Kidnapped By A Thug by diorbrat
Kidnapped By A Thugby JODIE
What happens when Normani Walker the princess of the Southside get kidnapped by Santana the Kingpin. #1 urban : June 2018
  • hispanic
  • urbanromance
  • gắng
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His,Hers, Ours | 1 | ✔️ by repunzel0313
His,Hers, Ours | 1 | ✔️by M_C0913
But what I didn't realise was the man walking towards me and put his leather jacket around my shoulders. "You're cold, here." I looked down and stuttered a t...
  • love
  • hers
  • singlemum
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Bittersweet by Celestialworld
Bittersweetby Celestialworld
He takes his other hand putting my hair behind my ear. Why is he doing this? He slowly brings his lips to my ear. I can feel his lips barely touching the top of my ear m...
  • agressive
  • gắng
  • possesive
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Sold to the gang leader by musicisbae896
Sold to the gang leaderby Jocelyn Fang
Madison a 16-year-old girl, just an average girl...except that her whole family is part of a gang that she didn't know about. One day 5 men barged into her room and star...
  • gắng
  • wattys2018
  • romance
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Try me, Mr. 'Bad Boy' by xBibliobibulix
Try me, Mr. 'Bad Boy'by ♛ M ♛
Goofy. Rebellious. Strange. 'Nerdy'. Dangerous. These are just a few words to describe Riley Storms. Being a teenager is hard enough, hell, growing up is a difficult ta...
  • badboy
  • gắng
  • thirdbook
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Psycho by brienicole
Psychoby brienicole
Katie is a psychologist for criminals, and is very good at her job. But what happens when she is faced with a new challenge that is Jason McCann, America's most wanted...
  • kidnapped
  • prison
  • jason
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Stray Kids - Felix Lee Fanfic by loading_not_today
Stray Kids - Felix Lee Fanficby ♡PikaCHUE♡
A gang of nine boys, who roams the night together, Strays are what they are called. Kids are what they are. Not a single souls has seen any of their faces. They were kno...
  • woojin
  • thriller
  • straykids
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Innocent Prisoners by esssea
Innocent Prisonersby esssea
"In a room that held the most dangerous men, stood an angel." ~ Daisy was a beautiful, naïve daughter of a proud, wealthy family. Somehow, she agreed to go pri...
  • prison
  • gắng
  • shy
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Guns and Roses | 2 | {EDITING} by repunzel0313
Guns and Roses | 2 | {EDITING}by M_C0913
I wish I could just go to a corner and hide. pretend I don't exist. This club/ party type thing, whatever you call this place where I'm at, I could really do without. ...
  • gắng
  • completed
  • ganglife
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She Belongs To Him by lenamae01
She Belongs To Himby Mae.Mae
I finally looked up and met his eyes, He had extremely beautiful bright blue eyes. "We would make pretty babies" He says randomly "What!?" I ask loo...
  • romance
  • love
  • sexual
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Dope Boy Ambitions 2 by laila_duhh
Dope Boy Ambitions 2by Laila
The Henderson family is back! Through all the struggles will they still manage to be a perfect family? Will King and Monica put there differences aside and be together...
  • wattys2017
  • love
  • drama
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Kidnapped by the gang leader by _etherealmaarii_
Kidnapped by the gang leaderby bbygrlsayir
Mariana Pierce is a 19 year old girl finishing her last year of high school. The youngest daughter of the Pierce Family . She is shy and innocent. She cherishes her mom...
  • kidnapping
  • gangleader
  • goodgirl
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To the wheels fall off by asvpmirry
To the wheels fall offby asvpmirry
17 year lonni just moved from Nashville to New York City. Her whole life is turned upside down by June one of the biggest drug dealers in NY. He's a senior and when they...
  • thug
  • fiction
  • hood
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The Boss's Princess by tatterzz
The Boss's Princessby ~Tatterzz~
Lauren Jauregui, a mafia leader, business woman, and a well respected Mommy Domme wasn't one to be soft on anyone. People feared her. Respected her. But one night, a sma...
  • ageplay
  • fifthharmony
  • mdlg
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Sweet cheeks by KarmaBlakee
Sweet cheeksby karma
TRAILER ON Information PAGE; "How is a sadist meant to fall in love with a flower that is afraid of being crushed." ; Dante Archibald is consumed by control an...
  • daddy
  • kinky
  • possession
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Girl In the Hoodie by HaylieSullivan4
Girl In the Hoodieby Ann Marie
"Just remember, if we get caught your deaf and I don't speak English." "You're over thinking this, trust me. We won't get caught," he says with a smi...
  • rapper
  • action
  • fight
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My Possessive Gangleader  by The_Trainer_Girl12
My Possessive Gangleader by Tali
Cover beautifully made by @PriyankaG24 14 year old Jessemy Wilkins has a job at an early age trying to help provide for her family. When someone feared by everyone shows...
  • kidnap
  • gắng
  • agegap
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La Principessa e il Diavolo (The Princess and the Devil) by princesstreatment
La Principessa e il Diavolo (The Squid
* "How do I look?" he asked smirking at me. I shrugged. "Eh, I've seen better." "Really?" he asked sensually. He stepped forward towards me...
  • mafialove
  • maturethemes
  • maturelanguage
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Step Daddy by LyssaLove14
Step Daddyby Alyssa Dawson
"You like that, babygirl?" "Yes, Daddy." In which a seventeen year old little falls in love with her dominant step dad. *ONLY THE FIRST TEN CHAPTER A...
  • gắng
  • babygirl
  • kitten
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Amor de Rey (EDITING) by lieselotds
Amor de Rey (EDITING)by Lieselot
Survival, no matter what. That is what kept Victoria alive. A young girl with a troubled past learned to take care of herself by dealing in drugs. Money is the onl...
  • sad
  • leader
  • mystery
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