennard, a ani...
  • sisterlocation
  • fanfiction
  • rebels
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FNAF SL DARES by xMintyyxx
FNAF SL DARESby xMintyyxx
  • sisterlocation
the adventures of party kitty part 1 by elsastarlight
the adventures of party kitty part...by elsastarlight
Party kitty is from minecraft
  • sisterlocation
We Reunite by lpsinsanity123
We Reuniteby Lpsinsanity123
Hi. My name is Circus Baby but Baby for short. I'm a neko animatronic and this is my story. I was killed and brought back as this thanks to The Marionette. But there was...
  • circusbaby
  • fnaf
  • funtimefreddy
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the sister location story by BabyEllie10
the sister location storyby BabyEllie10
This is the sister location story that I made. Hope you enjoy.
  • scottcawthon
  • sisterlocation
sister location on Snapchat by Pastel_freak66
sister location on Snapchatby Pastel_freak66
ballora baby ennard f.freddy f.foxy as humans on Snapchat to tell there stories and there might be a freddy x foxy and ennard x baby and ballora x puppet I hope you enj...
  • ennard
  • ballora
  • foxy
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fnaf Sister location Fan made story ( Five nights at freddys ) by WingsOfDragons101
fnaf Sister location Fan made stor...by Funtime Lolbit
this is a fnaf sister location fan made story. if you complain about the genders i will delete your comment, thank you and have a good day
  • fnaffanfic
  • freddys
  • five
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