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The Sad Life No One Talks About by StephanyJefferson
The Sad Life No One Talks Aboutby StonerSnacks🌬
this story is life in foster care and adoption. i found out kids in foster care will only tell other kids in foster care that the can trust. i am the one that wants to...
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The Gang leader And street dancer by friend_x33
The Gang leader And street dancerby trinity diaz
Hi I'm Kyle but people call me Ky i been street dancing since i was 14 when my life went down hill. I am a foster child and this is my story of how i fell for the gang l...
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You Are My Sunshine by _lovely_little_lily_
You Are My Sunshineby _lovely_little_lily_
Daisy is a 13 year old girl whose dad has abused her. She feels like she's trapped, until she is rescued and taken to an orphanage. Her life is great: she meets a loving...
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Removed by angeldollar05
Removedby just a dream
I'm just a teenage girl trying to find a way to continue living after a horrible past and and unknown future. My past consist of phisical/sexual/mental abuse, molested,b...
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Bite Me, Baby by superheroic
Bite Me, Babyby bella
Abandoned at birth, Elliot had always believed the worst of the world, never feeling as if she deserved happiness and unconditional love. But when her last foster home b...
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Why me! by tp5557
Why me!by tp5557
Why am I cursed with bad luck? Why I that ever time I'm happy there's always something that can ruin it? Will something ever change?
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Infinity ∞ by LeanShawty
Infinity ∞by Tiffany
I swear I've been through everything in life but a coffin They say the sky's the limit, how bitch? I'm moonwalking! ~Big Sean
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Foster the Love (a foster the people fanfic) by Lanaclaire
Foster the Love (a foster the Lanaclaire
A foster the people fanfic. Some main characters are totally made up to fit the story. Also the first chapter is not the best but I need it to set everything else up so...
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In The Middle Of Mending by weareallfallingstars
In The Middle Of Mendingby weareallfallingstars
Cat's only instinct in life is to protect the people she loves, a trait she got from the Crawfords. Her parents. When she can't do that. She doesn't know who she is. She...
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Forever Unheard by Sol_Lucet
Forever Unheardby Sol Lucet
Book one of The Shifter's Mates Every school has the mysterious bad boy group. Lantern High is the same. Trex Woodlin's group in just that at Lantern High. Avalon Spring...
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Amazing Grace by cryssiJC
Amazing Graceby Crystal Ernest
All Grace wants to do is to be normal, but what is normal. Her whole life has been changing constantly. She has lived in 10 different foster homes and she just wants sta...
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Claimed By 'The BadBoy' Book 2 MINE Series by Wolf_Fire_Ice
Claimed By 'The BadBoy' Book 2 Wolfy
{Second book in MINE series}(BXB) Greg is quite resilient to whatever curveball life can throw at him. However he is at a loss when bad boy Taylor Thompson takes an unhe...
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Shaken by Awkward_fosterkid
Shakenby Mason Beale
Mason is just 15, but he's already got more stories than any 90 year old war hero could come up with. Bullied? Abused? That's just an understatement. Ripped from his cur...
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Dear Taylor| taylor swift fanfic by cleanswift
Dear Taylor| taylor swift fanficby cleanswift
Cate Prime: 15 year old swiftie and foster child who moves from house to house often. Taylor swift: 24 year old International pop star. When cate sends taylor a letter...
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Orphans Keep Secrets by mimilove1022
Orphans Keep Secretsby Mikey💜🤞🏾
I'm not a victim. I've learned to fight my own battles and save myself from my own demons. Want to know why the demons came and what (or who) caused them? Keep reading
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The Nymphomaniac BBW by alnile1208
The Nymphomaniac BBWby Allie Nicole
River, the sexiest big lady in the city of Atlanta, has a major issue. Her addiction to sex. Her issue stops once she comes into contact someone and something.
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Foster trouble by AbiVoice
Foster troubleby Abi Voice
A girl called Scarlett Smith has been a foster child for 3 years with her two brothers, Sam and Henry. In the past three years she has been in 3 houses but no one want...
Arabian Love Story by Emily_rxwls
Arabian Love Storyby Emily_rxwls
Mackenzie Brookes, a 16 year old Forster child, can't handle the amount of pressure she keeps getting. Her and her 6 year old bay Arabian mare attempt to run away when h...
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Finding a Home by gourmetmakes
Finding a Homeby burean
James Collin is 16. He has lived with cruel and neglecting foster parents his whole life. He was put into the system when his birth parents suddenly disappeared. After a...
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