Stutter Boy// Jorbyn  by Zonahfandom
Stutter Boy// Jorbyn by Zonahfandom
*COMPLETE* Corbyn Besson is a boy who was born with a condition where his jaw doesn't work properly and his throat seems to close up causing him to stutter badly. His fa...
  • danielseavey
  • zachherron
  • bxb
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pretty baby | y.m. by yoonminlland
pretty baby | yoonminlland
In which Yoongi and Jimin connect through social media everyday. Contains: ~ camboy jimin ~camboy hobi ~ rappers RM, J-Hope and Agust D ~ smut
  • instagramau
  • bts
  • kimtaehyung
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Hîs Mîstrêss BâbÝ by Choco_Chips2000
Hîs Mîstrêss BâbÝby Choco_Chips2000
No description ??.. Just read ?? . . Some mature scenes too are available ?? Don't read if u r not comfortable ??? . . A bad version of Shivay ... Mean both type of vers...
  • rumya
  • heartbreak
  • anshi
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Avneil FF by neeraja09
Avneil FFby neeraja09
This is a story of Avneil post the jail track. Their journey to overcome their guilt, their flaws and embrace their love and look forward to a beautiful life together! E...
  • naamkarann
  • avni
  • naamkaran
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Queen Killmonger by OfficialBarnes107
Queen Killmongerby OfficialBarnes107
After finding a way to overthrow the king of Wakanda, Erik Stephens, A.K.A Killmonger, realizes he has left the love of his life back in Compton. He will do whatever it...
  • killmonger
  • erikkillmonger
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NIGHTINGALE | T. UDAKU AU [C.S] by yoassbutt
NIGHTINGALE | T. UDAKU AU [C.S]by yoassbutt
  • blackwidow
  • captainamerica
  • wandamaximoff
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My Wolf Boy [ Twilight Fanfic/ Jared Cameron Love Story] by Hime_chan10
My Wolf Boy [ Twilight Fanfic/ Hime_chan10
Twilight and H20: Just Add Water crossover Luna Brown recently moved to La Push, Washington from Gold Coast, Australia. Luna is the only daughter of Nora Brown nee Black...
  • justaddwater
  • soulmates
  • twilight
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Upgrade U by messynormani
Upgrade Uby messynormani
"How you gon' upgrade me? What's higher than number one?" It's kind of like Normani and Dinah are Beyonce and Jay-Z, but like...not?? i don't fucking know i ha...
  • fanfic
  • fifthharmony
  • camilacabello
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Seabrook | Disney's Z-O-M-B-I-E-S Series Season 1 by Zeddison
Seabrook | Disney's Zeddison
*Continuation Of Disney's Z-O-M-B-I-E-S* You've met the Poms & the Zoms, now meet the rest of SeaBrook. Note that this is a SHOW, the series that Zombies rightfully des...
  • zeddison
  • bucky
  • seabrook
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All Theirs (Erik Killmonger) by OutsiderBaddie
All Theirs (Erik Killmonger)by OutsiderBaddie
"This cant happen." "Yes it can." "....... I have to go." I leaned against the door and let myself out. Before the door comepletely closed...
  • blackpanther
  • erikkillmonger
  • tchalla
Milo Manheim × Reader by BubblingTe
Milo Manheim × Readerby BubblingTe
Sooooo....there's this guy...Milo Manheim that plays on ZOMBIES and um...why not make a random x reader about him? *WARNING: Bad Language*
  • milomanheim
  • lateens
  • xreader
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That's Amore (A DDLC Fanfic continuation of "Wait For Me To Come Home") by GustaveSautee
That's Amore (A DDLC Fanfic GustaveSautee
After a year of waking up from his medically induced coma, Spencer fixes the NWG into organized crime. He makes an empire for himself but meets a rival known only as the...
  • sayori
  • natsuki
  • love
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Mai per gioco, solo per amore by MayaS29
Mai per gioco, solo per amoreby MayaS29
Claudio e Mario sono amici da anni e condividono tutto da sempre, sogni, ambizioni, segreti, amicizie, delusioni, vittorie e sconfitte e per ultimo anche se non meno imp...
  • claudiosona
  • romance
  • marioserpa
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Senior Year ↭ Zaddison/Zeddison by rosexxreese
Senior Year ↭ Zaddison/Zeddisonby rosexxreese
it is addison's final year at seabrook high. her boyfriend zed has officially graduated and now resides at university a million miles away. addison is excited to get sen...
  • disney
  • adventure
  • zeddison
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Someday or never?! (Z-O-M-B-I-E-S) by thing26
Someday or never?! (Z-O-M-B-I-E-S)by thing26
It's been two month seen the cheer competition and Zed and all the zombies are finally accepted they have a full-integration. Addison can walk around with her beautiful...
  • zed
  • zaddison
  • zombies
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Learning To Submit To The Nerd by ESMIECutiE
Learning To Submit To The Nerdby ESMIECutiE
"I want you, okay!" I whisper shakily as his hold on my wrists gets tighter. Tears begin to form in my eyes and everything is becoming blurry. "Then why...
  • bully
  • mature
  • nerd
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disney zombies one-shots by bubblelibra
disney zombies one-shotsby bubblelibra
one-shots about the new disney dcom, zombies! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* requests are open, one-shots are on average about 1,000 words
  • imagines
  • zeddison
  • addison
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Decision  by goldenhearteu
Decision by goldenhearteu
Jeon Jungkook is Kim Y/N's stepbrother. But do they really have feelings for each other? And what about Y/N's boyfriend Kim Taehyung? Will she stay with her boyfriend or...
  • btsarmy
  • suga
  • taehyung
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