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Hiding My Sons (UNEDITED) ni Kim_Nicole06
Hiding My Sons (UNEDITED)ni simply.nitch
"W-what did I do to you? W-why are you torturing me L-like this?" -Marzena Perez. She just want to Have a peaceful life, But it Seems that Destiny is Holding H...
His Unloved Wife ni Dark_Ruler7
His Unloved Wifeni Girl_In_Dreams
Kasal sila sa gusto ng mga magulang nila. Gusto ni Athenna si Suho pero ayaw ng lalaki sa kanya. They used to be best friends and nothing can separate them not until Nho...
My Child's Father! (Completed√) ni Jaishiin
My Child's Father! (Completed√)ni GooNie-chan💕
"She's not yours, Mr. Professor" -Kara Umali Completed✓
I'm the Maid of My EX [Done ✅] ni TheGameofWriting
I'm the Maid of My EX [Done ✅]ni Elaine
Wow lang ha. Kanina lang, kausap ko si Dylan tapos ngayon, naglilinis na ko ng kwarto ng EX ko?! Ang gulo naman yata! Basahin mo na lang kaya?
Akademia of Magikòs - The long lost princess of Ischyròs kingdom (COMPLETED) ni pink_lyn0807
Akademia of Magikòs - The long pink_lyn0807
"Mahal na prinsesa, nagsisimula na sila." Kinuha ko ang baso ko at tumalikod dito. Nagsisimula na pala sila, masyado silang excited matalo. Well..... what do y...
Wanted: Perfect Mother Good Heart Series #1  ni donna-dmmc
Wanted: Perfect Mother Good purplemedo
Isaiah Pontallier ang babaeng taga probinsya. Lumaki nang walang kinagisnang ama pero di niya iyon inalintana dahil sa pagmamahal na binibigay nang ina sa kanya. Kaya na...
PROBINSYANA GIRL MARRIED MAFIA BOSS (EDITED DESCRIPTION) HER Nagmula lang naman ako sa isang simpleng bayan at napadpad sa MANILA para maghanap ng trabaho pero IBA yata...
The Battered Wife (Complete)#SBL2018 ni Xy_XyLanojan
The Battered Wife (Complete) Xy_Xy Lanojan
Si Ivan James Scoth... The number one multi billioner in the world... Owner of different companies all over the world. He's successful in life, Having a very handsome...
The Larcenist Queen ni UnknownHeartbeats
The Larcenist Queenni Yen
Ada teams up with Axis, a sought-after bachelor and heir of her family's rival mafia org, to get back his mother's precious heirloom necklace--only to unravel the secret...
MY YOUNG BRIDE ni curlytops0817
MY YOUNG BRIDEni CurlyTops0817
One of the country's most sought after bachelors Dr. Dwight Theodore Gonzales, thirty is a successful neuro-surgeon does not believe in love. He has never been in a seri...
A Night to Remember ni chrexziah14
A Night to Rememberni chrexziah
He's my Boss, but I wake up one day with him in the same bed and clothes off. And then I remember, I was Drunk and Wasted. Never thought my life could change because of...
Hiding the CEO's twins (COMPLETED✅) ni TrixiaQueenVillarma
Hiding the CEO's twins (COMPLETED✅)ni Trixia Queen
She's the CEO's personal assistant, all-around helper, and secretary. Unfortunately, she was intoxicated on that night. She felt betrayed because her boyfriend cheated o...
I'm the Luckiest Girl (A Sandro Marcos Fanfiction) COMPLETED ni legalwifenisandro
I'm the Luckiest Girl (A Sandro legalwifenisandro
What if a Sandro Marcos fell inlove with an ordinary girl?
Gangster in Disguise (CURRENTLY ON HOLD) ni cxjmnll
Gangster in Disguise (CURRENTLY Unknown
Sometimes, physical appearance fools us. Being a person with a common perspective, people with glasses tend to be weak, smart, and geeks for us. But you never know how a...
Cinderella is Gay ni PrudencianMund
Cinderella is Gayni PrudencianMund
Yohan has been in love with his bestfriend Phil for the longest time. He wasn't sure kung kailan nagsimulang mag-iba ang feelings niya para dito. Basta isang araw, naram...
Ivory ➵ Mitsuya Takashi ni kiwitooth
Ivory ➵ Mitsuya Takashini kiwitooth
╰┈➤ ❝ [rivals end up as lovers!] • TAGALOG-ENGLISH FIC • ACADEMIC RIVALS TROPE • LIGHT PLOT • HIGHSCHOOL AU People say that in every class, there is always a student who...
He Loves Him ni micuteness
He Loves Himni michael.kun
Drop Delgado, the university's captain ball and yearly MVP, has no experience about love. He barely knew anything about romance. But he has a girlfriend. That's quite ir...
Accidentally pregnant by campus king (COMPLETE) ni golden_ice23
Accidentally pregnant by campus binibining write
taylor klinn el ruego -she is only mine no one can take away from me. Kate Shea Fue - I never imagine to fall in love to you like this. Rank 7 - action Rank 44- romanc...
Sunrise and Sunsets (F.A.A.M Fan Fiction 1) ni only4falexander
Sunrise and Sunsets (F.A.A.M Fan Love Celestine
From fan girl to fan for life. Love Celestine who fell in love with Alexander Marcos, the dj she met in 2016 eventually met the other again unexpectedly in the persona o...