Gateway Stories

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The Gateway That Led To You by jelsalover14
The Gateway That Led To Youby Jelsalover14
A mysterious gateway appears in Arendelle, Burgess, Scotland, Berk and Corona. Some say the gateway leads to paradise. Some say the gateway leads to heaven or hell. Some...
The Fiction Games by DTStories
The Fiction Gamesby DTStories
What if your favorite heroes clashed in a war on a live event? Who will win? Who will die? Which heroes will become allies? Which heroes will seek to wipe out the entire...
The Change[Not Completed] by Nagsuitangi
The Change[Not Completed]by GNatius
Nagisa, a boy in his dimension, suddenly a girl in another. What's more, Karma Akabane, Nagisa's rival has suddenly turned into her lover. Nagisa now a boy trapped in a...
Green Flu inside another world. by WarDestroyer909
Green Flu inside another WarUndHammer
Victorious Empire is a knock off British Empire with magic and they are hungry for conquest and so opened a gateway to the United States of America during the events of...
Tilly Gets Her Man by sesmithfl
Tilly Gets Her Manby S. E. Smith
A delightful, complete short story by S.E. Smith based on her USAT Bestselling Series, Cosmos' Gateway. Find out just what happens when Tilly sets her sights on Angus Be...
Strange Senses by Zhypho
Strange Sensesby Person
A young boy finds out he is a gateway from hell to earth, he must find a way to close the gate.
Gateway for a Displaced People by JeffRains
Gateway for a Displaced Peopleby Jeff Rains
This is a short Nia Green story I wrote that originally appeared in the Cauldron's Brew, a small press publication, in February 1997. I lost the original final draft an...