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Without Yall❤️ by Wassupbruh55
Without Yall❤️by 🥱
When Eliza Polibio lives in a house of 4 overprotective uncles and 1 very overprotective dad. Welcome to Without Y'all ❤️ (COMPLETED)
My bestfriend | p.m {ON HOLD} by scorpioangell
My bestfriend | p.m {ON HOLD}by 🤍🤍
It all started 10 year ago when a boy named Payton meet a girl called Izzy. Now they are 16 and maybe being bestfriends just ain't enough... I have currently put this bo...
Poisoned love 🖤🥀 by lxlbeepboop
Poisoned love 🖤🥀by lxlbeepboop
Y/n. A 17 year old girl who's life is changed by having an arranged marriage with the most dangerous mafia leader ... 🥀
Tiktok boys 🥵 by Dani_Jenny0304
Tiktok boys 🥵by Dani_Jenny0304
Emma and Veronica are twin sisters who's parent sold to the TikTok boys after dealing with some bad people and they had to pay for it. They will go through hard experie...
11:11 P. M. Fanfiction by Quietbishh
11:11 P. M. Fanfictionby hiyaaa
It all begun when Payton asked Bella to meet him on the rooftop and making a 11:11 wish that would change them *Finished at 01/31/2021*
The Gang by CH0CKYMILK
The Gangby chockymilkpaingoaway
You are a 17 years old and are a part of a gang called 'White Lightning' Your number one enemies are this boy gang called 'Black Lightning'
love each other like crazy..{ TOME 1 } by payt_x
love each other like crazy..{ Celia ;)
Dans un monde où a l'âge de 18 ans, nous recevions une indication de notre âme sœur, sauf que la tienne n'est pas celle que tu croyais. C'est le fils de la meilleure am...
The Forbidden Princess//Payton Moormeier  by payton4eva
The Forbidden Princess//Payton Payton4eva
Samantha, the princess, has spent her 18 years of life studying and accomplishing royal assignments. She's the only child in her family so she's next in line for the thr...
HIS ANGEL [editing] by iambritney1o1
HIS ANGEL [editing]by Britney🌊🦈
LIFE OF THE MAFIA SERIES✔ BOOK1- C O M P L E T E D✅ Isabel Wilson is a cute sixteen year old teenage girl with the personality of a child and has a seventeen year old b...
Player; Payton Moormeier  by stylepay
Player; Payton Moormeier by stylepay
I'm not expecting this to go viral. 🥺👉🏼👈🏼
kidnapped🖤 by paytonjaymoomirer
kidnapped🖤by TIKTOK STORIES
y/n isn't a very happy person like she used to be. you see her life was once perfect until everything went downhill when she was 4 her mom had cheating on her dad. after...
My best friend//ff P.M by itspxytxn
My best friend//ff P.Mby 🔥🌷❤️
This is a story about you aka Y/N , you and Payton Moormeier were great friends but.... Something happened one day that you start catches feelings for him 🤍
Teen Mafia 😈 p.m by paytxnmore
Teen Mafia 😈 p.mby sup shwatys
Just read. Boring at first then gets good😁 ⚠️contains blood.Self harm.Murder. Sexual.Language⚠️
i fell for him - payton moormeier by original_lovers
i fell for him - payton moormeierby idk.
you are 15 and your older sister mia lives in the hype visit the house nearly every day and are quite close to most of the people that live there. you and payt...
A Predator's Prey  by notbitchyxsweet
A Predator's Prey by bitchyxsweet
One night after your performance you and your friends went to an after party but what happens when you get captured before you even get there? Credits: @boujieexchronica...
The mafia girl  by freaksstorys
The mafia girl by Freaksstorys
Y/n knowed as the most famous puerto rican / American mafia woman in the world Faces with one of her weaknesses... love She hates love from the day her dad made her ki...
Kidnapped  by taetae_140
Kidnapped by taetae_140
Emma was walking home from her friends house when a car drove very slow behind her so she picked up her speed and so did the car... Credit to @irenicelle for parts of t...
College fuck boy by ilove_dayton
College fuck boyby ilove_dayton
Just read the book😌💚 there will be trigger warnings be warned
Daddy little s!ut  by clipnxpple
Daddy little s!ut by N!pples
More updates coming soon So be ready and I love you guys too And if I have any questions message me And plsss follow me and vote for more updates