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Facing the World by spotted_gossip_girl
Facing the Worldby SG
A Story of an Indian Girl's life in the City If your coming from A big family of crazy strict rules, then Welcome to Simiran's world. She has been brought up in a Punjab...
  • family
  • dosti
  • world
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He's my Prince Charming?!!! by Chittapoop
He's my Prince Charming?!!!by 티
17 years old Kiera Violante is treated as a servant and a maid. Ever since her dad passed away leaving her with her step-mom and evil step-brother, they torment her and...
  • jealousy
  • amigos
  • friend
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Daddy's Little She-Wolf by violetb212
Daddy's Little She-Wolfby violetb212
Sara Rose.....Her world fell apart in one phone call..."I'm so sorry, so so sorry baby....your daddy died today" even her grand-mama couldn't keep the sting fr...
  • fear
  • alpha
  • long
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Dream by themeghancoleman
Dreamby Meghan Coleman
Moriah is in love with her best friend, Marcus. Marcus is in love with his best friend, Moriah. Neither willing to risk their friendship, say nothing about their love...
  • life
  • date
  • cheating
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Facing The Truth  by daisygwen
Facing The Truth by Daisy
one shot story
  • facing
  • truth
Dead Silence. by Kentucky_Girl
Dead Silence.by Lacee Danie
"Beware the stare of Mary Shaw. She had no children, only her dolls. If you see her in your dreams, be sure you never, ever scream or she'll rip your tongue out at...
  • pain
  • facing
  • screaming
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The Lion King: The Retold Continuation by JunBlazeTiger
The Lion King: The Retold Continua...by JunBlazeTiger
In 1994, a legendary story was created. Now, it continues down a different path... (This fan story is a sequel only to the original 1994 movie, therefore retconing/ignor...
  • retcon
  • emotions
  • retoldcontinuation
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Facing Reality by bandh0e
Facing Realityby bandh0e
(you don't have to read Ex-Bestfriend to get the story) After the twist and turns of Savannah and Gavin's relationship, they finally settled down and years later, Savann...
  • teen
  • sequel
  • facing
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Another Love Story (editing) by XwithasideofY
Another Love Story (editing)by XwithasideofY
Addie is a simple girl who is stuck in a life full of fame and fortune that she doesn't want. Having experienced rejection of not being 'cool' enough to be at the top, s...
  • date
  • movie
  • false
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Facing Fears by Pigsrcrazy
Facing Fearsby Pigsrcrazy
Hey Peeps! Its Pigs A.K.A Pigsrcrazy this is one of my latest projects and one of my favorites so please share with your friends and remember to leave a comment for sugg...
  • facing
  • anime
  • fiction
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Facing the Flames by bickidabird
Facing the Flamesby bickidabird
Yannika always thought her forest village was invincible. Until the fire came. Now, orphaned and alone, she turns to a simple beach village for help. But will she hide f...
  • tree
  • village
  • seth
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Big Big World by Reshma123
Big Big Worldby Reshma
This book is a about how a teenage girl suffers, and her dream to become a singer
  • facing
  • crisis
  • responsibiities
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Vanish by RavynHarker
Vanishby RavynHarker
  • facing
  • monster
  • within
Free Falling- UNDER EDITING by Tamara_xx
Free Falling- UNDER EDITINGby your bus driver
Story is in first person. (e.g I felt sad etc.) - Do you know what Mia hates more than sneezing on your period? Heights. They're terrifying. The thought of your feet off...
  • falling
  • popular
  • girl
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Twists And Turns by AmberWhales
Twists And Turnsby AmberWhales
Alysa is 15. She is no now growing up and facing the world, but she needs to understand that she is not alone . One day , a simple mistake turns into a huge mess and lot...
  • cool
  • facing
  • turns
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Don't Go by RawanKafafi
Don't Goby Rawan Kafafi
Ally is a 16 year old girl, who her past and preset are a mystery to everyone including herself. she has a curse, a demon possessed her when she was young. Her curse was...
  • facing
  • demon
  • curse
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The Story of Us by MelodyAndThatBlonde
The Story of Usby Chris and Rebecca!
Rachel Jergens and Noah Morgan barely acknowledge each other. However, both are constantly running from the past and dodging the memories that come along with it. Neithe...
  • game
  • noah
  • morgan
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