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F O R E I G N// noen eubanks by CatalinaSkata
F O R E I G N// noen eubanksby Catalina
noen eubanks fanfiction lowercase intended
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Smut Imagines by WhiteCriesLove
Smut Imaginesby WhiteCriesLove
18+ please, these can get graphic
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Monsters' Stories by user27428684
Monsters' Storiesby
There's a girl at their school who is always ill. She routinely arrives late, leaves early, or doesn't show up at all, and skips gym as a matter of course. She's pretty...
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Calico by KuroDCupu
Calicoby Ethernite
Kisah ini mengambil konsep dan setting dunia dari sebuah game berjudul Elona (Eternal League of Nefia). Irva adalah sebuah dunia dengan sejarah panjang yang kini telah m...
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Ocean ((Merman in my tub fan fiction )) by Ryzracxx
Ocean ((Merman in my tub fan Xian Yuukira Zi Knight
Ocean is deep Deep with wonders and mystery Through this story is about a girl who is human yet love water like the creature that live within it. ((Various character x...
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Snieth (Turbo x Keith)  by Dickeumoans
Snieth (Turbo x Keith) by Dickeumoanie
One day, Keith goes on a mission to planet snail. There, Keith finds his true soulmate; Turbo the snail.
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snail by YourNeighborAngelina
snailby =/
its him.
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Snail cat x reader by hentaiqween101
Snail cat x readerby ♠ⓛⓘⓣⓣⓛⓔ ⓢⓟⓐⓓⓔ♠
You go on a walk to get some groceries but run into a little potential friend what will happen next :000
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Remake: Penguin And The Human by StoryWriterGal331
Remake: Penguin And The Humanby Forgives Us Lord
So, since I wanted to start fresh, I'ma gonna make a remake of this. Plot: When King Dedede makes a deal with NME (Nightmare Enterprises) to marry a girl, a new and firs...
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Slave by trod1973
Slaveby trod1973
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Mist by gyromitra1956
Mistby gyromitra1956
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Compass by immatriculate1958
Compassby immatriculate1958
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Pendulum by plastogamies1920
Pendulumby plastogamies1920
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Mosquito by flunkeyhood1933
Mosquitoby flunkeyhood1933
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Church by membranelle1925
Churchby membranelle1925
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Book by nonsacerdotal1969
Bookby nonsacerdotal1969
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Tongue by peracid1995
Tongueby peracid1995
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Tunnel by uniloculate1997
Tunnelby uniloculate1997
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