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poetry by -stanleyuris
poetryby megan♡
♡ a poem compilation ♡ "maybe someday, these pain-filled words will compensate for this endless suffering."
  • poem
  • collectionofshortstories
  • poembook
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Poetry  by DemigodFangirl2812
Poetry by 🌷B̥ͦḀͦT̥ͦN̥ͦ🥀
Poe-a-tree of my life and otherS Not really poetry but its a place where I left out
  • truth
  • thoughts
  • dark
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Excerpts from poems I'll never write by infiresFloof
Excerpts from poems I'll never Fluffy Cookies 'N Cream
A compilation by Floof Poof ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• Title speaks for itself.
  • poem
  • romance
  • love
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7 stanze by lelle7
7 stanzeby lelle7
Giulia vive chiusa in casa. Giulia ha una sorella maggiore, Rachele. Rachele è strana. Rachele cambia umore ogni volta che cambia stanza. La sua casa ha 7 stanze. Felici...
  • giulia
  • capitolicorti
  • casa
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don't call me catherine by cxtherinegrace
don't call me catherineby Catherine Grace Sigman
I am Catherine Grace and this is my mind. These are my thoughts, poured out in all of their chaos, honesty, and vulnerability. I hope that people will relate, that they...
  • youngpoet
  • verses
  • happiness
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State Of Mind  by kxnglarreh
State Of Mind by julia.
when things got hard you left because it was easier for you to walk out than to stand by me and fight you are just like the others guess you never loved me like...
  • thoughts
  • randomthoughts
  • love
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Influences by book_worm_ish
Influencesby Jess
Poems inspired by songs I enjoy :)
  • poem
  • inspired
  • song
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Words Floating In The Wind by Zujumeshi
Words Floating In The Windby Zujumeshi
the verses that never made it. the floating thoughts of the author in a way not yet revealed. stay tuned for these thoughts
  • feelings
  • empathy
  • love
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These Lovely Words Within The Letters Once Written by Omglexi2417
These Lovely Words Within The Lexi Grey
Love can be complicating and stressful; this is dedicated to a lover of mine. He inspires me to write and he has no idea how loved he is and how blessed I am to have so...
  • unconditional
  • probelms
  • ups
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black and white by actuallyadipose74
black and whiteby r a s h e l l e
"Quiet people have the loudest minds." -Stephen Hawking ~~~ Just some poetry that I felt like writing... *ongoing*
  • feelings
  • randomthoughts
  • poetry
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Dark Stanzas  by DarkPoemPortfolio
Dark Stanzas by YutaMo
The inspiration behind every poem ever written.
  • love
  • emo
  • drama
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Stanza 258 (Version Saschefano.) by lookatflo
Stanza 258 (Version Saschefano.)by Floriana Aloise
"Lepri, Stefano Lepri.." guardai la segretaria cercare il mio nome nel lungo elenco di nomi che aveva. "Lepri, Lepri, Lepri...Ah eccolo! Stanza 258, sei i...
  • larry
  • 258
  • saschefano
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Keep Happy by StevieSpederman
Keep Happyby Stevie
Book of poetry.
  • canceit
  • epic
  • stanza
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She/Her/Me by flightlesz
She/Her/Meby An Affliction
[Completed] A collection of random poems usually composed as I find myself slipping between the fingertips of conscious only seeming to have a few things in common: me...
  • poetry
  • confused
  • wattys2018
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Feels [poetry] by HermioneBiliusPotter
Feels [poetry]by HermioneBiliusPotter
For the Heart Brokens This is my first book Don't be miserable Just please enjoy My original
  • relatable
  • feelings
  • poet
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Simple Poems by Tomato8192
Simple Poemsby Daniel Collazo
Just short poems that you can read just for kicks. Sorry if they can be hella Aingsty at times. Please kick back and enjoy!
  • aingst
  • simplistic
  • colorful
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Heights by BaileyLacy
Heightsby Bailey Lacy
Short poem
  • twist
  • poetry
  • poem
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Bicara Aksara by rainssoms
Bicara Aksaraby Serenade Jingga
Berhentilah mengharap hujan, karena langit sudah bahagia sekarang. • • • Hanya sekelumit kata dari perindu yang kesepian.
  • sajak
  • kata
  • puisi
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In Every Stanza by jeojiii
In Every Stanzaby 🔥firelight✨
•••english and tagalog poems
  • parents
  • stanza
  • forgetting
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Songs Without Notes by avadel
Songs Without Notesby Laine and Aria Nichols
[Poetry] When your heart sings but your mouth can't. A collection of taboos, cynicism, reflection, and satire. Sing it with me. **NOTE** With the exception of two poe...
  • deep
  • people
  • observations
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