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Sootputra: The Unsung Hero by drawingwitheraser
Sootputra: The Unsung Heroby Deepak Kumar
Battle was fierce. He didn't lose yet he still dies. Now on the last breaths of his life, his soul refuses to leave. Any other person would want to struggle, To stay ali...
Karn's wife Draupadi by Sparklexstory
Karn's wife Draupadiby Vedika
so this FF is not to hurt anyone's pure imaginary and for darupadi and karn fans if you are their haters than don't read's really different
The Bond Left Unspoken (The Bond Of A Brother And Sister) ✔️ by -Beauty_fOOl-
The Bond Left Unspoken (The Bond xD
|_____________________________| Sequel 1 Brother and sister! A beautiful bond given by the Almighty! What if a bond of brother and sister left unspoken? What if their re...
Suryaputra Karna by Scribbler_16
Suryaputra Karnaby Navya
What will happen if Karna is adopted by the Kuru family when he was just a newborn baby. What role will Kauravs and Pandavs play in his life? What will be Kunti's reacti...
Turning the Kaalchakra Backwards by PraronaMGomes
Turning the Kaalchakra Backwardsby Prarona M. Gomes
What if Karna didn't get cursed by his Guru? What if he had a different Guru all together? What if Kunti had come out clean to Pandu regarding Karn?
Mahabharata - The Retold Story of Karna by nagaten
Mahabharata - The Retold Story nagaten
What if a new child of Surya Dev and Devi Sangya was born? What if zir gurus are the Tridevs and Tridevis? What if ze was forced to take an avatar of Karna? Read this st...
THE ETERNAL LOVE  by PsychedMeow
This book revolves around the love saga of karn and vrushali from there first meeting to their last moment . It is a pure work of fiction few of the things may have rese...
KARNANANYA by Tareeni07
KARNANANYAby Vaishnavi
MAHABHARAT , the epic saga of every human emotion intimately weaved with dharma ( righteousness) and karma. A tale which changed the course of entire history and led to...
altered era - a new begining by issabella559
altered era - a new beginingby issabella559
A thought to change the epic only for entertainment, love and a recent interest in mahabharat.
A Simple Task ➳ Suryaputra Karn by writerofsorts67
A Simple Task ➳ Suryaputra Karnby — 𝑎𝑏𝑖
A Mahabharat Fanfiction. ... The first time Princess Abhinaya wanted to do what she believed was the right thing, she was unsuccessful. She became nervous and second-gue...
Ficlets ➳ Suryaputra Karn by writerofsorts67
Ficlets ➳ Suryaputra Karnby — 𝑎𝑏𝑖
A collection of short stories featuring Suryaputra Karn from Mahabharat. ... This book is purely for fictional purposes only and a product of my imagination. It is not...
THE DARK FATED KANYA by orchid2405
The great Mahabharata war has been over long ago... Sudarshan Chakradhari is now waiting for the curse of Gandhari to show its effect... But an unexpected calamity has c...
suryaputra karn by Ayaana_18
suryaputra karnby sam
what if karn had a twin sister this story mostly revolves around karn and his sister
A Different Path by shainishukla
A Different Pathby Ashes1097
A year ago, Karna had done the unthinkable when he had come to Abhimanyu's aid, refusing to take part in the slaughter of the brave teenager. In that moment, history ha...