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Roommates by MiraRoss
Roommatesby Miranda Ross
"Will I ever get Maya to drive into a pole?" "What?!" -------------------- Maya is off to college. Since it's far from home she has to have a do...
Should we stay till the A.M?  by larina_tommo
Should we stay till the A.M? by larina_tommo
Larina, a 16 year old who loves acting. Her friends are like a family to her, they go through things together, they cry and laugh together. but then, she met a boy.
Eret, son of Eret x reader            Love always start in fight  by Potter_Hanna
Eret, son of Eret x Potter_Hanna
You meet Eret one day when Hiccup disappears right before a dragon race. Astrid needed help with finding him, and when they did, they saw something that wasn't what you...
❝ 𝐏𝐇𝐘𝐒𝐈𝐂𝐒 ❞, ryan herron by -KAR0SHI
❝ 𝐏𝐇𝐘𝐒𝐈𝐂𝐒 ❞, ryan herronby BLAKE⁷
IN WHICH; every few months, their science teacher moves around seats, and puts them next to each other for the physics lesson! STARTED; FEBURARY 22, 2021 ENDED;
my Family (A MHA fanfic) by El_cosplays01
my Family (A MHA fanfic)by El_Cosplays01
this story is about a big family in the MHA universe (Inspired by my friend group) Roles: Fay: Middle school girl, Quirk: Adore Jane: Toddler, Quirk: video life Me/ El:...
Who Am I, Really? | Hogwarts by slytherclawofc
Who Am I, Really? | Hogwartsby slytherclawofc
"The three of us! We are all in Ravenclaw, and our names all start with A!" She exclaimed, as if that was some sudden realization. "Well spotted, Aurie...
The Tale of an Ice Queen by TheIceQueen05
The Tale of an Ice Queenby TheIceQueen05
Children, all born with unnaturally colored hair and eyes, have disappeared on their sixteenth birthday every year for centuries. Sierra Moore is one of those children...
Nothing Stays Hidden |COMPLETED| by evettevanstrong
Nothing Stays Hidden |COMPLETED|by Evette van Strong
Stella Yorke was living a very happy life. She just got the attention of one of the cutest guys at school, she's started her final year of high school, and she's surroun...
Random Stuff With My OCs by Official_Mom
Random Stuff With My OCsby Mother Rose🌹
Just some funny things I've come up with! Your allowed to use any of these like the text convos for example.
𝐇𝐀𝐒𝐀𝐍𝐈 by -sayra
"Not all friends last forever. And that's okay." She smiled weakly and walked away from the gravesite.
Random Imagines by obbsesivefangirl
Random Imaginesby obbsesivefangirl
Imagines about me and my friends and our fictional crushes
Unknown singer identifies herself by xoxo_unknown_
Unknown singer identifies herselfby xoxo_unknown_
This is more like the past of the main characters life Millie is a really close friends with Ella but hasn't seen her since Ella moved to Thousand Oaks when they were 16...
Friend Group (A Tom Riddle Fanfic) by XxX1013
Friend Group (A Tom Riddle Fanfic)by XxX1013
~•~If you can't do something, you just have to learn it.~•~
In The City by Theauthorsposts
In The Cityby Write Your story
A story of 8 friends and the struggles and happiness they face, in the city.
Star of the show - Dreamnotfound by SamLucasAesthetic
Star of the show - Dreamnotfoundby Sam§Luca
A high school AU - Where Clay, Fundy, Nick, Darryl, and Wilbur play in a band. It's all harmless fun and games until Clay starts to catch feelings for a boy in their riv...
KnJ & Friends Imagines    by annabelle_10
KnJ & Friends Imagines by Annabelle 🦋✨
❗️DISCONTINUED ❗️ Imagines about the c4 house / 21 crew and some of their friends 💙💙 I'm from the UK so I might spell something's differently and/or call Certain thin...
At That Coffee Shop by Hello-im-bored
At That Coffee Shopby Hello-im-bored
Meet me at the coffee shop ------------------------------------- Welcome to my first story~ Please enjoy!! Characters: Holly Larson Penny Pierce Ross Sommers Skyler Hil...