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Business and Pleasure by Shakayla16
Business and Pleasureby Shakayla16
Megan is a 20 year old boss bitch from Alabama. She was the baddest walking around and she knew it. She's all about her coins until she meet Jordan who's the same but he...
Harlem Love 🧡 by Mirakleeeee
Harlem Love 🧡by Mirakle😚🤍
It all started in the projects of Harlem...
Turbinio by 6Adipocere9
Turbinioby retlasute
You're a brilliant woman, and there is no doubt about it. Your herbal skills make you the best healer a traveler can find. To others, your life is a mystery and you're n...
No Limits by Kueen_XO
No Limitsby Kueen_XO
This story is kinda of out there so veiwer discretion is advised. Just a bunch of short stories of the sexual experiences I have encountered through my years. #XOTOD I h...
Demon On My Mind  by Papionie
Demon On My Mind by Sarou
You'd be surprised to know how human like demons appear to be. They walk around us all the time... What happens when all Hell breaks loose? Satan plays weird tricks as w...
adebimpe the facebook girl  by exibit_creator
adebimpe the facebook girl by exibit_creator
A very erotic story of a guy who happens to bleep every girl he meets it all started from a girl named adebimpe he met on Facebook follow me and enjoy. Don't forget to v...
What Have You Done? Negan X Reader by th4t_0n3_wr1t3r
What Have You Done? Negan X Readerby ???
The lineup. The day her life changed forever. And his. Was it for the best, or the worst? (Y/N) Grimes did not know. All she knew was she hated the man named Negan. Coul...
Ada's Story - Kinnporsche Universe by Iseul444
Ada's Story - Kinnporsche Universeby Choi Iseul
What if Korn, when his sons were little, killed an Italian mafia family and decided to adopt the boss' daughter? This is the story of Ada, the older adoptive sister of T...
Sparkling Jade: A Wings Of Fire Self-Insert by AriDoesThing
Sparkling Jade: A Wings Of Fire Se...by AriDoesThing
Ari has found herself in a strange place, and as an entirely new species: A dragon! She quickly learns she's in Wings Of Fire, a world she would have killed to be in. An...
Breathe | ✓ (first draft) by Blissful_Writer
Breathe | ✓ (first draft)by Bliss
❛❛Every breath I take is because of you.❜❜ Nikhila Benson sustains the burden of her heavy past, with secrets holding her back from setting to the skies. Days drag by, a...
The Defenders in Remnant Vol.2 by Tron19Defender
The Defenders in Remnant Vol.2by TRON the Defender
The Defenders' adventure has just gotten even more crazier. With the INNER DEMONS and other threats, this'll be problematic for the team to handle. This as well is a lot...
💫 Fallen Snowflakes:Jikook Arranged Marriage Series 💫  by JeonMiJikook
💫 Fallen Snowflakes:Jikook Arrang...by Mi
Jimin works in a restaurant to have an extra income. A vip customer comes to the restaurant one day who gives all his attention to Jimin and makes his heart skip multip...
HIS UNENDING LOVE by armyblink0309
HIS UNENDING LOVEby armyblink0309
When a psycopath has madly fallen for an angel .This beautiful angel becomes his whole world and the one who brought light to his dull life....... But circumstances chan...
Stone Cold by EvieMackWrites
Stone Coldby Evie Mack
Nathalie makes an unlikely acquaintance with mysterios Max during one of the longest nights in her life. She finds him annoying, he finds her alluring. What ensues is a...
His Possession🦋✨️ by possessedbabies
His Possession🦋✨️by pooh's✨️
He grabs me from my waist make me face him. "DO NOT TURN UR BACK AT ME AND DONT U DARE RESPECT ME OR ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME" he said in his deep rough voice in m...
The Perfect Day by BluEydBrat
The Perfect Dayby Trina
A perfect day in the perfect relationship of the perfect couple..
cardan and jude nsfw by nastienhka
cardan and jude nsfwby nastienhka
jurdan + sex in the throne room + a little bit of tail kink. hope you enjoy !!!
Flower Girl {Editing} by Ja_Ma_Au
Flower Girl {Editing}by Jasmine
[EDITING] She had a love for flowers He admired her from afar And one day they found each other Full Summary inside...
BLINDSPOT * jujutsu kaisen  by OurColors
BLINDSPOT * jujutsu kaisen by period.
BLINDSPOT ━━* SON LOS PUNTOS CIEGOS que oscilan frente a tus ojos, murmura una lejana voz a la que el timbre no se le reconoce, esos, mira bien, porque ahí es en dónde e...
Deviating from the Norm (A "Freaks and Geeks" Fanfic) by GoatEatingToilet
Deviating from the Norm (A "Freaks...by GoatEatingToilet
McKinley High has a lot of cliques and when one extreme meets another, the results can be very interesting. When a former jock crosses paths with a group of Freaks and a...