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Fat To Fabulous by xoxoAbbeyxoxo
Fat To Fabulousby xoxoAbbeyxoxo
April Phillips is your typical nerdy girl with her typical glasses, typical unruly brown hair, and typical acne. She is a little over 300 pounds and is constantly called...
Is this love? (Black butler x modern reader) by xLlamaCornPotatox
Is this love? (Black butler x mode...by xSoph
(Y/n), A normal, anime obsessed girl. What happens when everyone from black butler comes bursting out of your tv? Will they fall in love with you? The bigger question is...
◈ Magnus X Alec One Shots ◈ Malec ◈ by CheshireCatLife
◈ Magnus X Alec One Shots ◈ Malec ◈by Sssshhhhhh
A world of Malec! 35+ one-shots ranging from fluff all the way to heavy angst. Be ready for an emotional rollercoaster and have a read! :)
• Nico di Angelo x Reader • One Shots • by xMysticxMagicx
• Nico di Angelo x Reader • One Sh...by awhmua
"One person has many sides..." Love the Ghost King? Want to read about the crazy adventures featuring you, the reader, and Nico? Maybe cook together, or have...
Knightly wolf (A black butler fan fic) by Teddybearnation808
Knightly wolf (A black butler fan...by Ginnie / Teddy
Claira knights,A young girl of 18 stuck most of her life in a cage after her parents died and she was kidnapped.But recently she was freed and apparently bought.Find out...
Fabulous ✅  by JessicaMorel0
Fabulous ✅ by Jess M.
Samantha Taylor's life has always been fabulous. Clothes, shoes, parties, boys but everything she thought she knew goes up in smoke when she accepts a design scholarship...
MIllion Dollar Love <3 by Jhazel_Michaela
MIllion Dollar Love <3by Michaela Go
Lily Rain is a 20 year old rich-beautiful-fab-glamorous lady with a big heart and big dreams. She's the only daughter of the CEO of the super famous RAIN INDUSTRY, the l...
Gay CrushXReader One shots  by Cartexzcat
Gay CrushXReader One shots by Cartexzcat
This is a crushXReader one shots book. You see many of these type of books here on Wattpad but usually never with a gay point of view male or female. So I'm trying my ha...
Undertale Zodiac Signs by Fluffle_Pufff
Undertale Zodiac Signsby FlufflePuff
(Chapters don't affect each other) Just a few of these Zodiac sings with undertale Because why not? Hope you enjoy -3- ~Undertale Belongs To Toby Fox ~Im not the owner o...
A Billion Dollar Mess |completed| by Pauly_Queen
A Billion Dollar Mess |completed|by D_Queen
(Currently editing. May take a while) With a trouble so big there's no solution, all you can do is kick back and relax. On her way to the university, Arabella acc...
My Cute, Little Bunny (Toy Bonnie X Reader) by Da_Real_Toy_Bonnie
My Cute, Little Bunny (Toy Bonnie...by ☆ Toy Bonnie ☆
(Y/N)? I've known her for a while. She's really kind, smart and pretty. I think I like her and I hope she returns the feeling back. Admin: I do NOT own any character, yo...
Opinions On Undertale ships by CakedaBomb
Opinions On Undertale shipsby CakedaBomb
My opinions/judgments/appraisals/conclusions on undertale ships. You can either request a ship or sit back and watch me make the chapters on ships that I know. Descript...
Leonardo DiCaprio Stuff by Alitriesherbest
Leonardo DiCaprio Stuffby Ali
This is your #1 place for all the Leonardo DiCaprio stuff you may ever need. Or don't need. Because I'll probably annoy you with irrelevant, cheesy things. Includes: *Pi...
Todoroki x Deku (normal high school au) by weabooooo
Todoroki x Deku (normal high schoo...by weabooooo
" It's the end of school and practically no ones in the halls. I'm packing up my school bag ready to leave when I see Kacchan. He runs me into the lockers, hard...
Leo Valdez One Shots by Par0xyms
Leo Valdez One Shotsby InsanityWings101
Leo Valdez one-shots, all originally written during 2016. Important: I'm no longer in the Heroes of Olympus fandom as of early 2018, and these writings were made back in...
Sokeefe High School AU by Fabulous_Penguin77
Sokeefe High School AUby LonelyPenguin
Sophie foster had never fit in, always moving from school to school, city to city, depressed from losing her parents, abusive foster parent and she didn't even fit in be...
My Girlfriend Is Pervert [ON-GOING] (Slow update) by M_a_rY
My Girlfriend Is Pervert [ON-GOING...by itsMaryApril
Once a pervert girl fall inlove you gonna be careful because pag ikaw minanyak niya nako ewan ko nalang kong bibigay ka😂 well hope you read this till end.
The Killjoys of Zone 6 (MCR FanFic) by MiaKat101
The Killjoys of Zone 6 (MCR FanFic)by Get off my profile, weirdos
(Book 1) Static Bomb travels with the famous Fabulous Killjoys, has done for 7 years and it's made her one of the best the BLI have seen. She is free, she is happy. But...