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One Shot Fanfiction by Anna-mochi
One Shot Fanfictionby Dollie_Mochi
Vmin short fanfiction
Lustful Mafia Husband by jeonbunnyff
Lustful Mafia Husbandby jeonbunnyff
aggressive Lust Dark love Care
Bule Korea - OSH✔ by IrenaAmalie
Bule Korea - OSH✔by Irena Ariesta Amalie
[Warning : JANGAN SIDERS] Seorang Bule cadel dari Korea yang harus sekolah di indonesia. Suatu hal yang sangat merepotkan bagi Rena. Karena apa?? Check this story. . &qu...
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I'll Make You Fall | Lee Know | #2 by pterhan
I'll Make You Fall | Lee Know | #2by pterhan
"FALLEN" SERIES BOOK 2* After the news of FLASHLIGHT Annie and Stray Kids Lee Know dating came out, the company was determined to make the most money out of th...
IT'S ME. by menijk
التـخّفي لا يـعني الخـوف، حـتى إن كـان يُـعني! هـل لـكَ دخـل؟! أنـه أنـا | جيون جونغكوك. - جيون جونغكوك. - شين ميني.
𝐊𝐢𝐝𝐧𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐲 𝐁𝐓𝐒 ||  by Seven_wings
𝐊𝐢𝐝𝐧𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐲 𝐁𝐓𝐒 || by Bangtan
Y/n is a simple girl. But one day she gets kidnapped by the Biggest mafia group 'BTS' Why? Why they kidnapped her? What will they do with her? Will she able to escape fr...
Fading Stars (Warrior Cats Fanfiction) by -fennecfox--
Fading Stars (Warrior Cats Lakie / Fennec
StarClan. Darkpaw hated it. How could a cat so foolish in life suddenly turn all-knowing and wise after their death? How could any cat believe that whatever the stars be...
Strawberry Boba 🍓🧋 by ChangbinsJeans
Strawberry Boba 🍓🧋by Jinnie
Changbin x Male reader In which Changbin finds a Cafe and falls for the owner/only worker there. He noticed something off... about this worker He has the urge to prote...
Ennemies to Lovers by Seugmin-Stan
Ennemies to Loversby Ninx
Tu est coréenne tu vis à Busan tu t'appelle Lee Wonyoung ta 16 ans et la sœur de ton harceleur est ta meilleure amie et ton harceleur tombe amoureux de toi
QUEENS by KheinLeeJuit
QUEENSby Khein Lee Juit
A new kpop group has debuted ! wonder who the members will be? 1 . Angelica Evangelio ( Filipino ) 26 Years Old Leader Unnie Lead Vocalists 2 . Kim Ri - Sa ( Korean ) 25...
The Handkerchief (jikook) by gladysdoris_49
The Handkerchief (jikook)by Elysian
နှလုံးသားကို သိမ်းထုပ်သွားတဲ့ မောင့်ရဲ့လက်ကိုင်ပဝါလေး ~ (uni/zawgyi)
Poemas De Uma Pessoa Desocupada by JhonatanAmato
Poemas De Uma Pessoa Desocupadaby JJ
Bom, eu gosto de fazer poemas, versos e essas coisas, então eu resolvi compartilhar um pouco com vocês. Necessariamente, não acho que muitos irão ver, honestamente espe...
Emotionless bitches? [Kny}{Read description} by SunnyTheIdiot
Emotionless bitches? [Kny}{Read Your little simpy bisexual an...
Sanemi Shinazugawa, a boy living in a world with many emotions (and demons), lived as a great Hashira in the Taisho period or whatever Emotions were normal to him, but h...
Edgar Sachiel x Miku Nakano by Citrus_gurl70
Edgar Sachiel x Miku Nakanoby SlothyViolet 🍞🐝
Edgar es un chico que estudia en una clase donde hay 5 quintillizas exactamente iguales, pero él como ni tiene amigos, se junta con ellas, especialmente Miku Nakano El...
Weltenwechsel - Hyunho FF by bunnykattiii
Weltenwechsel - Hyunho FFby ♡fanfics♡
Was wäre, wenn du eines Tages aufwachst und deine ganze Welt sich falsch anfühlt? Wenn alles irgendwie anders aussieht, deine Freunde sich wie ausgetauschte Doppelgänger...
Chemistry Or Mystery ?? ( A LITTLE BIT KOREAN AND ENGLISH) by Cottonwoodss
Chemistry Or Mystery ?? ( A
Story about a mysterious Girl who has a peculiar identity and cannot be told. She has gone through a lot, but then she meets a grp of boys who helps her with the Case Bu...
my mysterious assistant || ongoing || min yoongi by bunnie_jeon
my mysterious assistant || Ackersmith
ι тнσυgнт үσυ ωεяε α вσү..."үσσηgι sαι∂ αs нε вιт нιs ℓσωεя ℓιρs. үσυ cαη'т тεℓℓ ιғ нε's мα∂ σя ∂ιsαρρσιηтε∂ αвσυт тнε ғαcт тнαт үσυ ∂ιsgυιsε∂ үσυяsεℓғ αs α вσү...
BTS BL by CloudYi7
BTS BLby CloudYi7
상상은 오늘부로 스탑 내가 너의 상상의 그대가 되어줄게! 이리와 이제 참을수 없으니까.
¿Han escuchado que el amor puede sobrepasar cualquier barrera? ¿Podrá superar el de una guerra? SeungWoo y SeungSik son dos jóvenes coreanos que se aman infinitamente. A...
곁에 머물러줄래 (완결) by MonNyang
곁에 머물러줄래 (완결)by MonNyang
방황하는 태형을 찾으러 간 정국. 거창하진 않으나, 사랑스러운 둘의 이야기가 시작됩니다. *원제목 [태태와 정꾸는 무슨 사이?]를 변경했습니다. 내용은 조금씩 수정할 예정이지만 스토리에 큰 변화를 주진 않을테니 다시 한 번 잘 부탁드려요! 여러분의 관심이 제게 큰 힘이 된답니다! 사랑해요 독자님들! ...