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Down Chick by ThatOneUrbanChick
Down Chickby MaLeisa Goosby
At the age of sixteen Lakeisha Moss was abandoned by her mother and left to fend for herself on the streets. Within days she's taken in by Ambrianna. During her stay wi...
  • chick
  • urban
  • life
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Let Me In (Harry Styles) by naughtysouls
Let Me In (Harry Styles)by naughtysouls
A mysterious young man moves in next to August, a girl who has to deal with her parents' divorce and being bullied. August develops a special bond with her strange neigh...
  • harry
  • romance
  • abortion
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How to Destroy a Fuckboy [BxB] √ by lady_Vendite
How to Destroy a Fuckboy [BxB] √by Vendite Johnson
When certified straight fuckboy Valentine kissed the closeted Dominic, he began craving for more. Confused feelings will force Valentine to pursue Dominic. Little did he...
  • bxb
  • highschool
  • b2b
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The Unexpected | ✔ by ICHS-OFFICIAL
The Unexpected | ✔by ICHS OFFICIAL ACCOUNT ™◽
#Highest ranking #9 in argument One kiss, it was just one kiss and that was all it took for me to realize that my friendship with my best friend since forever would be...
  • hurt
  • projectwomanup
  • patient
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Bad Boy's Favourite Girl  by rainalori
Bad Boy's Favourite Girl by Raina Lori
SHORT STORY~ A college love story about the popular bad boy and a nerd girl. Nandini thought, she has everything because the one whom she admired the most and the dream...
  • betrayal
  • love
  • fight
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One night,one mistake (COMPLETED) by ellastic18
One night,one mistake (COMPLETED)by 𝓔𝓵𝓵𝓪𝓪𝓪𝓪𝓪𝓪
ONE NIGHT,ONE MISTAKE (COMPLETED) (Highest Rank: #1) Date started: May 12,2018 Date published: May 14,2018 Date finished: May 21,2018 Baifern Pimchanok as Keshia Del Val...
  • onenight
  • mariomaurer
  • keshia
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REGRETS | Dean Winchester [1] by winchestered_
REGRETS | Dean Winchester [1]by ✨ SHAY BARNES ✨
❝We all have REGRETS in our life.❞ But meeting her was anything but regret. --------------------- A lovely trailer by: @deprivation Published: July 2014 ...
  • deanwinchester
  • supernaturalfanfiction
  • werewolves
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Elope Mates by jayasri7
Elope Matesby jayasri7
Shivay run away from his wedding and going to meet her gf . He meet a girl named who also eloped from her wedding .lets see the journey of elope mates.
  • love
  • shivika
  • ishqbazz
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The Lonely Nerd [ Kiss Him, Not Me Fanfic] by Hime_chan10
The Lonely Nerd [ Kiss Him, Not Morinozuka Hime
Aiko Kanon is a first year in high school and part of the History Club. She is good friends with Kae Serinuma who is a year above her. She has a crush on her History Clu...
  • notme
  • kisshim
  • kaeserinuma
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Gray Fullbuster, a final year college student of Magnolia University moves out from his parents house to lead an independent life on his own. In the pursuit of fi...
  • frienship
  • juvia
  • gruvia
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To Live Again Another Day (Bk 1 TLAD Series) by imastupididyut
To Live Again Another Day (Bk 1 imastupididyut
All Rights Reserved@imastupididyut 2016 Having your best friend turn on you after you have been blamed for something you did not do was one of the most saddest things to...
  • jenny
  • humour
  • daniel
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Neighbor » NEYMAR JR ✓ by avgsilva
Neighbor » NEYMAR JR ✓by ✧✦✧
In which Neymar lies to his family about dating his "cute" neighbor December 1st┊December 25th, 2017.
  • frienship
  • lie
  • neymar
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Gravity Falls: Dipper's Return by TheDarkDoctorWatson
Gravity Falls: Dipper's Returnby Dark Doctor
A lot can change in five years... The twins return to Gravity Falls after their 18th birthday, and Wendy's in for a surprise at just how much Dipper has grown. [No smut...
  • gravityfalls
  • wendycorduroy
  • wendypines
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Shattered Hymn of Brilliance by Ashe_Hime
Shattered Hymn of Brillianceby Ashley S. Reynolds
Follow this new adventure featuring your favorite Symphogear Users and new friends. Meet Cia Echo, an upcoming Singer in America hoping to collaborate with Tsubasa Kazan...
  • otaku
  • relics
  • armor
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Billu Vs Billi by jayasri7
Billu Vs Billiby jayasri7
This story is about two families wanted to marry their kids to each other from childhood but the kids hate eathother lets see what happen
  • humour
  • family
  • childishness
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Creatures II by demilh
Creatures IIby demilh
Sequel of Creatures A Bts fanfiction with a supernatural twist. Five years later a group of kids are being hunted and the boys decide to take them in. What could go wro...
  • heartbreak
  • death
  • hoseok
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couple 💘 by jayasri7
couple 💘by jayasri7
Love is in predictable that was happens in shivika life . Lets peep in to the story to know more 😘😘😘
  • anika
  • unseen
  • couple
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Repopulation (ON HOLD) by torytwo
Repopulation (ON HOLD)by Tory
They say it must have been dormant inside us for a few years before it actually showed up. When the symptoms started, nobody knew what it was. It baffled doctors and sci...
  • love
  • sick
  • willierussel
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She's the Phenom [GxG] - ON HOLD - #WattPride by pulangmakata
She's the Phenom [GxG] - ON Pulang Makata
Equally talented and famous. Parehong magaling sa sports na kinabibilangan nila. Lahat ng laban ay napanalo nila. Winning is all they have in mind. Pero kakayanin kaya n...
  • girlxgirl
  • pain
  • hurt
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Deceit and Devotion - On Hold {Book 1 - Brother Conflict - Ukyo/Natsume} by PsycoLoveStory
Deceit and Devotion - On Hold { PsycoLoveStory
Ame found herself watching as her father remarried, leaving her and her sister to move in with their 13 new stepbrothers, all of whom she never meet before. Ame finds he...
  • twin
  • brotherconflict
  • marriage
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