Green With A Twist by siriusly_0bsessed
Green With A Twistby siriusly_0bsessed
*TRAILER FOR THIRD YEAR ON CHAPTER 21!!* What if instead of Harry James Potter there was Dahlia Lillian Potter? What if instead of being a carbon copy of her dad she was...
  • slytherinprincess
  • dracomalfoy
  • harrypotter
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Dramione: Love Story at Malfoy Manor by DramioneFangirlSays
Dramione: Love Story at Malfoy Avy_Anderson
*COMPLETED STORY* The Dark Lord is dead but some of the deatheaters are still alive. Some are in other countries, some are hiding for not to get killed or be sent in Azk...
  • goldengirl
  • malfoymanor
  • malfoy
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T H R E E  G A N G S,  O N E  G I R L by Princess_O15
T H R E E G A N G S, O N E G Princess_O15
Destiny was only 6 when her parents had died. Ever since then she's been living with her Aunt and uncle and my cousin called Jem. New year, new school. Destiny is the n...
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Broken by sweet_peach04
Brokenby sweet_peach04
Avery Wyatt had the perfect life. She was the school's golden girl who everyone adored, but one tragic event changed her life forever. *Full synopsis inside*
  • shattered
  • romance
  • goldengirl
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Three Cabbages and a Cabbage Slayer by Lazy_Choco
Three Cabbages and a Cabbage Slayerby Choco Berry
Idea by @SugaTheGenius.
  • cabbage
  • cat
  • cabbageslayer
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A&A Cover Shop by 1covershop
A&A Cover Shopby A&A Company CLOSED
We can create regular and anime covers! Just fill out the request form in the first chapter. ~ Requests are open ~ Check out our pre-mades!
  • covershop
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Fall From Grace (Fall of 2018) by oasis_soul
Fall From Grace (Fall of 2018)by Iris
For Emerett, high school was easy. She was the head cheerleader, the perfect student, the Golden Girl and had the hottest guy as her boyfriend, but senior year changed e...
  • teenlove
  • demonvsangel
  • teendrama
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Two Gangs And A Golden Girl Fanfic by TGProductions
Two Gangs And A Golden Girl Fanficby T & G Stories
This is the short story of Amber and the gang's new life together 1 gang and golden girl For the @hollyshmit writing competition of 2018 Enjoy 💓💓 #1 on hashtag hollys...
  • contest
  • tgaagg
  • goldengirl
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Labels by -tangledthoughts
Labelsby a l e k h y a🥀
❝Everything I love has a label, and I'm just too broke to pay the price❞ One golden girl. An all rounder, a smart alec, the queen bee. One bad boy. A trouble-ma...
  • labels
  • highschool
  • bestfriends
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Two Gangs and a Golden Girl CONTEST by lenamae01
Two Gangs and a Golden Girl CONTESTby Mae.Mae
This is a short story for the contest of Two Gangs and a Golden Girl. This is fanfiction and I enjoyed writing this! Two Gangs and a Golden Girl is written by @hollyshmit
  • contest
  • goldengirl
Flashes Of Gold [tgaagg Fan-fiction] by Gives0XBS
Flashes Of Gold [tgaagg N A N I
[Flashes Of Gold is a fan fiction from the book 'Two Gangs and A Golden Girl'] Highly recommend to read that book by @hollyshmit This one shot is going to be a story of...
  • goldengirl
  • gangs
  • westgang
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The New Life  by nnnstories
The New Life by nnnstories
Marly is a 18 years old girl. She has a billionaire family,but one day she moved from the city she lived in for 18 years and moved to London were her cousins live there...
  • highschool
  • cousin
  • goldengirls
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Frozen Gold (TGAAGG fanfic) by countrygirl110901
Frozen Gold (TGAAGG fanfic)by Rebecca C.
The Golden Girl is in a coma, leaving the Bleak Boy, the Copper Boy, and as I call him the Burgundy Devil in fear of losing her. They all fear losing her, they've all fa...
  • xavier
  • twogangsandagoldengirl
  • goldengirl
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Behind the mask by rosesareblue01
Behind the maskby #appreciatethebean
It's a contest. Not my characters. *** Camila
  • teen
  • contest
  • book
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Golden Girls Quotes&Memes by OnceUponADreamtm
Golden Girls Quotes&Memesby Michele B. Carter
Some The Golden Girls Quotes and Memes
  • thankyouforbeingafriend
  • goldengirls
  • dorothyzbornak
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Accidentally Delinquent | ON HOLD by BeaChanel
Accidentally Delinquent | ON HOLDby lennia™
Goods girls are bad who have yet to be caught. ~ Accidentally Delinquent. >> ♡ << ♡ >> ♡ << Copyright 2018 by author. BeaChanel. All Rights Rese...
  • projectbadassgirls
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  • wallflower
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28 Days by PrettyCumberBytches
28 Daysby NotSureWhatI'mDoingWithMyLife
"Class, today I have excellent news to share with you! As you're aware, you are all hoping to major under the domain of neuroscience. You must pass this class in or...
  • comebacks
  • badboy
  • senior
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Marigold Massacre by pigsvsrabbits
Marigold Massacreby pigsvsrabbits
Fanfic story for TGAAGG (A story on Wattpad by HollyShmit) What is a normal day with the Marigold's like? What happened the night that Amber's parents were murdered? Wha...
  • goldengirl
  • tgaagg
  • fanfiction
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A Month of Miami, Not A Month Off by DCPOODLEXX
A Month of Miami, Not A Month Offby alyssa ??
The writers of the Alan Brady Show go to Miami so Alan Brady can work on a Miami special. They meet 4 older women living in the same house offering the writers to stay w...
  • wattys2018
  • friendship
  • dickvandykeshow
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