What A Summer (Andi Mack Fanfiction) *COMPLETED*  by Unkown412
What A Summer (Andi Mack Fanfictio...by Unkown412
The good hair crew and friends are finally out school and on summer break. What could go wrong? *Main characters from the show don't belong to me* (I am open to suggesti...
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  • cyrusgoodman
  • tj
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🌹Andi Mack Oneshots🌹 by wondergirl1821
🌹Andi Mack Oneshots🌹by ❤SJ❤
Enjoy! Started: March 29, 2018 Completed: April 30, 2018 Vote and comment!
  • asherdovangel
  • joshuarush
  • muffy
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Family - Andi Mack by erikapaul25
Family - Andi Mackby erikapaul25
Mainly one shots that are Andi and Bex focused but can include characters like Celia, Ham, Jonah, Buffy, Cyrus, Amber and Bowie. Open to requests. *done*
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  • cyrusgoodman
  • parenting
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It's What Makes Us Special by SweeTaRt_Rope
It's What Makes Us Specialby SweeTaRt_Rope
Cyrus gets admitted into a hospital after a terrible accident where he meets a group of friends that all have something that makes them special.
  • tyrus
  • jyrus
  • jandi
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love me till im me again | tyrus by tyrushoe
love me till im me again | tyrusby tea
~im a loser baby nothing's gonna change me i would rather you be lame with me. you touch me, my collectibles your hugs will be my edibles your kisses get me so oh high b...
  • pasher
  • andimack
  • tyrus
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The Boy, Cupid, And Me •Jandi+• Andimack by ClearKix
The Boy, Cupid, And Me •Jandi+• An...by Clear Kix
Andi Mack, 6 years in the future... Andi's life has been turned around when someone special pays a visit. Official sequel to: AndiMack- Finally Together -1st Person- ...
  • andi
  • cyrus
  • mack
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100 More Yards  by Jedi-Emergency
100 More Yards by Jedi-Emergency
High school football seemed to bring the small town of Brook Barrow together. Hidden secrets and untold truths are thrown out once that whistle blows. A rush of adrenali...
  • jandi
  • tjkippen
  • cyrusgoodman
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What Happened to Us?(JANDI) by OddHermioneMalfoy
What Happened to Us?(JANDI)by @OddHermioneMalfoy
Jonah sees Andi with another guy, and realizes Amber isn't what made him happy it was Andi. Then in this story Jonah fights for Andi to be her one. And only.
  • cyrusgoodman
  • martyfromtheparty
  • wuffy
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Swinging and Frisbees || Tyrus + Jyrus by _ShippersFanfics_
Swinging and Frisbees || Tyrus + J...by ✔️ A Loser ✔️
Jonah and Tj are in love with Cyrus, and Cyrus doesn't know who to love anymore.
  • tj
  • muffy
  • jyrus
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Unlikely (A Tyrus Fanfic)  by AsherDash50
Unlikely (A Tyrus Fanfic) by AsherDash50
He was there when Cyrus needed a shoulder. Now TJ finds himself attracted to the quirky boy and doesn't know how to feel. (Crappy summary but the story will be good, I...
  • buffy
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  • andimack
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Collide (tyrus) by reddie_fan
Collide (tyrus)by reddie_fan
Cyrus is in middle school still trying to figure out his sexuality but one the new kid, tj kippen came in everything changed.
  • andimack
  • jandi
  • tyrus
Differences  by SweeTaRt_Rope
Differences by SweeTaRt_Rope
Years after Cyrus's parents gets a divorce Cyrus's dad decides to start dating again. What happens when his girlfriend and her two kids move in with the two.
  • tyrus
  • jandi
  • originalcharacters
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Let's Fall in love (Jihoo's Love Story) (Boys over flower) by flowergirl987
Let's Fall in love (Jihoo's Love S...by flowergirl987
This a fan fiction of boys over flowers. It's about Yoon Jihoo's love story. Lee Eleanor is from UK. She studied in Shinhwa Medical University. From her first day here s...
  • kimhyunjoong
  • boysoverflowers
  • koreandramas
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the absent mind by basicallyidosmitt
the absent mindby skyler
"do you believe in love at first sight?" "i think it's possible." "is that so underdog?" "it is so, not-so-scary basketball guy!"...
  • jandi
  • andimack
  • tyrus
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Disney Original Movie Academy by MB-143
Disney Original Movie Academyby MB-143
What happens when two unlikely besties Alex & Rosie who are proven to be 'one and the same' reunites at Camp Rock for after 7-years with kids of their own, which leads...
  • camprock3
  • malex
  • smitchie
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More Adventures With The Future Of Andi Mack Part 2 by BeautifulBrooklynn
More Adventures With The Future Of...by BeautifulBrooklynn
Andi, Buffy, Cyrus, and Jonah all reunite when Jonah comes back from California! Then all kinds of things happen! Andi and Jonah get married, Jonah's parents almost got...
  • bexie
  • andimack
  • tyrus
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For Your Eyes Only (Tyrus romance) by ChloeJunanne
For Your Eyes Only (Tyrus romance)by Chloe June
A Big Gay Mood™
  • love
  • tyrusship
  • loveislove
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🌹Andi Mack🌹 by wondergirl1821
🌹Andi Mack🌹by ❤SJ❤
Andi Mack was a regular 13 year old girl who had a crush on 13 year old boy named Jonah Beck. But he had a girlfriend named Amber. Two years had passed and they are 15 n...
  • jealously
  • joshuarush
  • sofiawylie
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Andi Mack One Shots by SmileyB25
Andi Mack One Shotsby Bri Hendrickson
Just a bunch of one-shots about the show Andi Mack. Probably gonna be mostly Tyrus and Muffy.
  • bandı
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  • wuffy
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𝐁𝐚𝐞 𝐎𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐅𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐬! ━ Yi Jeong by __moonbaby
𝐁𝐚𝐞 𝐎𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐅𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐬! ━...by ☆𝓜𝓸𝓸𝓷𝓵𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 ☆
a rich boys ego gets bruised by an oblivious, rich girl named Choi Bae. boys over flowers yi jeong x oc ━ started : -/-/- ━ finished : -/-/- ©2018__moonbaby
  • kdrama
  • meteorgarden
  • f4
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