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I Inherited Empire with Fake Pregnancy by qiuqiuyuee
I Inherited Empire with Fake Autumn Moon
RAW Title: 假孕后我继承了帝国 Author: 连艺 The golden snail who underwent his heavenly tribulation, suddenly struck by a bolt of lightning into another world. Before he could feel...
𝗦𝗻𝗮𝗶𝗹 𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗱🌺 | Bnha. DISCONNTINUED by k00mi3
𝗦𝗻𝗮𝗶𝗹 𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗱🌺 | Bnha. kimi
❝in which a 6 year old girl gets taken from heroes. Oh and there's actually a plot to this.❞ BNHA X CHILD OC(FEM) READER DISCONTINUED
Kitty Cat! - Lev Haiba X Reader [ UNDER EDIT ] by LovelyUnkno
Kitty Cat! - Lev Haiba X Reader [ Grem
Y/N is the girl you'd typically see following the main lead around who, in this case, is beautiful and, best of all, gay. She is average in everything; looks, studies, P...
Shrek and Spongebob by xtylerpx
Shrek and Spongebobby tyler <3
a true love story 😍😍😍
Playtime (Male Shota Reader X Snail loli human)  by Gladsoda
Playtime (Male Shota Reader X gladsoda horseman
Ah yes a story! about two children playing together but I can't spoil you readers yet~ Being list... In... I really need to thank Snail house for creating the great art...
The holy bibble by i_need_daholywater
The holy bibbleby Apollo :)
The holy bibble. For the wall simps, as well as the wall arsonists. Created on the s_n_a_i_ll stream on the 13/7/2021. We shall worship this book.
The snail that wanted to be a cat by kattekart
The snail that wanted to be a catby kattekart
a short, but beautiful poem about a snail that would like to be a cat.
Ocean ((Merman in my tub fan fiction )) by Ryzracxx
Ocean ((Merman in my tub fan ESR Studio
Ocean is deep Deep with wonders and mystery Through this story is about a girl who is human yet love water like the creature that live within it. ((Various character x...
 Moss's Tavern(Goblincore book) by S0upT1me
Moss's Tavern(Goblincore book)by 𝙎𝙩𝙪𝙥𝙞𝙙 <3
Hello girls, gays, and non-binary faes, and welcome to my goblincore book! There are tips, outfits, and my collection of things! (Almost) all art is by me and so are mos...
Countryhumans Server - Incorrect Quotes by LovelyUnkno
Countryhumans Server - Incorrect Grem
This is an incorrect quotes book... for a discord server. I do not own anyone but myself- Snail/Gremlin/Unkno/I have too many names. - December 30th, 2020
Oh yea Its Gr3ml1N tImE by qwp112
Oh yea Its Gr3ml1N tImEby qwp112
What is up fellow GrEmbl1ns!!!! This is 4 the queers, gremlins, and people that need an escape seeing as it feels like the world is collapsing all around us Credit to L...
Tennis Racquet by logomaniac1902
Tennis Racquetby logomaniac1902
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Barry and the big adventure by Bazzil01
Barry and the big adventureby Baz
When Barry the snail is banished and disgraced from the pack he has to go on a dangerous mission in order to win back his pride and be welcomed back to his pack. Will he...
Ring by yellowrump1935
Ringby yellowrump1935
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Torch by periodide1947
Torchby periodide1947
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Circle by cantation1972
Circleby cantation1972
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Stomach by compassless1951
Stomachby compassless1951
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