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Mostly Peter Parker one shots by HoneyImTheDevil
Mostly Peter Parker one shotsby Lucifer Morningstar
A bunch of Peter Parker one shots. They all will be mine. I like to write: Starker Spiderpool Irondad spiderson Field trips Stony and Peter as their son Stucky and P...
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WinterIron One-Shots by AutumnTheMemeQueen
WinterIron One-Shotsby Autumn
So this is all WinterIron one-shots, there won't be any smut at all. Though there may be suggestive language.
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Stark Raving Hazelnut | MARVEL/RANDOM by mightymudkipwarrior
Stark Raving Hazelnut | MARVEL/ Protector of Mudkipz
Basically a place for me to put all the Marvel Tumblr things that I find on Tumblr instead of placing them all in my random book, and cluttering that up. Please read th...
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Tony will be Adored! by Icetiger0712
Tony will be Adored!by IceTiger
Tony Stark, Genius, Billionaire, ex-playboy, philanthropist. And drop dead gorgeous, a little shy and the most caring person on the planet. Tony brings the Avengers toge...
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Mi pequeño gran héroe by AntoshkaStark
Mi pequeño gran héroeby Ana Evans
Tony ha sufrido un accidente en el laboratorio transformándose físicamente en un niño de dos años. Su mente es modificada eliminando sus años como adulto. Bruce piensa...
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WinterIron One Shots by marvelwinteriron
WinterIron One Shotsby 𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚊 ‎⎊‎ ‎⍟
Tony and Bucky. That's it.
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eggshells » winteriron by lronman
eggshells » winterironby wanda (aka julia)
where everyone else walks on eggshells around bucky but tony jumps on them and bucky's completely fine with that
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sightless ➡️ winteriron by W0rldWith0utSun
sightless ➡️ winterironby ӄǟȶɛʀɨռǟ
[highest ranking #1 in winteriron] (I apologize for the really shitty chapters in the beginning. Get through those and you're golden lmao.) When Tony loses his sight fro...
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Impossible To Get Rid Of by NeptuneEmpire
Impossible To Get Rid Ofby NeptuneEmpire
[AU] Tony Stark has been dead for over 4 years, he was killed in Siberia by the Shrapnel piercing his Heart because Rogers broke his Arc Reactor. Of course, people assum...
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VERDADES (Winteriron) Resubiendo by LeidyZuigaHerrera2
VERDADES (Winteriron) Resubiendoby Tia Waka
El frió se filtraba por las grietas del traje... Escuchaba el palpitar de su corazón cada vez mas lento Su vista se volvía borrosa, mientras esas figuras se alejaban en...
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marvel oneshots  by EthxnHatesHumans
marvel oneshots by ethan
to all the tumblr users coming up with amazing writing prompts for the mcu: here is a compilation of them! [cover art credit: @Trashcanakin on tumblr] [edit credit: me]
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Here for you ~ starkbucks (winteriron) by FunkySpaceWizard12
Here for you ~ starkbucks ( Navy
Book 1 in the safe and sound ~ Starkbucks (Winteriron) series. Tony Stark and Bucky Barnes. It doesn't work does it? No. But what if it did? When Tony is introduced to B...
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Marvel Oneshots  by dreamy-stark
Marvel Oneshots by dreamy-stark
Smut,fluff,angst. I don't own any Marvel characters. Mostly x readers
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Winteriron by amazingjackieboi
Winterironby Michael (not Doyle)
this idea has been pretty much in my head, hope you love it.
Choosing You (Tony x Bucky) by admxtal
Choosing You (Tony x Bucky)by Tal
When James Barnes wakes up from Chryo, he has to find out who he is and what's important to him. He learns that freedom is the ability to make your own decisions. Steve...
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Phantom power and Ludicrous speed | Winteriron by xTonyTurtleX
Phantom power and Ludicrous :)
Bucky is new to the area. As he grows up his attention was always on Tony. Even though they lived right across from each other, they never really talked. Well that's wha...
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First came Steve by drachoemaloy
First came Steveby Draco Malfoy
So there is a serious lack of stuckony fics on here so I plan to change that thus: this.
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Winteriron oneshots  by liz_holmes32
Winteriron oneshots by liz_holmes32
Exactly what the title says if you have any prompts feel free to pm me
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• Marvel Ship Oneshots • by ms-strange
• Marvel Ship Oneshots •by Nitya
•Marvel shippers,Assemble! Here you shall find oneshots of many kinds that sometimes will send fluffy butterflies down your tummy or oneshots that will leave a bump on...
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Under the Moon by OldGouki
Under the Moonby OldGouki
Tras cuatro años de lo ocurrido en civil war; El gran Tony Stark decide dar su brazo a torcer para ayudar a su viejo equipo en un intento descabellado por traer vuelta...
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