To Live Again Another Day by imastupididyut
To Live Again Another Dayby imastupididyut
All Rights Reserved@imastupididyut 2016 Having your best friend turn on you after you have been blamed for something you did not do was one of the most saddest things to...
  • betrayal
  • australia
  • jenny
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Oh My Bride by Srikandi2424
Oh My Brideby Srikandi
Jodoh itu jorok. Itu yang Jenny tahu. Jodoh bisa bertemu kapan saja di mana saja dan dengan SIAPA SAJA entah itu orang yang sudah dikenal maupun orang yang tidak dikenal...
  • fiksi
  • indonesia
  • genealfiction
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The Lonely Nerd [ Kiss Him, Not Me Fanfic] by Hime_chan10
The Lonely Nerd [ Kiss Him, Not Morinozuka Hime
Aiko Kanon is a first year in high school and part of the History Club. She is good friends with Kae Serinuma who is a year above her. She has a crush on her History Clu...
  • mutsumiasuma
  • kisshim
  • kaeserinuma
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Neighbor » Neymar Jr ✓ by avgsilva
Neighbor » Neymar Jr ✓by saudade
In which Neymar lies to his family about dating his "cute" neighbor December 1st┊December 25th, 2017.
  • neymar
  • frienship
  • psg
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Manan You're Only Mine by Zahramalik11
Manan You're Only Mineby silent writer
Its mananff !! Its about a stubborn princess who fell in love with a bad boy ,she gets whatever she wanted let's see will she be able to win that play boys heart who ha...
  • wattys2018
  • frienship
  • love
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Ssb x reader by weird_blueberry
Ssb x readerby Britt
Your new to Ssb and your a fighter.You are in a mansion full of characters and more you have friends and more.The mansion has a cafeteria,training rooms,fighting stage,a...
  • characterxreader
  • romanc
  • xreader
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The New Neighbor - Sodapop Curtis by WritelikeJughead
The New Neighbor - Sodapop Curtisby 𝘵𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘢𝘯𝘺 ✎
Discontinued but current being written again) Basically, My name is (Y/N). Were not rich and I no longer have a mom. We moved to Tulsa to 'get away from it' but the tr...
  • steve
  • two-bit
  • socs
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The Heart Wants What It Wants *Completed* by barolicious
The Heart Wants What It Wants * anais baromeo
When I thought that I found the man of my life, I was so wrong. He was playing me all along and I was playing myself by being with him. I never found love until I met Se...
  • romance
  • heartbreak
  • wants
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Dreams Become Reality (On Hold)  by mananlove20
Dreams Become Reality (On Hold) by mananlove20
So this is the story based on MANAN. Let's see what happens when Manik Malhotra the ROCKSTAR meets Nandini Murthy A FANGIRL. Lets see how DREAMS BECOME REALITY. #36 pos...
  • frienship
  • manan
  • fan
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Talia by kingprincess69
Taliaby kingprincess69
Read to find out
  • onedirection
  • pain
  • confusion
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Repopulation (ON HOLD) by torytwo
Repopulation (ON HOLD)by Tory
They say it must have been dormant inside us for a few years before it actually showed up. When the symptoms started, nobody knew what it was. It baffled doctors and sci...
  • frienship
  • sick
  • rich
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Always You by TheEdgeOfSanity
Always Youby TheEdgeOfSanity
Your typical romance, church girl meets bad boy? Probably not. Some mature content.
  • badboy
  • love
  • goodgirl
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One night,one mistake (COMPLETED) by ellastic18
One night,one mistake (COMPLETED)by Cali Tolentino
ONE NIGHT,ONE MISTAKE (COMPLETED) (Highest Rank: #2) Date started: May 12,2018 Date published: May 14,2018 Date finished: May 21,2018 Baifern Pimchanok as Keshia Del Val...
  • madlove
  • drunkinlove
  • romance
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RWBY Ruby x male reader by STIKER123
RWBY Ruby x male readerby STIKER123
At Beacon you planned to train and become a hunter but what happens you never would have seen coming
  • family
  • male
  • frienship
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A Lost Princess ✔ by WinxClubBloom93
A Lost Princess ✔by Bloom M.
Previously known as "A Lost Cinderella" A Princess that was lost. 15 years ago Princess Bloom was kidnapped and brought to another kingdom, Siria. Now, she wor...
  • castle
  • frienship
  • fairytale
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Welcome to the Eighth Level of Hell by daniiii_08
Welcome to the Eighth Level of Hellby Space Babe
He suddenly pulls a gun out of his coat and points it at us. "Step away from the ledge, or I'll shoot all four of you." There was only one thing to do. Jump. *...
  • confused
  • 1984
  • august
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This is a story boy name suhas mane. who is an entrepreneur a successful entrepreneur. this story is not about his success or about his struggle. its about his love life...
  • life
  • romance
  • love
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Fuck Being Sober  by Dickin_Satan
Fuck Being Sober by |πLuciferπ|🔥
The two assholes.
  • bestfriends
  • frienship
  • gf