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It's Not What It Looks Like by rivalstolovers
It's Not What It Looks Likeby -` lumi !!
In which the popular boy attempts to use an exchange student to make his ex girlfriend jealous, but his ex ends up (fake) dating the exchange student instead. - After ne...
Moira by simply-caitlyn
Moiraby - ̗̀ caitlyn ̖́-
"Don't judge my bangs. My mom made me do it." I say. "It's cute." He says, biting back a laugh. "Asshole," I murmur. "Wait... In the...
Conveniently Inspired by Swaggermcjagger101
Conveniently Inspiredby jenners_101
Skylar Lin agrees to fake date Kaden Brooks for a deal of a lifetime. Kaden needs to get his ex-girlfriend off his back, and when Skylar pops into life, he sees her as t...
Ivy || Draco Malfoy by LucyAParker
Ivy || Draco Malfoyby Lucy A. Parker
Ivy Evans, Slytherin, 6th Year, Harry Potter's twin sister, little to her and Harry's knowledge. After Ivy's adoptive muggle parents die, Professor Dumbledore comes to...
Can You Keep A Secret? (Completed) by LJRwrites
Can You Keep A Secret? (Completed)by LettieJean Rivers
Aria has been cordially invited to the wedding of the century . According to her mom . Her older sister is finally marrying her high school sweetheart and she couldn't b...
Switching Teams (BoyxBoy) (Completed) by MadnessReverie
Switching Teams (BoyxBoy) (Complet...by Lillie Shay
#1 in gaypride *********** ©MadnessReverie At this moment, it doesn't matter that Cara is all over me. It doesn't matter that her body feels all wrong pressed against...
My secret office romance [Kim Taehyung FF] by 96jgjae
My secret office romance [Kim Taeh...by June <3
He's handsome, he's intelligent, he's talented and he's my cold boss. It all started when he introduced me as his girlfriend to avoid his arranged marriage but faith had...
Sex Slave For Jacob  by babyyxpsych0
Sex Slave For Jacob by 𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂𝓹𝓼𝔂𝓬𝓱𝓸
Jacob Owns The Day Enterprises and a famous record label. Nessa is struggling with her career as an artist. Making a deal with Jacob is a whirlwind especially since it h...
Crazy but Sweet, Sweet but Crazy by coko_rose
Crazy but Sweet, Sweet but Crazyby Rose
As heiress of Horan Holdings, a disgraced press company, Clare Horan moves to another school in her senior year of high school after losing her temper against a classmat...
My Fake Girlfriend || JJK by Galactic_Chim
My Fake Girlfriend || JJKby SquishyMochi
While at your job, he suddenly gives a big task that you'll for sure to fail accomplishing it. Or won't? What if the task is so big, that you force yourself to not fall...
Capturing His Heart by milliethebanana
Capturing His Heartby Millie
Meet Cecilia Blackett, a young strong-willed woman of 22 and also her boss, Logan Knight's girlfriend. Well, not exactly his girlfriend but his fake girlfriend. She gets...
Once Upon A Dream by smurfyphantom06
Once Upon A Dreamby smurfyphantom06
Everyone's heard the expression "dream girl" but for Riley Grantson he means it. Every night when Riley drifts off to sleep he has a dream where he encounters...
Mrs. Noir? by Pom240135
Mrs. Noir?by Michael15
Please check out the rewrite, Mrs. Noir, Take Two. ••• A marichat story. What happens when Chat says Marinette is his girlfriend when she isn't and Alya gets it on ta...
Super Lame (Dream x OC) by peacecast
Super Lame (Dream x OC)by peacecast
Lana is a small streamer who finds herself stuck on the same mcc team as uptight Dream. When he asks her a huge favor, she is surprised because she was under the impress...
My Fake Boyfriend (Jacob Day) by love_bees333
My Fake Boyfriend (Jacob Day)by mama
This story is about you and Jacob being in a fake relationship to get back to their exes, read to find out what happens with your 'fake' relationship! ‼️WARNING‼️ ⚠️Abus...
Bound In Matrimony by rayverrei89
Bound In Matrimonyby Rayver Rei
In a tangle of politics, Savie and Z are bound in matrimony. Their saga begins in high school, where clashing personalities spark an unexpected connection. After years a...
Ayoko Sa'yo by emuisely
Ayoko Sa'yoby Emuise ˶⁠ ⁠❛⁠ ⁠ꁞ⁠ ⁠❛⁠ ⁠˶⁠ 
Isang dalagang dati pa nagdesisyon na hindi iibig sa sinuman; pagkat siya ay masasaktan lamang. Hindi niya inakala na magagawa niya ang mga bagay na ayaw niya para magpa...
Be my fake girlfriend? Sarawat x reader by Cuttiecat72
Be my fake girlfriend? Sarawat x r...by Kiki
I haven't seen any Sarawat x reader and I would like to give the others a treat ofc. I know that everyone has been shipping Sarawat with Tine. Well aware of that fact, b...
Green for Envy | Draco Malfoy x y/n by MyTofuIsYummy
Green for Envy | Draco Malfoy x y/nby Katie-Jay
§- "Green is my favourite colour, although it§ annoying when when people think of green all they think of i§ being ~green for envy~ and it make§ me §ick" -§ ❗...