poetry by -stanleyuris
poetryby ♡
♡ a poem compilation ♡ "maybe someday, these pain-filled words will compensate for this endless suffering."
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Stanzas [EDITING] by nobodyx-
Stanzas [EDITING]by cali
POEM COMPILATION ☆ Highest rank in POETRY: 5 ☆ -- × poetry × language : english × started : 150111 × ended : 160927 × status : COMPLETED ( all poems made by me + plagiar...
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quotes from people who won't look me in the eye by briannaburgstein
quotes from people who won't briannaburgstein
a short waste of time because i am bitter. my photo cover was taken by Cody Wilson and all rights are reserved to him. recreation or plagiarism of my work is forbidden
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Bicara Aksara by rainssoms
Bicara Aksaraby Serenade Jingga
Berhentilah mengharap hujan, karena langit sudah bahagia sekarang. • • • Hanya sekelumit kata dari perindu yang kesepian.
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peace in the night ; poetry by dalladalla7
peace in the night ; poetryby pouting is mah thing
to the life I used to know to my self that had vanished where are you when I needed you? -peace in the night
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In Every Stanza by jeojiii
In Every Stanzaby ❤찬백♥
"Mga Tula ni Aling Jeoji" Taglish na tula, Ang inyong mababasa. Maaaring ika'y lumuha, Pero baka ikaw rin ay tumawa. Hindi ko alam kung makakatulong ito, Pero...
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Songs Without Notes by avadel
Songs Without Notesby Laine and Aria Nichols
[Poetry] When your heart sings but your mouth can't. A collection of taboos, cynicism, reflection, and satire. Sing it with me. **NOTE** With the exception of two poe...
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State Of Mind  by kxnglarreh
State Of Mind by julia.
when things got hard you left because it was easier for you to walk out than to stand by me and fight you are just like the others guess you never loved me like...
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Stanza 258 (Version Saschefano.) by lookatflo
Stanza 258 (Version Saschefano.)by Floriana Aloise
"Lepri, Stefano Lepri.." guardai la segretaria cercare il mio nome nel lungo elenco di nomi che aveva. "Lepri, Lepri, Lepri...Ah eccolo! Stanza 258, sei i...
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Yolown || Favij,Mates || by tsunamigirl_
Yolown || Favij,Mates ||by tsunamigirl_
Un'auto era dietro di loro. Suonava il clacson ripetitivamente. Il ragazzo avanti alla figura femminile cercava di andare verso destra, ma un'altra auto lo ha sorpassato...
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Poems by AnonymusPencil
Poemsby AnonymusPencil
So these are poems of my life. Tell me what you think of them. :)
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A Series Of Poems And Thoughts Of Poetic Notions by FlipXide
A Series Of Poems And Thoughts Henry Braxton
This will be a place for me to write my thoughts, whether deep or surface-level, whether they be on the subject of time and it's value, the toll that a politician's pen...
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mybeautifulrosegarden by rosexgardenx
mybeautifulrosegardenby Lovely, Ellie
Poetry & other stuffs I'm gonna try my best to update this every day!^^ but no promises
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The Bully by aimisyaz
The Bullyby Aimi Malek
As recited at If Walls Could Talk vol. 43, 14th of December 2017.
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Feels [poetry] by HermioneBiliusPotter
Feels [poetry]by HermioneBiliusPotter
For the Heart Brokens This is my first book Don't be miserable Just please enjoy My original
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