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Straight from Heaven ~ A Seungjin FF ~ by vanilinnie
Straight from Heaven ~ A corey
Once suffering from a terrible parasomnia after being clear for years, Seungmin realizes that he may not be cured as he was told. Would the night his life changed be due...
¿Han escuchado que el amor puede sobrepasar cualquier barrera? ¿Podrá superar el de una guerra? SeungWoo y SeungSik son dos jóvenes coreanos que se aman infinitamente. A...
[ Taekook ] Những Mẫu Truyện Nhỏ Cùng Taekook by haniesg
[ Taekook ] Những Mẫu Truyện Nhỏ hanie
Cùng tận hưởng hành trình nhỏ của 2 anh bé nào.
the mafia  by stvykvdz
the mafia by bangchan~ffs
u are in a mafia gang named itzy u go to missions. In these missions u and ur group have to steal something called the gold coin from other mafia gangs there are 600 gan...
곁에 머물러줄래 (완결) by MonNyang
곁에 머물러줄래 (완결)by MonNyang
방황하는 태형을 찾으러 간 정국. 거창하진 않으나, 사랑스러운 둘의 이야기가 시작됩니다. *원제목 [태태와 정꾸는 무슨 사이?]를 변경했습니다. 내용은 조금씩 수정할 예정이지만 스토리에 큰 변화를 주진 않을테니 다시 한 번 잘 부탁드려요! 여러분의 관심이 제게 큰 힘이 된답니다! 사랑해요 독자님들! ...
What about destiny?? || Taekook story by Baemoon29
What about destiny?? || Taekook Baemoon29
Warning! Rate M⚠️ Homophobic? Go away! BxB Area! Top -V Bot -Jk 100% Just fanfiction story!
MY FUCKING LORD by jeonmyong
MY FUCKING LORDby jeonmyong
"aku sangat ingin membunuh mu, jalang!" Jungkook "aku jalang mu tuan, hanya kau yang menawarkan ku uang untuk melayani mu!" *** 🔞💦💦💦adult story...
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Love triangle [Enhypen ff] by Petra_lovebts
Love triangle [Enhypen ff]by Petra_lovebts
Mein Leben war normal bis meine Eltern plötzlich bei einem Autounfall starben. Und jetzt war es an der Zeit in eine neue Stadt zu ziehen um alles hinter uns zu lassen. U...
Best friends - Hyunminsung by Hanniemin9
Best friends - Hyunminsungby Lan Juillet
Hyunjin, Jisung and Minho were best friends since kindergarten. Their friendship became strong throughout the years... what will happen when the two olders start develop...
영원히 너와 함께 (정국과 태형) by nnnoze
영원히 너와 함께 (정국과 태형)by ..
정국과 태형은 정국이 여섯 살, 태형이 일곱 살 때부터 친구였다. 부모님도 이웃집에 살기 때문에 친구입니다. 어느 날 정국의 부모님은 부산의 다른 곳으로 이사를 가기로 했고, 태형은 정국이 작별인사를 하지 않고 남겨졌다. 11년 후, 한 엔터테인먼트 회사는 새로운 보이 그룹의 소년을 찾기 위해 전 세...
I Simply Meet The Star by ara_sing
I Simply Meet The Starby ara_sing
Akala ko kapag nag abroad ako, madali lang akong makakatulong sa pamilya ko. Akala ko lang pala yun, bawat kinikita ko kailangang paabutin ko yun ng ilang araw. Dahil hi...
A Book Of Everything(Taking Requests) by KKKKKKKKKK_Kai
A Book Of Everything(Taking Kai Kai
This is the book of you, me, and everyone in between. Is there a story you want to read but don't want to write yourself? Send your requests to me! I will only do one ch...
She's My Stepsister by AremmaeChan025
She's My Stepsisterby We_l2lost
My life is so perfect, i will never wish for more. Wealth, happiness, attention, fame, talent, and love. That's all i have not until they come. My step mom and stepsiste...
Playfull kiss season 3||Naughty kiss|| Michievous kiss|| Baek seung jo||Oh ha ni by gg_Gita
Playfull kiss season 3||Naughty gg_Gita
Ya Oh Ha Ni! Bagaimana mungkin kau masih konyol walau sudah memiliki dua anak? Ya Baek Seung Jo kenapa kau masih suka meledekku begitu sih Kyaaaaaaaa gabut bener-bener g...
star gazing || seunglix [INCOMPLETE] by 90S-LUV
star gazing || seunglix [ 恋わずらいの ❤️‍🔥
Seungmin is just a normal boy with a normal life. Having a crush on one of the popular kids at school is really hard, since he only has one faith; getting accepted or ge...
TWIN TROUBLEMAKERS ©||Hyun Jin❌Hwang Yeji by Anna_niez
[TWIN TROUBLEMAKERS||Anna_niez] First karya Anna_niez -------------------------------------------------- HWANG YEJI/HWANG HYUN JIN Twin beza gender? Nah jarang² berlaku...