Love In Distress  by yaluvdeja
Love In Distress by yaluvdeja
Dejounte has been judged almost all his life he is constantly fighting, taking trips to jail, he has bad communication skills and seems to have severe anger issues. Jana...
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Boys 🙄 [jahi winston] bxb by LarryDaDon
Boys 🙄 [jahi winston] bxbby Larry 🥶💙🖕🏾
"You think, you just got all this shit figured out." "No, I just know I want you & that you want me too since, you're entertaining it." "Oh, fuc...
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Because It Is Love  by rossellewttpd
Because It Is Love by rosselle guevarra
Huwag matakot mainlove, just go with the flow. Kung napapasaya ka nito, grab it and be happy, enjoy every seconds with your love. Dont afraid to show your feelings, expr...
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The Bad Boy Needs My Help by cool_kat_4life2002
The Bad Boy Needs My Helpby Sassy Sarcastic Kat
Violet is a basic girl. - Smartest girl in her grade - Quiet and reserved - Extremely shy She's never had a boyfriend, never imagined having one, or even talked to a g...
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Minahal Mo. Minahal Ka Ba? by Noryssa
Minahal Mo. Minahal Ka Ba?by Janeee
This is based and inspired with my own story. To make it short, my experience with my first boyfriend, my first love. Stay tuned, and i hope you would like my first stor...
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Plasticine Child by DanniLeighHowe
Plasticine Childby danni-leigh howe
Live is tough, but what is it that sends us to the brink of the edge. This book is mainly set in the 80's, and covers my childhood and what molded me to who i am today...
  • familyandfriends
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The real me/ by makaylaaa_a
The real me/by Makaylaaaa
Just read the story but quick disclaimer it involves lots of stuff obout anxiety , depression, and panic attacks :)
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Persephone Jackson and the Goblet of Fire by kathrynA101
Persephone Jackson and the MyLifeNeedsHelp
Persephone Jackson is a famous Quidditch player and Harry Potter's sister. She comes to Hogwarts with a secret only Dumbledore and Snape know. They battle the hardships...
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Ai [NaLu One-Shots] ♡ by BewareTheNightmare
Ai [NaLu One-Shots] ♡by Darkness.
Ai, A way of saying 'Love' In japanese. Feel free to leave requests down believe! xoxo , Butterfly.
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Teach Me How to Kiss by honeyinajar
Teach Me How to Kissby honeyinajar
"You're a terrible kisser." "Am not!" "It felt like kissing a wall."
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My first boyfriend  by 1LiveLaughLoveLife1
My first boyfriend by Aaliyah
(This is all fictional, the story is narrated by a fictional character) This is a story about my first boyfriend. Can I tell you, he wasn't ever the nicest person. He al...
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