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S-Class Dragon Slayer by AngelicDemons9700
S-Class Dragon Slayerby Kairi
Selena Dragneel, twin sister of Natsu Dragneel and S-Class mage of the wizard guild Fairy Tail. She's the Fire Dragon Slayer, but learns Ice Dragon Slayer magic. Read as...
Ꭺᥣꫀ᥊เthᥡꪑเᥲ ;ℱᎪᏆᎡᎩ ᎢᎪᏆᏞ by CiztrixForever
Ꭺᥣꫀ᥊เthᥡꪑเᥲ ;ℱᎪᏆᎡᎩ ᎢᎪᏆᏞby Ciztrix_Remix
Isabelle is the last of the Phoenix Slayers. They were all killed off by Dark Guilds and has stuck along with her companion Kai. Serafina sought to make Isabelle the str...
The Light of Fairy Tail : The Lost Chronicles by Grim_Storyteller
The Light of Fairy Tail : The Grim_Storyteller
What if Lucy wasn't the first that bore the title of the light of Fairy Tail ? And what if the true light was to return in the darkest of days? Follow your favourite cha...
Shield Of The Guild (Fairytail FF) by ZathiaVira
Shield Of The Guild (Fairytail FF)by ZathiaVira
"Just because my magic is used for protection, doesn't mean I can't kick your ass. The people I'm protecting are worth the world to me, so if I have to go through h...
Gildarts Second Daughter by iroanonymous
Gildarts Second Daughterby iroanonymous
What a scandal. Another kid pops up, and let's just say some heads will turn for this shocker.
Fairy Tail x Reader Stories (Temporarily Discontinued) by Katniss_360
Fairy Tail x Reader Stories ( 花樣年華
A book of Fairy Tail character x Reader stories. I do not own any media used throughout this book, unless stated otherwise. The only thing that belongs to me are the sto...
The Angel and Demon: Natsu x Reader: Fairy Tail book 2 by Elva_Proxima19
The Angel and Demon: Natsu x Elva Proxima
After the attack of Acnologia on Tenrou Island, the Fairy tail members find themselves seven years later, surviving the attack, but how? How will Y/n and Natsu relations...
What Made Their Love by Majenna9
What Made Their Loveby Anime girl
Lucy is a celestial wizard that goes to a school called Fairy tail. She is known as a nerd in fairy tail. Everyone says mean things about her. Lucy never talks to anyone...
Dragon guardian {Fairytail} by talking_mania
Dragon guardian {Fairytail}by Kai
Ashley Hart is a dragon guardian. She is able to summon every dragon there is and fight with them. To summon a dragon, the dragon must approach you first. Ashley first d...
The Last Straw?  (Crossover) UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION* by The_Little_Badger
The Last Straw? (Crossover) ~MOOSE~
Lucy has finally had enough. She's leaving. But do they care? When hell freezes over. Will she come back? Probably not. Good Bye Fairy Tail. Hello GrandLine! ...
The Demon dragon slayer by KingOfHumans
The Demon dragon slayerby Undead king
Natsu betrayed by Lucy and he goes on a journey. Just saying this not paired with Nalu because mainly there are too many and I think there should be other pairings as we...
Fairy Tail oneshots (xreader) (Request) by Crystal05sky
Fairy Tail oneshots (xreader) ( Crystal
My first one shot! And is fairytailxreader! Some cheesy parts and fluff. Requests are open!
ZERLU: A FOGGY LOVE by KyuinLocsin
"w-why did you help me?" He asked with his Oh god hot voice ahemm.. "I wanna help you... dont think of yourself still alone cause Im here for you" Ze...
la salvacion de kuroinu by natsun_END
la salvacion de kuroinuby κόκορας
los guerreros de fairy tail llegaran a salvar a esta tierra dstinada a la desesperacion y eso tambien los salavara a ellos de su dolor
Do fairies really have tails? Do they even exist... Like them this place as eternal mystery... A never ending adventure ~ Makarov Dreyar Hey, welcome to Fairytail. I hop...
Tough Love by LucyDragneel5552471
Tough Loveby LucyDragneel5552471
Lucile Heartfilia. That's her name. But she likes to be called Lucy instead. The new chick at Fiore high. That's not just any high school. But it's a high school for del...
Instagram | Laki Olietta✔ by The_DCruz_Missile
Instagram | Laki Olietta✔by Gems D'Cruz
Laki Olietta posted a new picture! Laki Olietta started following you! Laki : Yo! Wassup bitch? 😘 Highest Rank : #50 in Non Fiction (Reached on 24/05/17) [©2017 The_D...
Fairy Tail: Godly Grand Magic Games by HallowedEssence
Fairy Tail: Godly Grand Magic Gamesby HallowedEssence
This is the strongest Grand Magic Games of Fairy tail. One instead hosted by the gods themselves. Seemingly hosted in good faith leaves a more sinister plot. The gods wa...
blood eyes Fairy Tail Fanfic. by pheobe2007
blood eyes Fairy Tail Angel Of Darkness
a school that is called fairy tail you will meet ineresting character and be apart of many adventures.